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Summer is Here Edition
July 1999

PRESIDENT: Michael Villiardos (541) 757-7334

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

I am sensing an unfortunate trend. Once again I wasn't able to attend last month's HOTV meeting, which was held at Scott Caul's house in Corvallis. And I'm going to have to miss the July meeting too. My eyes and ears were at the June meeting, though - here's the report.

More pillaging than business

Lys and Liz have a little boy, Jordan.

Michael says that the club is invited to hold the August meeting on the 3rd Saturday at Dave Wills' place, for a daytime event. It was not made definite. [See the Prez Corner later in this newsletter for more information on this one]

Kendall Staggs is in Oklahoma to aid his ill mother; the club sends best wishes to him and his family.

Special thanks to Lys for heading up the festival. Thanks also to everybody else who helped.

Scott Caul announced his first annual Oregon Ears and Beers party - August 28, anytime after noon. He will have fresh sweet corn and beer to serve. Scott will send more formal invitations when it gets closer. Mark your calendar, it'll be a fun one! It will be a family style event, at least till the sun goes down. :).


This Month

We meet at a member's house at 7 PM on the third Wednesday of each month, generally alternating between Corvallis and Albany. In July we'll be back at Lee Smith's home in Albany. Lee reports that Helen is preparing authentic southwestern chili with jalapeño cornbread, so come hungry! Also, for those who feared for their very lives while standing on the deck: come anyway - it has been replaced. Lee's address is 2190 Maier Lane; phone # is 926-2286.


From downtown Corvallis:

From Albany:


Prez Corner

Well, it's summertime and the sun has finally come out. This August, I would like to renew an old and forgotten tradition of having a meeting out at Dave Wills' barn. This will be a Saturday meeting to replace the Wednesday one and will be either August 21st or 14th (fall back date). We'll all get together (families are welcome) around 3 PM and drink beer, look at hops, and just have a good time. We can also practice for the September picnic so that we can win the trophy. I'm sure there will be a BBQ or two around so bring something to grill. Details will be firmed up at the July meeting.


PS. Does anyone still have any festival stuff lying around their house/garage/car — especially 2 glass pitchers and 3 plastic pitchers? Please bring what you have to the meeting. Thanks.



by Kendall Staggs

HOTV Friends,

Summer is here, which means we are drinking lots of beer and enjoying the fruits of our previous year's labors. Once again, our club has done an outstanding job in putting on one of the best regional homebrew competitions in America. We should express our gratitude to Joel and all the volunteers who made it a great success.

Last month the Capitol Brewers held their annual homebrew competition at the Honeywood Winery in Salem, the Mill Creek Classic. It was a well-run, well-attended, midsize homebrew event. I was a little disappointed, though, that Lee Smith and I were the only HOTV members in attendance. The Mill Creek Classic suffered from a lack of qualified judges.

I know that many of you have lots of things going on, and many of the members were burned out from participating or volunteering in our own competition just a few weeks before. But I encourage the HOTV membership to be more conscientious of other clubs' functions. If we don't support them, they may not be as supportive of our events. And whatever else you may think of those ribbon-grabbing rascals from Salem, they are really a nice bunch of folks!

Let's do a better job of publicizing the events of other clubs, encouraging our members to enter beers and attend, and help out with the judging and stewarding. This will assure that we all have healthy competitions, a positive network of area homebrew information, and a strong camaraderie among the clubs.

In cerevisiae, fortis (In beer there is strength.)


Litter Pickup

On June 19th, a sunny Saturday, four members answered our quarterly commitment to the beautification of HOTV's segment of Highway 20. While small in number, the crew just worked a little harder and we netted 25 bags of trash. Wielding the tongs were Scott Caul, Charlie Gilson, Eric Nichols (a non-member who joined our club shortly after), and Lee Smith. One good thing about a small crew is that the "refreshments" last longer :)! Our next pick-up date is Saturday, September 18th, one week after the big picnic.

Bob McCracken Fund

As most of you know, Oregon Brew Crew president Bob McCracken passed away earlier this year. A scholarship in his name has been established in OSU's fermentation science program. HOTV decided several months ago to donate some of the proceeds from the festival to this scholarship fund. Here is the letter that we received in response to our $100 donation.

"The E. R. Jackman Foundation and the College of Agricultural Sciences would like to extend our thanks to you for your recent donation to the Bob McCracken, Jr. Scholarship Fund.

"Contributions such as yours benefit the College in many ways, above and beyond the obvious financial aspect. You provide good insight for our leaders by showing us what is important to you. You provide a good model for others to follow. Your gift to the Bob McCracken, Jr. Scholarship Fund ensures that the program can grow and improve. And your gift now helps strengthen the base for a stronger and more dynamic College of Agricultural Sciences in the future.

"Again, thank you very much. Your generosity is greatly appreciated."

Club-Owned Equipment

Thanks to a lucky draw at the Mill Creek Classic raffle, the club now has a brand-new bench type bottle capper. The capper joins a growing array of equipment that is available for use by any member in good standing. The list includes the RIM system, a complete CO2 kit, a counter-pressure bottle filler, and a grain mill. Call Lee at 926-2286 (e-mail: if you want to check out one or more items.

Club-Only Competition

This month’s AHA club-only competition is "It's a Mead, Mead, Mead, Mead World". If you've brewed a mead and want to enter it in the AHA club-only competition, bring a bottle to the July HOTV meeting and we’ll have a taste-off. The winner of our mini-competition will then submit 3 bottles to the main competition with the top mead from other AHA registered clubs throughout the country.

Remaining 1999 AHA Club-Only Competition Schedule


Entries Due

It's a Mead, Mead, Mead, Mead World

Early August 1999

Porter! (sponsored by the Capitol Brewers of Salem!)

October 4 1999

Winter Warmer (English and Scottish Strong Ale)

Early December 1999

Beer Appreciation Classes

by Kendall Staggs

Kendall Staggs will be offering a few more beer appreciation classes in the coming weeks this summer. Classes cost $25 per person and feature generous samples of 10-12 beers, many of which are difficult to obtain in our area. Classes will be held Monday evenings at 6:30 at the Wine Cellar, on the east side of the Old Cannery Mall, 777 NW 9th Street, Corvallis. The emphasis is on fun, but most students leave having learned lots of new information. The next class will feature 12 German Wheat Beers and will be held on July 26. On August 9 Professor Staggs will be offering his award winning class on Scottish Ales. And on August 23 Professor Staggs will be offering a class on summer beers from Belgium. For more information call Kendall at 753-6538.


Upcoming HOTV events


21 - HOTV Meeting (Lee Smith)


21 - HOTV Meeting (Dave Wills - tentative date)


11 - Annual Picnic (Albany)

15 - HOTV Meeting (???)

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