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April, 1998


OUTGOING PRESIDENT: Bill Baxter (541) 753-5228

INCOMING PRESIDENT: Lys Buck (541) 928-3531

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

Last month was the annual Festival Collation Party, at Joel Rea's house. We folded, stickered and stamped 400 registration and judge packets for the upcoming Oregon Homebrew Festival, discussed some business, and enjoyed plenty of homebrew and commercial beers. We even got to sample a few meads and an apple wine.

If you missed the party last month, you're out of luck, but you can still join us for more fun at the April meeting—the last club meeting before the festival.

AHA National Conference

Because of the large number of club members who have joined the AHA over the past 6 months or so, we have been given a 20% discount at the 1998 AHA National Conference in Portland. (The discount was supposed to be for the 1999 conference, but Lee Smith convinced the AHA to give us the discount for this year instead since the conference is practically in our own backyard).

The 1998 conference will be held at the Double Tree Hotel (Lloyd Center) in Portland on July 22-24. This is the Wednesday through Friday before the Oregon Brewer’s Festival in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Lys Buck is planning on renting a hotel room in Portland during the conference, and is looking for other club members to help share costs. Contact Lys at 928-3531 for more information.


This Month

We generally meet at a member's house at about 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month. Lately we've been holding all our meetings in Corvallis—any Albany members who want to volunteer their homes for future meetings should contact Lys Buck! This month we’ll be meeting at the home of Kim Kittredge (5175 A SW Hillview, Corvallis; 758-8081). Directions to Kim’s house follow:

"If you're on Route 20/34 heading west, and you're at the light that intersects with 53rd, (where the espresso stand is currently), take a right onto 53rd. Hillview is the first road on the right, a dirt road, with potholes. There's a kids play set that looks like it cost more than my rent to build, and the fence on that house on the corner has hearts carved into it. That's the road. Hillview is between West Hills and 53rd. So, you're taking your first right after you've taken a right on house is the fourth, on the left, including the house on the corner. It's a red duplex, with a field across the street. I'll be sure that the house number is hanging from the front door, and maybe I'll put an empty keg on the lawn so no one will miss it."

You can also get there from Walnut Blvd. in Corvallis.



by Lee Smith

Veteran picker-uppers Ron Hall, Jeff Tobin and Lee Smith were joined by new member Beto Zuniga for our March exercise in community involvement. The rain held off and, as promised, the sun shone brightly from time to time. We garnered 26 bags of unwanted stuff and both Ron and Jeff found wallet organizers. I'm not sure about Jeff's but Ron's included enough identification that he was able to later leave a message for the owner. One of the cards was a Military Reserve ID and bore the warning, "Penalty For Loss Of This Card." I'm sure the owner will be much relieved to get it back.

That wasn't the only Good Samaritan role played that day. As Ron and Beto waited for Jeff and me to return to Hyack Park, a utility vehicle containing two ladies and a child thump-thumped into the park with a flat tire. Seeing their dilemma our guys naturally came to their assistance and soon had some very happy folks on the road again. And that's not all! Ron then came to my house (after the refreshment hour, of course) and hooked up our HP Printer to our Brand-X Computer. And now I'm an official novice computer nerd...Thanks, Ron.

Our next outing will be on June 20th and I'll be looking for volunteers for that date.

Editor's note: mark your calendar now for the litter pickups for the rest of 1998: June 20, September 12, and December 19.


Competition Announcement

Unfortunately, due to a change in the AHA Club-Only Competition schedule, the deadline for the Stout Bout Club-Only Competition has already passed. The updated schedule is printed below.

The next club-only competition is the 1998 Classic Pilsener. Entries to this competition are due May 18, 1998, and it would be great to have an HOTV entry in this competition. The competition covers AHA category 15, Classic Pilsener (substyles (a) German-Style Pilsener, (b) Bohemian-Style Pilsener, and (c) American-Style Pilsener).

Because each club is only allowed to submit a single entry into each club-only competition, we will need to have a mini-competition if there is more than one potential HOTV entry. If you would like to enter the classic pilsener club-only competition, bring one unmarked bottle to the April club meeting. We will organize a tasting and select the winning beer to represent our club in the AHA competition. For more information, please contact Herky Gottfried or Lys Buck.

1998 AHA Club-Only
Competition Schedule

Competition (AHA Category)

Entries Due

1998 Classic Pilsener (15a, b & c)

May 18, 1998 (April 15 HOTV meeting)

1998 Weiss is Nice (19 a, b, c & d)

August 1998

1998 Best of Fest (17 a & b)

October 1998

1998 If It's Not Scottish…
(8 a, b & c; 10b)

December 1998


Upcoming HOTV events


15 - HOTV Meeting


9 - 16th annual Oregon Homebrew Festival

20 - HOTV Meeting


17 - HOTV Meeting


15 - HOTV Meeting

22, 23, 24 - AHA National Homebrew Conference (Portland)


New Member Welcome

Our newest member, Grant Core, got his introduction to the club by helping out at last month's collation party. Thanks for the help, Grant, and welcome to the club!



Congratulations to HOTV members John Sterner and Lee Smith, who captured well-deserved blue ribbons at the Oregon Lager Jam held last month in Albany.

This competition is part of the Oregon Homebrew Club Brewers Trophy circuit, so in addition to their individual accomplishments, John and Lee helped accumulate points for HOTV in the contest for the OHC Brewers Trophy, which is given out annually at HOTV's Oregon Homebrew Festival.


by Lee Smith

In support of our club effort to win a custom homebrew system, Joel Rea, HOTV member and owner of Corvallis Brewing Supply, is offering a $5.00 store discount to each club member who subscribes to an AHA membership.

The offer is for those who sign on between April l and June 30. In effect, this means that your one year subscription only costs $l8.00! Regular cost is $33.00 - less $5.00 by AHA; - $5.00 off of your dues by HOTV and $5.00 from Joel.

So, won't you please help the club reach our goal?

Contact Lee at 926-2286 or e-mail at and he will send you an application form. So far, we have enlisted l7 new memberships, near the top ( and perhaps at the top) of other clubs throughout the country.