31 folks from the club went on a 3 pub crawl to Portland. It was an exciting day full of adventure, wrong turns and good beers. Everyone had a good time and only a few folks had too good of a time...if you know what I mean! We went to two fairly new breweries; Roots and Amnesia. The third was Rogues Ale House and Distillery. If you have only time for one brew pub on some visit to Portland you should definetly make it Roots!

Mad chemists and world take-over conspirators, Gary and Howie, oogle over Rogue's distillation equipment

Kristin and Amnesia's "Fear No Tan" bar maid hammin' it up.

Brian studying hard for his Tuesday test..."test? what test" oh yeah I forgot we're at Amnesia Brewing Co.

Howie, Dick and Royal discuss the mysterious hand that waunders the pubs of Portland stealing beers.

Sun? What sun? who cares!

People will do just about anything for a free pint of beer

Gee, Scott, I don't know, but both my hands are in the photo!

Joel and Howie enjoying a fine pint at Roots Brewery

Fox Bay, home of Karen's sweetie Scott of St. Charles, Il

Roots organic brewery tasting room

Brewer and tour guide Craig Nichols or Roots talkin' expansion and day-to-day activities

Yes, we really did have a keg of Oregon Trail beer on a skool bus.

Brewer Craig inside Roots.