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End of Winter Edition?
March, 1998

PRESIDENT: Bill Baxter (541) 753-5228

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

The FeBREWary meeting saw us once again in Corvallis, this time at the welcoming home of Kelly Ivors. We enjoyed plenty of homebrew and snacks as always, and managed to attend to quite a bit of business as well.

The major items discussed were the just completed pub crawl and the upcoming festival. Keep reading for more information on both of these. We also talked a bit about the AHA club-only competitions.

This Month

We meet at a member’s house around 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month, usually alternating between Albany and Corvallis. This month—for the 3rd month in a row—we’ll be meeting in Corvallis. This month’s meeting is at the home of the Director of Judges for the festival, Joel Rea (1504 Woodland Drive; 754-6983). Directions to Joel’s house follow:

From Albany:

From Corvallis:

From Philomath:

Upcoming HOTV events

18 HOTV Meeting
21 Highway Cleanup
15 HOTV Meeting
9 16th annual Oregon Homebrew Festival
20 HOTV Meeting

New Members

At last month’s meeting we were joined by several new members. Let’s extend a hearty welcome to the club to new HOTV homebrewers Hal Harding, Vanessa Keitges, Julie Barlow, and Beto Zuniga.

We now have over 50 members! (Well, including those who still need to pay their dues...)


Spring is almost upon us, so that must mean that it’s time for the quarterly HOTV highway cleanup. We’ve adopted our own stretch of highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany, and every three months we get together to clean up the trash that has accumulated since the last time we cleaned up the highway. The cleanup just takes a few hours, and afterwards we enjoy some fine fermented beverages to reward ourselves for helping out with our civic duty. Volunteers are welcome, and Lee Smith will be recruiting at the March meeting. Please see him if you’re interested in helping out—it’s not a large time commitment, it’s always an adventure, and it’s a big benefit to our communities!

AHA Membership Drive

by Lee Smith

As previously reported, we have received a complete set of style guides, the book Homebrewer’s Gold, and the pamphlet Zymurgy Tips & Gadgets—all from our efforts to encourage our members to sign up for AHA membership.

I recently spoke with the person running the program and she indicated that our club is very much in contention for some of the more significant awards. The top prize, for the club having the most new members combined with 100 percent club participation (that is, all members belonging to AHA) is a complete homebrewing system, plus a nice write-up in Zymurgy. Now wouldn’t that be great!

So I’m charged up again and have begun contacting more of our brewers that I missed last time. Please really consider this offer—you get $5 off the regular membership fee plus the club will reduce your 1998 dues by $5. Best of all, you will be helping our club live up to its motto, "We’d Rather Be Best Than Biggest."


Well, what can I say? Last month’s pub crawl to several Eugene breweries was quite an adventure. We picked up HOTV members and some Mary’s Peak Lagers club members in Corvallis and Albany and headed down I-5 to Eugene. The ride was pretty bumpy, so of course we had to make sure to taste samples from the keg of Oregon Trail ESB at various spots along the way to Eugene to see how the flavor profile changed on our journey. Michael Villiardos was the designated tapster, getting lots of practice for his head steward position at the upcoming homebrew festival.

Once in Eugene, we made our way to the Wild Duck Brewery, where we were treated to a brewery tour and then enjoyed beer samples including the impressive Imperial Sasquatch barleywine. We then traveled a few blocks to the Steelhead Brewery where we got another tour and more beer. The next stop brought us to Field’s Restaurant and Brewpub, where we got—you guessed it—another tour and more beer. Most of us also managed to eat a few bites here and there. After a stop at the Oasis Market and BJ’s Pub & Pizzeria, we finally made our last stop at High Street Brewery and Cafe. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the all-important rest stop break on the way home! Finally, after the day was about over, we arrived back home in Albany and Corvallis, having survived the 1998 (3rd semi-annual?) HOTV Pub Crawl.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the crawl, particularly Kelly Ivors. Thanks also to all of the folks at the breweries who were kind enough to give us tours. And thanks to those who went on the trip for helping make it an enjoyable day.


The festival organizing committee has been meeting regularly and plans for the festival are quickly taking shape. If you would like to volunteer to work on the festival, please contact one of the co-organizers Bill Baxter or Lys Buck.

The festival also has a web page, which you can find at The web page contains more information about the festival, as well as forms for online entry and for judge registration.

One of the activities for this month’s HOTV meeting will be distributing registration forms and posters, so please plan to show up at the meeting on the 18th for all the details.

News flash: Fred Eckhardt has just confirmed that he will once again be a featured guest speaker at the festival. OSU professor Kendall Staggs is also planning to speak.

Brewing Demonstration

by Bill Baxter

On February 25th, Bill Baxter and Joel Rea gave a presentation on the process of brewing at the West International House at OSU. This was part of a weeklong series of presentations to promote responsible alcohol consumption. AHA provided excellent pamphlets about the basic brewing process and Bill and Joel talked about various aspects of the brewing process. The presentation went well and the youngsters were armed with the sacred knowledge of brewing.


The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) sponsors club-only competitions several times each year. According to the AHA, "the club-only competition program offers AHA registered homebrew clubs an opportunity to compete nationwide with other homebrew clubs. Each competition focuses attention on a specific style of beer or mead, giving clubs the opportunity to educate their members in these styles by focusing on them at club meetings or tasting events.

All AHA Registered Homebrew Clubs are eligible to compete, but only one entry may be entered from each club. Procedures for selecting a club’s entry are determined by the club and vary widely. However, it is important to remember that each club-only entry could actually represent up to a dozen or so entries at the club level."

In the past, few HOTV members have brewed beers for the club-only competition, either because of lack of interest or lack of information about the competition. We would like to encourage more members of the club to consider brewing beers for these club-only competitions in the future (see the following competition schedule). If we get enough entrants from within the club, we could have a taste-off at the HOTV meeting before the competition deadline to decide which beer should be entered to represent our club. For more information about the club-only competition or if you have suggestions about how we should select the HOTV entry in future competitions, please talk to Lys Buck or Herky Gottfried.

1998 AHA Club-Only
Competition Schedule

Stout Bout Club-Only Competition
(AHA Style Category #11 a, b, c, d & e)

Weiss is Nice Club-Only Competition
(AHA Style Category #19 a, b, c & d)

Best of Fest Club-Only Competition
(AHA Style Category #17 a & b)

If It’s Not Scottish...Club-Only Competition
(AHA Style Category #8 a, b & c and 10 b)