Solstice Edition
December 1999

PRESIDENT: Michael Villiardos (541) 757-7334

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

LAST MONTH The last regular meeting of 1999 was held last month at John Sterner's house in Albany. The main items of business were planning for the holiday party and holding elections. See Dave Wolf's article later in the newsletter for information about the party. And without further ado: election results!

Congratulations to the Heart of the Valley Homebrewers officers for 2001! Thanks to all of you for volunteering your time to help lead the club.

President: Scott Caul
Vice President: Werner Karlson
Newsletter Editor: Kendall Staggs
Treasurer: Lee Smith
Festival Chair: Mark Kowalski

And a big round of thanks is due also to the 1999 officers who are stepping down. Next time you see us, buy a beer for your departing officers: President Michael Villiardos, Vice President Mark Kowalski (moving to Festival Chair), Newsletter Editor Herky Gottfried, Treasurer Lee Smith (back for another year!), and Festival Chair Lys Buck. Thanks all!

by Dave Wolf

In lieu of our regular meeting, December is reserved for the annual winter solstice party! This will be held at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, December 15, at Sam Holmes' house at 1875 NE Noble in Corvallis. Part of the party is a potluck dinner, so in addition to beer, bring a dish of food for sharing. Please also bring your own glass if possible. This is a family event, so bring your family!

Events at the party include the Name the Beer contest, Ring Toss for Beer, and a Beer & Chocolate tasting that promises to be delicious. The grueling "Name That Beer" contest will start at 7:00 sharp. Don't be late.

Besides you, we need beer donations of two different kinds. The first is for general consumption. Bring lots, since the budget has been cut back from last year. We also need donations for the "Ring Toss" game. All beer, cool empty bottles, or anything else you can get a ring around will be appreciated. You can put your name on the bottles and go for the glory, or put in unmarked bottles and keep folks guessing. WE NEED BEER FOR THESE EVENTS. Please give generously.

We will also need help along the way with these events, so give a holler if you can spare a small amount of fun time for the cause.

If you have a musical instrument laying around, bring it along too. It's pretty hard to keep a jam from happening. See you on the 15th!

by Dave Wolf

I have located a chef who is interested in doing a "Home Brew Dinner" with the club. I need several people to help work on this. At the moment, I'm looking at about four courses and a price of about $20.00 apiece. If there is enough interest, we can work in some vegetarian fare. We will supply the beer and servers. At the moment, I'm seeing this as a one time deal, for about twenty people. First come first serve. The location is up for grabs. The date is roughly in the February time frame. If this sounds like something you have some energy for, give me or Joel Rea a call.

Dave Wolf (H - 752-8402 ; W - 715-5333)


Carrying on a festive tradition, the regular HOTV December meeting will be transformed into the annual winter solstice holiday party! This family event will be held at 6:30 PM on December 15, and will be at Sam Holmes' house like last year. The address is 1875 NE Noble in Corvallis; phone # is 758-3563.

>From Albany:

  • Take Highway 20 towards Corvallis.
  • Turn right on Seavy Ave. Seavy is a small street between the light at Conifer and the light at Circle (just past the BP gas station).
  • Go about 300 yards and turn right onto Seavy Circle.
  • Go 100 yards and turn right onto Noble Ave.
  • Follow Noble around the 90 degree left hand turn, to the dead end.
  • Sam's house is the last house, dead ahead, and a little to the left.
>From Corvallis:
  • Take Highway 20 towards Albany.
  • Turn left on Seavy Ave. Seavy is a small street between the light at Circle and the light at Conifer (just before the BP gas station).
  • Follow the directions from Albany.
  • If you get lost, Sam's phone number is 758-3563.
Sam says: Parking is VERY LIMITED, so it is a great idea to walk, bike, or car pool and not mess with that driving thang.


15 - HOTV Winter Solstice Party

19 - first HOTV Meeting of the year [host needed!]


If you haven't paid yet, dues are due! Only 12 bucks for an entire year of merriment with HOTV - what a deal! So don't delay-write a check payable to Heart of the Valley Homebrewers and mail it to our treasurer Lee Smith at 2190 Maier Lane, NW, Albany, OR 97321.


Sorry folks - the Musica Antiqua concert that had been planned for this Sunday, December 12, has been cancelled due to the unavailability of one of the members of the group. Look for the concert to be scheduled some time next year.

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