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Pre-Picnic Edition
August 1999

PRESIDENT: Michael Villiardos (541) 757-7334

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

Last month's meeting was held at Lee and Helen Smith's house in Albany. I wasn't there but it sounded like a fun meeting, with good beer and great food. Here's the report, thanks to Scott Caul. (Hey Scott, you looking for a newsletter editor job for next year??)

The annual club picnic will be Saturday, September 11. We moved it up one week this year as other clubs have had conflicting events in years past.

Volunteers will be needed. Our new member, Eric Nichols has already volunteered to do the kids games; however, he may enjoy some extra help.

Scott Caul needs a couple of good people to roast corn, as he will be out of town that weekend. Ask Lee Smith if there are any other things needed.

Start brewing porters for the October club only competition taste off! We will have the club taste off at the September meeting.

Kendall Staggs brought barleywines for all to appreciate - Thanks Kendall! He is also having beer appreciation classes at the Wine Cellar in the Cannery mall regularly. Contact Kendall for more info.

Last year HOTV won the honor of being the AHA recruiting club of the year. We finally received a plaque that is now on display at Corvallis Brewing Supply. Drop in and see it.

And last, but by no means, least, Helen Smith is going to spoil us all. She made the most wonderful Southwest Chili for all with plenty of cornbread and sun-dried tomato bread on the side. It was very quiet for a while when we were too busy eating. THANK YOU HELEN!

Hey Lee, when are you hosting again? J


This Month

We usually meet at a member's house on the third Wednesday of each month, generally alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Forget all that this month. In August we'll having a special event on Saturday, August 21 at Dave Wills' barn in the country near Philomath. We'll all get together (families and dogs are welcome) around 3 PM and drink beer, look at hops, and just have a good time. We can also practice for the September picnic so that we can win the trophy. Dave's address is 36180 Kings Valley Hwy; phone # is 929-2736.

Directions from downtown Corvallis:

From Corvallis take Hwy 20 through Philomath towards Newport. 5 miles past Philomath turn right onto Kings Valley Hwy (Hwy 223). It is 2.5 miles to my place from there. Pass mile marker 29, then to Mahogany Lane on the right. When you see Mahogany Lane and 4 mail boxes, turn left onto my Christmas tree/hop farm, 36180 Kings Valley Hwy. There is a beautiful white and brown 1976 mobile home on top of the hill and a gold metal barn.

There is a circular road that goes to the barn, house and down the middle of the Christmas trees. Park wherever you find a wide spot, we will meet at the barn. Bring homebrew, potluck and something for the grill.

AHA Club-Only Competition

by Joel Rea

The October AHA club only competition will be hosted by our good friends in Salem, the Capitol Brewers. It would be a very good thing if their suth-run drinkin' friends could make off with some recognition with a fine entry. For those interested I will help to make it easier. Bring a Porter for the club taste off in September and I'll kick back a White Labs gift certificate for a vial of yeast.

Remaining 1999 AHA Club-Only Competition Schedule


Entries Due

Porter! (sponsored by the Capitol Brewers of Salem!)

October 4 1999

Winter Warmer (English and Scottish Strong Ale)

Early December 1999



Ears and Beers party

not an HOTV sponsored function

You are hereby invited to the first annual Ears and Beers party at Scott Caul's house on August 28, 1999.

This is not an HOTV sponsored function, but I am including it in the newsletter as filler. J

For more information and the official invite, see


Upcoming HOTV events


21 - HOTV Meeting (Dave Wills)


11 - Annual Picnic (Albany)

15 - HOTV Meeting (host needed!)

18 - Litter pickup (Lee Smith)

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