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Hoppy New Year Edition
January, 1998


PRESIDENT: Bill Baxter (541) 753-5228

EDITOR: Herky Gottfried (541) 757-8009

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Last MonthWinter Solstice party

HOTV celebrated the end of 1997 with the annual winter solstice party, once again hosted by that proud brewer of weird beer, Ted Manahan. In addition to plenty of potluck food and drink—even a vertical tasting of several of Mark Taratoot's fine meads—one of the highlights of the evening was the seemingly never-ending ring toss, which featured incoming president Bill Baxter's kids winning plenty of beer for their dad. Michael Villiardos won the informal "highest ringer percentage" award, although even he was never able to get all of the rings in a single round. Most participants did manage to take home at least a bottle or two, though. Prizes for the ring toss varied greatly from highly contested favorites such as Anchor's Our Special Ale to quite a few bottles of homebrew, including some with what appeared to be reused caps! Funny, these didn't seem to be quite as popular.

Name That Beer

Some people considered the Name That Beer contest to be somewhat easier than in past years, but I'm not sure that the scores were actually any better than previous years. However, our nationally recognized judge Ted Manahan was victorious at last, demonstrating his superior skills in identifying the subtle flavors of the mystery beers and their corresponding styles: Widmer Hefeweizen, Steinlager, Newcastle Brown Ale, Bridgeport India Pale Ale, and Deschutes Obsidian Stout.


The evening concluded with a superb pairing of Bill Baxter's homemade chocolates and Hair of the Dog's Adam and Fred.


This Month

We generally meet at some gracious member's house at shortly after 7pm on the third Wednesday of the month, alternating between Albany and Corvallis. This month we are returning to the home of our illustrious leader, Bill Baxter. For those of you who haven’t been to Bill’s house before, directions follow:

From Albany:

From Corvallis:

From Philomath:

Parking is VERY limited, so look for parking on the Right hand side of the driveway or on the main road. There are other families that share the same driveway. Better yet, CARPOOL! Call 753-5228 (nights) or 715-7516 (days) if you need more information.



Now that we've had more than a year to recover from the unforgettable (or so I've heard) adventures in Portland in 1996, Heart of the Valley Homebrewers are once again venturing out in the world and going on a pub crawl! For a change of pace, this time we've decided to travel south and visit some of the brewpubs in Eugene. Some of the details for this popular event are still being finalized, but the bus has been reserved and the plans are rapidly taking shape. For the latest details, attend this month's HOTV meeting or contact Kelly Ivors at 757-0064.

This should be a very hoppy event! Kelly is waiting to hear back from the not yet confirmed breweries—if you have any suggestions or want to help out, please let her know. 

TENTATIVE Pub Crawl schedule:

Date: Saturday, February 21st

Vehicular transit: Laidlaw Transit (school bus type with no bathrooms but more importantly, we can drink beer on the bus)

Time of departure: 10:30 am (very tentative)

COST: $10 for members and non-members

Accommodations: Approximately 30 people. And a few kegs. We have the bus for about 10 hours.

Scheduled breweries: (Listed in sequential order of the crawl)

Spencer's Brewhouse

Steelhead Brewery (not yet confirmed)

Wild Duck Brewery (not yet confirmed)

Field's Brewpub (confirmed)

High Street Brewery (confirmed and excited!) We're trying to save the best for last, that way we can stay here the longest until it is mandatory for us to depart.


December Litter Patrol

by Lee Smith

It isn't often we mention by name those among our members who turn out, rain or shine, for our quarterly litter pick-up. The weather was mixed, at best, with cloudy skies, some intermittent rain, and even a sun break or two. But the temperature was moderate, the wind was low, and the following devotees were there: Ted Manahan, Len Smith, John Sterner, Herky Gottfried, Mark Taratoot, Dave Wolf, Joe Gilray, Lys Buck, Andrew Kirchen and Lee Smith.

ODOT is now recording how much time we spend on our stretch of Highway 20, how much trash we pick up, etc. The answers are we worked about two hours, covering 2.25 miles on each side of the highway, and netted 39 bags of trash of every description. Most of it was on the gross side but we did find some CDs (probably unplayable) and a Microsoft disk potentially worth millions, or perhaps ten cents, depending on what it is.

As always, when the work is done we relax with a pint or two of what makes it all worth while. So when March rolls around you might want to consider joining us. You'll be surprised at the good feeling it gives you. (Civic pride, that is!)

Editor's note: the next litter patrol is tentatively scheduled for March 21. Contact Lee Smith to volunteer.


New Member Welcome

A hearty welcome to the club to new member Christina Zelazek. Please introduce yourself to Christina at the next meeting and help make her feel welcome.


Homebrew Festival update

Because of the holidays and winter solstice party, not much progress has been made recently in planning the 16th annual Oregon Homebrew Festival. The competition is scheduled for May 9, 1998 at the Benton County Fairgrounds, 110 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis. Lots of volunteers are needed—contact Bill Baxter, Dave Wolf or Ron Hall to help out or for more information.


Treasurer's Report: Pay your dues!

HOTV dues are $12 per year, a real bargain at only a dollar per meeting. Plus you'll get your very own limited edition Heart of the Valley Homebrewers membership card, suitable for framing! OK, maybe you won't want to frame it, but seriously, if you haven't paid your dues yet, please see Lee at the next meeting or send your check to Lee Smith at:

Lee Smith
2190 Maier Lane, NW
Albany, OR 97321


Humorous Beer News

Drinking dark beer is good for you. In a recent study, doctors mechanically narrowed the arteries of anesthetized mutts, then injected drugs to start the clotting process. Some dogs received Guinness Extra Stout, a very dark beer, while five other dogs were given a lighter Heineken brew. Clot formation was prevented completely in the dogs that received the Guinness. Now if we can only get the mutts to open the bottles with their paws.

FROM: Men’s health - January/February 1997
"The Best, the Worst and the Certifiably Peculiar."


Thanks and Congratulations

Well-deserved thanks for a job well done go to our departing officers from 1997, President Jerry Marshall and Newsletter Editor Mark Taratoot. Thanks also to former VP and current President Bill Baxter, continuing Treasurer Lee Smith, and all of the volunteers who helped out in various capacities over the past year. We look forward to your continued efforts in 1998.

And congratulations to our officers for 1998:


Bill Baxter


Vice President

Lys Buck



Lee Smith


Newsletter Editor

Herky Gottfried



Submissions Encouraged

One of my goals as editor is to make this an enjoyable, informative newsletter that reflects the interests of the HOTV membership. So please think about what kind of information and articles you'd like to see in the newsletter, and take a few minutes to write, call, or email me with your ideas. Better yet, consider writing an article or two for the newsletter. Also, if you happen to find any interesting beer or brewing-related news, articles, trivia, humor, etc., send them to me and I'll try to include them in the next newsletter.

I'm also interested in hearing your comments about the content and format of the newsletters—for instance, what do you look for each month? What do you skip? How can we improve the newsletter, and how can we improve the club?