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Club Brew Days

Members of the Heart of the Valley homebrewers volunteer to host club brew days. On the brew day, the club member will brew a beer of his/her choosing, and club members are invited over to watch the process. Other club members may be invited to bring their equipment over and brew a batch as well. This is a great opportunity to learn more about brewing, see how other members brew, and mingle with club members. We try to have one club brew day a month, if you are interested in hosting please see the club president before a club meeting and pick out a day to host. Brew days will be announced at the meeting and on the email list. Keep a watch on the HOTV mailing list for announcements on upcoming brew days.

February Club Brew Day

On February 28, 2009, Armand & Irene hosted the club brew day. They brewed up a robust porter, using the clone recipe from Brew Your Own for Black Butte Porter.

Armand starts recirculating the mash

Armand's sparge plate

December 2008 Club Brew Day

On December 7, Club president Howie hosted a brew day at his home. He brewed up an English IPA to challenge Joel Rea. Joel, from Corvallis Brewing Supply, put out a challenge to homebrewers in the area to determine who could brew the best English IPA, using only one malt and one hop variety.

Howie stirs the mash

Howie attaches his new pump

Howie's sparging system

What's going on in there?

Past Club Brew Days
Other brew days in 2008 happened at Bill Baxter's, Bob Saathoff's, and the Corvallis Farmer's Market.

Bill Baxter's brewing setup

Bubbling wort

Always time for discussion

Homebrew demo at the Corvallis Farmer's Market

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