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Indian Summer Edition
October 1999

PRESIDENT: Michael Villiardos (541) 757-7334

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

There were 3 HOTV events last month - the annual picnic, the monthly meeting, and the quarterly litter pickup. See reports on the picnic and litter pickup later in this newsletter.

Last monthís meeting was held at the home of Ron Hall. Several prospective new members were in attendance, so we went around the room and introduced everyone. We also talked about nominations for next yearís officer positions. Nominations will be made at the October meeting, with the election at the November meeting, so if you are interested in being an HOTV officer for 2001, please come to the October meeting and/or make your interest known to one of the officers. Elected positions are president, vice president, treasurer, newsletter editor, and festival chair.

Lee Smith also gave a financial report for the festival, and we had a porter taste-off for the AHA club-only competition. See below for more info on these.


This Month

HOTV meeting are held at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of each month, generally alternating between Corvallis and Albany. This month we'll be meeting on October 20 at Chris Zelazek's house. The address is 29547 Weslinn Drive; the phone # is 752-1041.

From Corvallis:

From Albany:



AHA Club-Only Competition

We had a very good turnout for the October AHA club only competition, a Porter taste-off. The judges tasted 7 different porters, choosing the best one to be entered in the AHA club-only competition against the top porter from other homebrew clubs across the nation. Beto Zuniga had the winning porter and will be HOTVís entrant in this competition. Jerry Malloyís porter was selected as runner-up.

Remaining 1999 AHA Club-Only Competition Schedule


Entries Due

Winter Warmer (English and Scottish Strong Ale)

Early December 1999

HOTV Litter Pickup

by Lee Smith

A beautiful, sunny day greeted nine of our members who turned out for the quarterly cleansing of "our" stretch of Highway 20. Filling the big yellow bags were Jerry Malloy, Paul Hardin (Linda remained on standby in the park, minding the baby), Michael Villiardos, who has his own personal tongs found at a garage sale, Andrew Kirchen, Eric Nichols, Beto Zuniga, Kendall Staggs and Lee Smith.

Apprentices Kendall and Paul are now battle-scarred veterans of our clubs community effort. Next time out will be the third Saturday in December (the 18th) and the weather is guaranteed to be a lot different! My thanks to everyone for their help.


P. S. Our first pick-up was on June 3, 1995. We have done our bit 18 times and 47 of our members have participated in the program. We have picked up approximately 540 bags of trash!




The fifth annual Willamette Valley Homebrew Picnic was held on a sunny Saturday, September 11, at Grand Prairie Park in Albany. Although turnout was a bit lower than in previous years, those who attended had a good time. The food was wonderful as always, with lots of sweet corn, Cajun-style fried turkey, many side dishes, and plenty of homebrew. There were several games for the 10 or so kids present, including a water balloon toss and the ever-popular jello-eating contest. The adult games were extra challenging this year despite only having two teams entered. Unfortunately, HOTV didnít do as well as we had hoped (I guess we need to practice a bit next year!) and was soundly defeated by the crew from Strange Brew. Despite the defeat, however, it was an enjoyable afternoon of fun, food and drink with friends from both our club and other clubs (mostly Strange Brew).

Thanks to all who helped organize this event and to everyone who showed up!

One disappointing note was the low attendance. The number of attendees was down significantly from last year, which resulted in a significantly higher per-person cost. The cost was just over $7.50 per person despite some subsidies from HOTV, compared to the $4.00 estimate based on higher attendance. For next year we will be looking into possible changes to the picnic (such as having it in late August), so if you have any suggestions, please send them to one of the officers or speak up at the next meeting Ė thanks!

Picnic attendance:



Oregon Homebrew Trophy

Also at the picnic, the 1999 winner of the Oregon Homebrew Trophy was announced. This is a year-long team competition open to all of the homebrew clubs in Oregon. Points are accumulated throughout the year by adding up the scores of the top 10 scoring beers from each club at the major competitions in the state.

For 1999 these competitions included the Mill Creek Classic, Mary's Peak Lager Jam, Slurp & Burp, and HOTV's Oregon Homebrew Festival.

And the winner is...Capitol Brewers of Salem! In fact, Capitol Brewers won each of the 4 competitions. HOTV finished 4th behind Oregon Brew Crew and Strange Brew.

The current standings for the 2001 trophy were also announced and are as follows (through the first competition of the year, the Mill Creek Classic):

It looks like it's time to get brewing and see if we can capture the trophy in 2001!


RIMS Brewing Party

by Lee Smith

Hi Everyone: It's been six months since we received the Recirculating Infusion Mash System. We won the unit through the participation of many club members in the AHA membership drive, yet only four of us have taken advantage of this unique piece of equipment. I would like to do a demonstration mash and brew at my house on Sunday, October 17th. We would start the process at noon and conclude the mash/lauter by about 4 PM. At that time, I would begin the boil and anyone wishing to stay for that is more than welcome. (It doesn't take much urging for Helen to come up with something good for lunch, so you can count on that).

If the majority agree, I would ask that the club treasury assume the cost of the brew (under $50 for 8 gallons or more) which we would then condition and serve at our annual holiday affair. An English or American pale ale would be ready in plenty of time. I would like to purchase all ingredients from Corvallis Brewing Supply, to show our appreciation to Joel for his involvement and support of HOTV activities.

It is my hope that there are many members, especially those who have newly joined our club, who would like to enhance their brewing knowledge and, hopefully, will want to check out the RIM System and other available club equipment. So if you are interested, please let me know via email or phone (926-2286).

Regards, Lee

Upcoming HOTV events


20 - HOTV Meeting (Chris Zelazek)


17 - HOTV Meeting (host needed!)


15 - HOTV Meeting/Winter Solstice Party



Beer Recipe

by Helen Smith

Editor's Note: Helen has offered to start a new "beer recipes" column for the HOTV newsletter. You can send any feedback or recipe suggestions to her or to me, and I'll make sure she gets them.

Apple Beer Pancakes

Beat eggs and sugar till frothy. Add remaining ingredients. Fry on griddle.

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