Hop Bitterness Calculator

This Hop Bitterness Calculator takes into account both the time of boil and the wort gravity during the boil. It does a great job estimating your Bittering Units. Remember this is only a calculated estimation of Bittering Units, International Bittering Units (IBUs) has to be spectrophotometrically measured by a lab.


  • Make sure you have Javascript enabled.

  • Change the values in the Wort Specific Gravity and Final Volumes fields in the top box to match your batch.

  • Change the values in the Alpha Acid Percentage, Mass Added, and Time Boiled fields in the first line on the second box and click Calculate and the Utilization Percentage and Bittering Units will be calculated.

  • For multiple additions, simply fill in as many lines as needed. Fill in only the Alpha Acid Percentage, Mass Added, and Time Boiled fields. The Utilization Percentage, Bittering Units, and Total Bittering Units fields are calculated for you; any entries you make to those fields are ignored.

Calculator Copyrighted © 1997
by Glenn Tinseth
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Reproduced with permission. 4/2001.

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