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Post-Fest Edition
May, 1998

PRESIDENT: Lys Buck (541) 928-3531

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

Let's see…what did we do at last month's meeting? After the festival, everything seems a blur. Here are some of my notes from the April meeting.

Officer Updates

Lame duck president Bill Baxter passed the torch on to our new president Lys Buck. We then opened up the floor for nominations for Vice President, and quickly found a willing nominee in the person of Cliff Rhodes. Congratulations and good luck to both Lys and Cliff, and best wishes to Bill, who will soon be leaving us for Ft. Collins, Colorado.

AHA Inducements

Joining the AHA is becoming cheaper and cheaper, with all the discounts being offered for HOTV members these days. In addition to $5 off 1998 HOTV dues and a $5 discount at Corvallis Brewing Supply, new AHA members belonging to HOTV can now get a $5 discount at the Homebrew Shop in Albany, thanks to our new Vice President Cliff Rhodes. Cliff insists that the timing of the new discount and his unanimous election into office are purely coincidental. Contact Lee Smith for more information about AHA membership and discounts.

AHA National Homebrew Conference

The 1998 conference will be held at the Double Tree Hotel (Lloyd Center) in Portland on July 22-24. This is the Wednesday through Friday before the Oregon Brewer’s Festival in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Lys Buck and Lee Smith have each reserved hotel rooms in Portland during the conference and are looking for other club members to help share costs. Contact Lys at 928-3531 for more information.

Also, HOTV has been given a 20% discount for the conference ($192 instead of $248). Contact Lee for a copy of the form to include with your registration fee to get the discount.

This Month

We generally meet at a member's house at about 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month. We now have meeting places scheduled through September, but if you are interested in hosting a meeting in October or later, please contact Cliff. This month we’ll be meeting in the country at the home of Ron Hall (38945 Trillium Lane; 745-7062). Directions to Ron’s house follow:

From Corvallis, go north on 99W for 6 miles. About 1/4 mile past Adair Village, turn left on Tampico Rd. Go west on Tampico for 3 miles, then right on Trillium Lane. My house is the first house on the right, about 100 yards up Trillium Lane, 38945 Trillium. Lost Souls: Call Ron Hall and Jenny Miller, 745-7062


The next HOTV litter pickup is scheduled for June 20th. For those who haven't participated in our little act of civic responsibility before, here's the scoop.

We’ve adopted our own stretch of highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany, and every three months we get together to clean up the trash that has accumulated since the last time we cleaned up the highway. The cleanup just takes a few hours, and afterwards we enjoy some fine fermented beverages to reward ourselves for helping out with our civic duty. Volunteers are welcome, and Lee Smith will be recruiting at the May meeting. Please see him if you’re interested in helping out—it’s not a large time commitment, it’s always an adventure, and it’s a big benefit to our communities!

If you can't make it this time, mark your calendar for the litter pickups for the rest of 1998: September 12, and December 19.

Slurp and Burp a Big Success!

by Lee Smith

On April 4th, Cliff Rice and his jolly band of brewers in and around Newberg held their first ever AHA sanctioned competition and it unfolded almost without a hitch. Their brew club, STRANGE BREW, sponsored the event and corralled almost 100 entries. Outstanding for a first time event, or any such event for that matter. Clancy's, in Old Town Sherwood, was the location for the judging. Everyone who judged or helped out was treated to lunch and one of the several microbrews on tap.

Ace brewer Ron Thomas, from the Capitol club, stole the show by gathering FOUR blue ribbons and a number of lesser ones. Hard on Ron's heels was Cliff Rice (Strange Brew, and master mind behind the event) who took three blues and probably some that I don't recall. However, Best-of-Show went to (who else?) Doug Faynor for one of his unassailable Lambic. Doug is the undisputed top gun in this category and almost always walks away with high honors. Congratulations, Doug!

Mary's Peak Lagers and Heart of the Valley were not without recognition, though. Dean Bautz took a blue for his German Light Lager, Alex Gholson had a second place for his Stout, Randall Buchanan received third place for his German Style Wheat, and Joel Rea (who holds joint membership in both our clubs) took a first with his American Lager and a second in the Bock style. Yours truly snagged a blue in German Dark Lagers, a red in Strong Ales and a red in English-style Bitters. So, we did OK but we needed to have more beers entered. Maybe next time we can do bitter, I mean better. They support us, we support them.

Club-only Competition NEWS

At the April HOTV meeting we decided that whichever classic pilsener placed highest at the HOTV festival would be our club entry in this month's AHA club-only competition. As it turned out, HOTV members entered three pilseners in the festival, and all three made it to the taste-off in what was one of the most hotly contested categories (18 entries!). John Sterner's entry emerged victorious among the HOTV entries, placing second and winning the free entry into the club-only competition. Good luck John!

The next club-only competition is the Weiss is Nice in August. Brew your wheat beers now and plan to bring a bottle for a taste-off at the July meeting. The competition covers AHA category 19, German-Style Wheat Beer (substyles (a) Berliner-Style Weisse, (b) German-Style Hefeweizen/Hefeweissbier, (c) Dunkelweizen, and (d) German-Style Weizenbock).

1998 AHA Club-Only
Competition Schedule

Competition (AHA Category)

Entries Due

1998 Weiss is Nice (19 a - d)

August 1998 (HOTV taste-off in July)

1998 Best of Fest (17 a & b)

October 1998

1998 If It's Not Scottish…
(8 a, b & c; 10b)

December 1998

Upcoming HOTV And Related events


20 - HOTV Meeting


14 - Mill Creek Classic (Salem). Entries due 6/6

17 - HOTV Meeting (Lee Smith)

20 - Portland Rose Festival Homebrew Competition (Portland, Nor'Wester). Entries due 6/13.


15 - HOTV Meeting (Frank Bretl)

22, 23, 24 - AHA National Homebrew Conference (Portland)

1998 Oregon Homebrew Festival

Whew, it's over! The 16th annual Oregon Homebrew Festival was held at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis on May 9, and it was a doozy. There were a whopping 290 entries this year, up from 236 in 1997 and 207 in 1996! The fairgrounds were a great place to hold the festival, and Ted Manahan's practice judge session was a big hit.

Financial results from the festival aren't yet available, but I believe the club is in good shape once again. The raffle was a big success, and we made some money at the door. Plus, there was plenty of food, some live music, and lots of good beer, conversation, and most of all, judging. Including best of show and several category taste-offs, there were 49 judging sessions, yet we managed to finish it all very close to schedule around 6pm. (Doing some of the judging the night before was a big help). Thanks to all of the volunteers who made it happen, in particular Bill Baxter, Frank Bretl, Lys Buck, Kelly Ivors, Ted Manahan, Joel Rea, Lee Smith, Michael Villiardos, and Dave Wolf.

And now…the winners! Lester Lewis from Capitol Brewers won the Best of Show award with his English Strong Ale. Honorable mention went to HOTV's Ted Manahan for his Fruit & Vegetable Mead and to Keith Matteson from Newport Mohops for his Sparkling Cider. Congratulations!

Complete results are available here, or just keep reading for winners, scores, and club affiliations.

Barley Wine

1 39.00 Lester Lewis Capitol Brewers

2 33.67 Gary Corbin Oregon Brew Crew

3 41.67 John Sterner HOTV

Belgian & French Ale

1 39.83 Cliff Rice Strange Brew

2 36.50 Ingeborg Reed

3 34.50 Bob McCracken Capitol Brewers

Belgian-Style Lambic

1 42.00 Doug Faynor Capitol Brewers

2 40.00 Doug Faynor Capitol Brewers

3 32.25 John Sterner HOTV

Mild & Brown Ale

1 40.00 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 42.67 Mark Kowalski

3 43.33 Dan Ritter

English-Style Pale Ale

1 38.00 Lee Smith HOTV

2 36.67 Mark Kowalski

3 35.00 Alan Priest Capitol Brewers

American-Style Ale

1 33.00 Ron Thomas Capitol Brewers

2 33.67 Timothy Link

3 33.33 Don Darst Capitol Brewers

English Bitter

1 31.00 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 37.50 Leonard Smith Mary's Peak Lagers

3 36.67 Lester Lewis Capitol Brewers

Scottish Ale

1 35.00 Ron Thomas Capitol Brewers

2 34.33 Steve Mueller Strange Brew

3 31.00 Marian Brodhagen and Andrea Madlung


1 38.67 David Faulkner Newport Mohops

2 35.00 Beto Zuniga HOTV

3 35.33 Ron Thomas Capitol Brewers

English & Scottish Strong Ale

1 40.67 Lester Lewis Capitol Brewers

2 39.67 Lys M. Buck HOTV

3 39.33 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers


1 40.67 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 29.33 Michael Kelley Mary's Peak Lagers

3 31.00 Ron Thomas Capitol Brewers

German Bock

1 37.67 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 36.00 John Sterner HOTV

3 33.33 Joel Rea HOTV

German/American Dark Lager

1 41.33 Mark Norbury Capitol Brewers

2 30.67 Lee Smith HOTV

3 26.67 Randy Reid Good Heathens

German/American Lager/Ale

1 36.00 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 32.33 Mark Norbury Capitol Brewers

3 31.67 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

Classic Pilsener

1 28.63 Guy Johnson Capitol Brewers

2 35.38 John Sterner HOTV

3 28.00 Ron Hall HOTV


1 39.25 Dan Ritter

2 34.00 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

3 32.00 Ted Hausotter Strange Brew

German-Style Wheat Beer

1 40.00 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 39.33 Robert Craig

3 35.00 Michael James Clark

Smoked / Specialty Beer

1 35.33 Ted Manahan HOTV

2 35.00 Lys M. Buck HOTV

3 35.33 Lys M. Buck HOTV

Fruit & Vegetable Beer

1 33.33 Lys M. Buck HOTV

2 39.50 Ron Hall HOTV

3 35.00 Ron Thomas Capitol Brewers

Herb & Spice Beer

1 38.25 Jerry Marshall HOTV

2 36.25 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

3 35.50 Bob Allen West Sound Brewers


California Common Beer

1 38.33 Curt Hausam Capitol Brewers

2 34.67 Hal Weeks Newport Mohops

3 31.67 Scott Caul HOTV

Traditional Mead & Braggot / Herb & Spice Mead

1 36.33 Thomas Thompson Oregon Brew Crew

2 31.33 Bob McCracken Oregon Brew Crew

3 30.67 Lonnie R. Dvorak Mary's Peak Lagers

Fruit & Vegetable Mead

1 39.33 Ted Manahan HOTV

2 37.67 Ted Manahan HOTV

3 39.33 Ron Thomas Capitol Brewers


1 37.00 Keith Matteson Newport Mohops

2 34.67 Tonya/Mark Builder, Dave Cauble, Lynette Gonzalez

3 34.33 Ed Riek Strange Brew

NOTE: Due to the large number of entries, some categories were split into 2 flights and final ordering was done in a taste-off between the top beers from each flight. Scores listed are those from the first flight only. In a few cases, categories with only a few entries were combined.