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Hoppy New Year Edition
FeBREWary, 1998

PRESIDENT: Bill Baxter (541) 753-5228

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last Month

In what’s starting to become an HOTV tradition, we started off the new year by sampling bourbon dogs and beer at the home of Bill Baxter. We were also treated to plentiful samples of homebrew, a variety of commercial brews, and Oregon Trail Brown and Scotch Ales. Lee Smith showed off his invention of a party pig without a pressure pouch. After the meeting, Bill showed a video featuring last year’s festival and picnic.

Amidst the fun, we had quite a bit of business to discuss, primarily planning for upcoming events.

Oregon Homebrew Festival

The festival is less than 3 months away, and we need lots of volunteers to help make it a success. Contact Bill Baxter if you want to volunteer.

Pub Crawl

The date for the pub crawl is approaching quickly. We’ve put down a deposit for the bus, and have room for about 30 people to make the visit to several Eugene area breweries. The club decided to purchase 1/4 bbl of beer from Oregon Trail to enjoy on the bus, and we will also purchase some 22 oz. bottles to give to the Eugene brewers as thank you presents from the club. We also expect several members of Mary’s Peak Lagers and possibly the new homebrewing club in Florence to join us, so there should be a few new faces in addition to the HOTV crowd. See page 3 of the newsletter for more information about the crawl.

AHA National Conference

The AHA National Conference will be held at the Double Tree Hotel (Lloyd Center) in Portland on July 22-24. This is the Wednesday through Friday before the Oregon Brewer’s Festival in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Lys Buck is planning on renting a hotel room in Portland during the conference, and is looking for other club members to help share costs. Contact Lys at 928-3531 for more information.

This Month

We generally meet at an unsuspecting member's house at shortly after 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Albany and Corvallis. This month we’ll be meeting once again in Corvallis, this time at the home of Kelly Ivors (3224 NE Lancaster #3). Directions to Kelly’s house follow:

From downtown Corvallis:

From Albany:

Competition Announcement

The other local homebrew club, Mary’s Peak Lagers, has announced the 4th Annual Oregon Lager Jam, scheduled for March 14 at Wyatt’s Eatery and Brewhouse in Albany. Categories include Bock, Dark Lagers, Vienna/Oktoberfest/ Marzen, Classic Pilsners, Light Lagers, and Specialty Lagers. So for any of you lager brewers out there, consider entering the competition!

This competition is part of the Oregon Homebrew Club Brewers Trophy circuit—brewers winning ribbons at the Lager Jam will accumulate points for their clubs for the OHC Brewers Trophy, which is given out annually at HOTV’s Oregon Homebrew Festival.

Upcoming HOTV events

18 HOTV Meeting
21 Pub Crawl
18 HOTV Meeting
21 Highway Cleanup
15 HOTV Meeting
9 16th annual Oregon Homebrew Festival
20 HOTV Meeting

New Member Welcome

The newest member of the club is Scott Caul, who recently moved to Corvallis from Chicago, and joined us at the January meeting. Scott has just recently started brewing, but has already brewed four batches (and probably more by the time you read this). You may have gotten a chance to sample his tasty IPA and Porter at the meeting. Welcome to the club, Scott.


So far we have the following people signed up for the various festival committees. We still need a volunteer to head up the raffle, as well as people to help out in some of the other committees.

Organizers: Bill Baxter with Lys Buck and Dave Wolf assisting.

Judges: Joel Rea with John Sterner, Ted Manahan, Jerry Marshall and Rob Nichols assisting.

Registration: Ron Hall with Jeff Tobin assisting.

Raffle/Donations: ??? (Frank & Matt)

Steward: Michael Villiardos

Food: Kelly Ivors

1998 HOTV Pub CRAWL!
Coordinated by Kelly Ivors

Date: Saturday, February 21st

Vehicular transit: Laidlaw Transit; the bus looks exactly like a school bus and has NO bathrooms. We can drink beer on the bus and bringing home brew as well as snacks for the bus ride is recommended.

Time of departure: The bus will be ready to pick up passengers at 10:25 am in Corvallis from the K-Mart parking lot off of Circle Blvd. The bus will then depart for Albany at 10:45 am and arrive around 11 am in Albany at the Select Market (formerly Thriftway) parking lot off of Hwy. 20 and Springhill. The bus will then depart from Albany for Eugene around 11:20, so be on time or be left out.

COST: $10 for members and non-members

Accommodations: Approximately 30-35 people. HOTV and Mary's Peak Lagers members have priority and if there are extra seats, nonmembers are allowed to come along as well.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! I need to know ahead of time how many people are attending so that nonmembers know in advance if they can come. If you want to attend the pub crawl, you must bring your $10 to the next HOTV meeting on Feb. 18th and sign up with me by then; if you can't attend the meeting, you must call me by Feb. 19th at 757-0064 or e-mail me at Do not expect to just show up and get on the bus without signing up. Your money will be refunded if for some reason you can't make it after all.

Scheduled breweries: (Listed in sequential order of the crawl)

Approx. time of return: Around 8 PM

Thoughts: Beer at the breweries will not be free so bring money to buy beer and meals. We might get free samples but do not expect to drink free beer all day long. There will be an Oregon Trail keg (bought by the club) on the bus as well. The club has to pay a cleaning fee if we trash the bus so please be neat and clean -- bring a trash bag and of course, a beer stein or glass to drink from.

See y’all there and be prepared to drink some good beer!

Kelly Ivors

News from Afar

Long-time (and now long-distance) member Pete Angwin included the following note with his 1998 dues check:

"Enclosed are my dues for 1998. Hope all is going well back in Corvallis/Albany. I was in town this last Christmas/New Year’s, but missed the HOTV Christmas party by one day (I think I was in Bliss, ID that night) - RATS! With any luck, though, I might be able to catch one or two meetings this year. Take care - Pete

PS - Had a great visit to the Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii last November. They are producing a great seasonal brown ale. It was very interesting to see how they’ve adapted to brewing in the warm climate - no whole hops, only pellets because refrigeration is so expensive, etc."

Treasurer's Report: Pay your dues!

Of the 48 members on our roster at the end of the year, only 18 (38%) have paid their 1998 dues. Our expense continue year-round, but are especially heavy as the May competition approaches. Instead of waiting until the next meeting, why not make a check out now (for $12) and send it to:

Lee Smith
2190 Maier Lane, NW
Albany, OR 97321


Since the end of last year, the AHA has been having a special promotion in which homebrew clubs are eligible for certain benefits if enough of their members join the AHA. Thanks largely to the work of Lee Smith (and to the pocketbooks of our members), we have managed to have enough members sign up with the AHA that HOTV has gotten some freebies.

As a result of our new subscriptions to date HOTV has received a complete set of the Brewers Publications Classic Beer Styles series. In addition, we have a copy of Zymurgy’s Tips & Gadgets and a copy of Home Brewer’s Gold by Charlie Papazian. All of these books are now available for checkout by HOTV members, and will be kept at Corvallis Brewing Supply, 115 Jackson Street, Corvallis. Members can check out up to 2 books for 2 weeks. This is a great benefit to our club, and is a good way to learn a lot more about how to brew and enjoy different beer styles.

AHA Update

For all of those members who agreed to subscribe to Zymurgy (AHA membership) and haven’t done so yet, please send in your form and check. The offer expires June 30, 1998, and the more new AHA members we obtain, the more freebies we will receive.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the AHA, please contact Lee Smith for more information.

Hair of the Dog

At the December party a few members asked to purchase bottles of Hair of the Dog brew. Will those folks please bring payment to the next meeting in order to reimburse the treasury.