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Novembeer Edition - November, 1998

PRESIDENT: Lys Buck (541) 928-3531 -

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009 -

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Last Month

Drinking beer, eating chips and salsa, planning the annual Christmas party, and watching the infamous picnic video were among the activities at last month's HOTV meeting at John Sterner's house in Albany. We also took nominations for 1999 HOTV officers and made plans for reinstating the popular "style of the month" tasting at future meetings. See below for more information on that.

Several new members and potential members were also present at the meeting, so we decided to spend a few minutes going around the room and having everybody introduce themselves and talk a bit about how long they've been brewing, and anything else they wanted to say. There is a wide variety of experience in the club, with a few members who have been brewing for several decades and some who are just beginning. Then there are those who haven't brewed in years…I won't name names.


Speaking of experienced brewers (and tasters), congratulations go to John Sterner and Kendall Staggs for their results on the recent BJCP exam. John will be a National judge once his judging points have been recorded, and Kendall has now achieved Recognized status. Eric Wager has also agreed to work on the planning for HOTV to sponsor a BJCP exam in 1999. Please talk to Eric or look in future newsletters for more information.

Other stuff

Our fancy new high tech RIMS system hasn't arrived yet, but we are promised that it should arrive within the month. We'll have an update at the November meeting. The club will sponsor some training / brewing sessions to get familiar with the equipment, then it will be available for club members to check out for their brewing.

Due to the demise of the Oregon Trail Brewery (but see the article about its revival later in this newsletter!) Lee has 1 liter of Wyeast 1056 (American Pale Ale). It hasn't been started yet, and he'd like to share the yeast with anyone who can use it. See Lee for more information.

Due to conflicts with the Eugene Celebration and another event in Corvallis, the annual Willamette Valley Homebrewers picnic may be moved to the second Saturday in September instead of the third. We'll finalize the date at some later meeting.


Elections will be held at the HOTV meeting on November 18. And in a change from some previous years, this year there is one contested race! Democracy in action…And without further ado, the nominees are:

President: Mark Kowalski and Michael Villiardos

Vice President: Eric Wager

Newsletter Editor: Herky Gottfried

Treasurer: Lee Smith



A homebrewer's idea of planning for the future is to brew ten gallons instead of five!

This Month

HOTV meetings are held at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of each month, usually at a member's house, and generally alternating between Corvallis and Albany each month. We now have meeting places lined up through January. Please contact President Lys Buck if you are interested in hosting a meeting in February or later. This month we’ll be meeting on November 18 at Chris Zelazek's house. The address is 29547 Weslinn Drive; the phone # is 752-1041.

From Corvallis:

From Albany:



Party time!

A long-standing HOTV tradition is the holiday party in lieu of the December meeting. This is a fun time where we invite the whole family to take part in an evening of food, drink, fun and games. Sam Holmes has offered to host the party this year, and Dave Wolf is taking charge of organizing the activities. Some of the events that have occurred in the past and may happen again this year are a Beer & Chocolate tasting, Ring Toss for beer, and the "Name That Beer" contest. If any of these sound fun to you and you'd like to help out, or if you have ideas for other events, talk to Dave. More information about the holiday party will be available at the meeting and in next month's newsletter. But put it on your calendar now - December 16, 1998!

Free Stuff

Michael Villiardos has some stuff that he will bring to the next meeting. See him at the meeting if you'd like to take any of the following home with you.


Club-only Competition NEWS

We will be tasting Scottish ales (AHA categories 8 a - c and 10b) at the November meeting. If you've brewed a Scottish ale lately, consider bringing it to the meeting to have it tasted by our crack panel of judges. HOTV will pick up the tab to send the winning entry to the final AHA Club-Only Competition of 1998. Each AHA registered club is allowed one entry into these competitions.

Remaining 1998 AHA Club-Only Competition Schedule

Competition (AHA Category)

Entries Due

1998 If It's Not Scottish…
(8 a, b & c; 10b)

December 7, 1998


From the treasurer

by Lee Smith

Lee writes: 1999 dues can be paid at the next meeting or by mailing a $12 check, payable to

Heart of the Valley Homebrewers

2190 Maier Lane, NW

Albany, OR 97321

(Prompt payment will be appreciated in case the treasurer decides to go to Cabo San Lucas aboard his new yacht, EASY MONEY.) J



Save the Ales -
Oregon Trail Brewery Revival!

by Dave Wills

In 1987 the Oregon Trail Brewery was built as the fifth microbrewery in Oregon. It resides as a tenant of the Old World Center at 341 SW 2nd St., Corvallis. Over the past 11 years the brewery has been quietly producing numerous distinctive ales brewed it the true pioneer spirit of the Oregon Territory. In 1994 Oregon Trail Brown Ale was judged the best in the category American Brown Ale at the Great American Beer Festival. In 1995 a Silver medal was awarded to the same beer. Other styles of beer being brewed include a White Ale (wheat beer spiced with coriander and orange peel), India Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Scotch Ale, Kolsch, and an occasional Barleywine.

While other microbreweries such as Widmer, Bridgeport, Full Sail, Deschutes, and Portland Brewing that got started in the late 80's went on to become household names in the local beer business, Oregon Trail has remained small and rather unknown outside the Corvallis area. Founded as a local corporation with local investors the company has attempted to market its beers predominantly in kegs to local pubs and restaurants along with some limited bottling. Competition and undercapitalization recently forced the brewery to close its doors. Fortunately though the brewery is coming back to life under new management. Thus the REVIVAL.

On Nov. 13 at 7:45pm the brewery will be open for tours and tasting of the first brewings of the new brewmaster Mel Greiser. The revival beer will be Oregon Trail Brown Ale. A very limited bottling of this brew will be available for enjoyment and investment purposes. Some of the original bottling #1 bottles, hats and t-shirts will also be auctioned off as a fundraiser to help resurrect the brewery. Stock investment opportunities do exist and information will also be available.

The Revival Brown Ale will also be on tap at the Old World Deli when the groovy folkadelic music of the Uncle Sam Band strikes up at about 8:30pm. $2.29 at the door.

Come help support your local brewery and kick off a new era of local fresh beer and music.


Dave Wills



Style of the Month

Due to popular demand (and thanks to a few volunteers), we will be hosting a "beer style of the month" tasting at each HOTV meeting, starting this month. This is a great opportunity to taste several beers in a given style, particularly ones that are good examples of the style or may not be readily available. We will also try to make the style of the month correspond to the AHA club-only competition styles when possible.

The style of the month tasting is an optional activity at HOTV meetings. Because of this, we ask that if you decide to participate in the tasting, please drop a few dollars in the collection box that we will provide. This will help reimburse the club for the expense of providing the beer, and will help ensure that we can continue the tasting in the future.

We also need volunteers to host future tastings. The host gets to choose the beer style of the month and buy the beer for the tasting. The club will reimburse you for the beer (through member donations).

Upcoming styles include:





Scottish ales

Gary Ferguson

January '99

Winter ales & barleywines

Rob Nicol

February '99


Volunteers needed!

Pub Crawl

A popular HOTV-sponsored event last year was the pub crawl to several Eugene-area breweries. We spent the day and much of the evening getting tours of the breweries and enjoying lots of good drink and food. Several people have started talking about planning the next pub crawl, perhaps north to Portland, where the club went two years ago.

If you have ideas about how this should be done, or are interested in helping out, come to the meeting and let your voice be heard!



Upcoming HOTV events


18 - HOTV Meeting (Chris Zelazek)


16 - HOTV Holiday Party (Sam Holmes)

19 - Highway Cleanup (meet at Hyak Park)


20 - HOTV Meeting (Julie Barlow)



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