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Pre-Picnic Edition
September, 1998


PRESIDENT: Lys Buck (541) 928-3531

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

For our August meeting, we met at president Lys Buck's new house in Albany. We had a pretty packed evening, with lots of news to report from the AHA national conference, planning for the upcoming picnic, a demo of the new counterpressure bottling system, and of course, brew-skis and limbo practice sessions. Rumors are a few members were a bit sore after the workout.

The general conference report was in last month's newsletter, so I won't repeat it here, but the big news is the new RIMS brewing system that HOTV won as the AHA Recruiting club of the year. The system should arrive sometime next month, and we will be demonstrating its use shortly after that. We will probably brew a few batches of a holiday beer to get acquainted with the system.

We also talked about the upcoming picnic. Lee managed to recruit volunteers for most of the main committee assignments, but there will be plenty more opportunities to help if you haven't already signed up for something. We also need baseball bats for one of the games—if you have one that we can use, contact Lee or just take it to the picnic. Each participating club is expected to bring 15 gallons of homebrew to share, so if you have a few gallons that you are willing to donate, please contact Lee. The club will reimburse you for the cost of the ingredients.

As part of the AHA inducement to recruit more AHA members over the past year, the club was offered $5 for each member who joined AHA. We decided to give the $5 to our club members in the form of a rebate on their HOTV dues. Lee reported at the meeting that we just received a check from AHA for $165 for our 33 new AHA members, so our rebate plan didn't cost the club any money (and helped win us lots of loot).

The next item of business discussed was the quarterly highway cleanup. As most of you know, HOTV has sponsored a section of Highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany for several years now. Four times a year, we patrol our section of the highway and pick up trash from the side of the road for a few hours. We start in Hyak Park and reward ourselves at the end of the day by enjoying a fermented beverage or two. If you are available to help with this month's cleanup on Saturday, September 12, please contact Lee Smith.

The planning for next year's Oregon Homebrew Festival is also about to begin. This annual event in May is still many months away, but in order to get AHA / BJCP certification for the festival by December, we need to line up a festival chairperson and other organizers fairly soon. If you're interested in helping out, please contact Lys Buck.

This Month

HOTV meetings are held at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of each month, usually at a member's house, and generally alternating between Corvallis and Albany each month. Please contact President Lys Buck if you are interested in hosting a meeting in October or later. This month we’ll be meeting on September 16 at Herky Gottfried's house in Corvallis. The address is 3920 NW Jameson Drive; the phone # is 757-8009.

From Corvallis:

From Albany:


Club-only Competition News

Bring your best bottle of homebrewed Vienna/Märzen/ Oktoberfest to the September 16 meeting for a taste-off to decide the HOTV entrant in the Best of Fest club-only competition. The Best of Fest competition covers AHA style 17 A & B. We'll have an informal taste-off of all HOTV entries at the meeting, then send the best one off to compete against other clubs' entries.

Each AHA sanctioned club is allowed a single entry to each of the Club-Only Competitions. HOTV has received free entries for all competitions through July 1998 because of our recognition as AHA Recruiting Club of the Year. The club will also pay for shipping of our club entry.

Remaining 1998 AHA Club-Only Competition Schedule

Competition (AHA Category)

Entries Due

1998 Best of Fest (17 a & b)

October 5, 1998

1998 If It's Not Scottish…
(8 a, b & c; 10b)

December 7, 1998


Upcoming HOTV events


12 - HOTV Litter Pickup

16 - HOTV Meeting (Herky Gottfried)

19 - Willamette Valley Homebrewers Picnic (Grand Prairie Park, Albany)


21 - HOTV Meeting (host needed)

Picnic news

Lee says: "This is just a little reminder that I need to hear from you by September 10 if you plan to attend (541-926-2286). We're going to need involvement in the adult games and, believe me, it's more fun than work. Joel Rea has agreed but will need help in coordinating and administering the games. Rob Nicol is in charge of the children's activities but, again, he'll be looking for assistance. Also we will need bats for the BAT GAME and at least one more fairly large wheelbarrow for that race. I have one wheelbarrow and everything else we need for the keg toss, brew skis, sack race and limbo competitions. I think Kendall Staggs said he would bring a basketball (in case we include shooting hoops in the competition) but if you have one, bring it along just in case. Sure hope my phone starts ringing off the hook! Lee"

Recent Competition Results

Members of Heart of the Valley Homebrewers keep racking up the awards

Oregon State Fair results

Lys Buck placed first in the Smoked Beers, first in Fruit and Vegetable Beers, and got second and third place in Specialty & Experimental Beers.

Herky Gottfried received third place in the Mild & Brown Ale category, and first place in the German Style Wheat Beers.

Hal Harding / Vanessa Keitges received second place in the Belgian & French Ale category.

Lee Smith placed second in English Pale Ales and first in the German Dark Lagers.

Congratulations to all of the above winners!