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Fall Back Edition
October, 1997

PRESIDENT: Jerry Marshall (541) 757-3551

EDITOR: Mark Taratoot

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Homebrewers' Picnic

by Kelly Ivors

The Heart of the Valley's annual picnic in the park was held on Saturday, October 19th in Albany at Grand Prairie park. Six homebrew clubs from around the state were represented at this affair: Strange Brew, Capital brewers, Oregon Brew Crew, Cascade Brewing Society, Mary's Peak Lagers, and the mighty HOTV. A total of 60 adults and 22 children were present for the wonderful feast of deep fried turkey, assorted pot luck dishes (such as Michael V's killer salsa, Becky Maltbie' s apple crisp, and Helen Smith's jambalaya), and a variety of delectable hombrewed beer, cider, mead, and more. My tastebuds hopped (no pun intended) from Oregon Trail's barley wine, Lee's pixilated pale ale, an English style ale, fireball mead, a peach lambic, and so much more that can't remember everything I drank. everything I drank. As the afternoon wore on and the food and beer supply diminished, the athletic festivities were commenced. These events consisted of the bat spin, frisbee toss, wheelbarrow marathon, sack race, and arduous brew-ski competition. Our team put up a good fight and I must say that Ted Manahan's display of agility and swiftness in the wheelbarrow race was astounding. However, HOTV was not triumphant and the trophy went to Marys Peak Lagers. We received the rank of 4th place, which really isn't that bad since only four teams competed in these events. The picnic was a success. What a wonderful day for a gathering with warm weather, good food, excellent beer, and competitive camaraderie. A big thanks goes to our head turkey chef Lee Smith and everyone else that organized and participated in this fantastic event!

A Champion Among Us

Last month brought many activities. The Oregon State Fair was only one of many events where our club was represented. At the State Fair, HOTV's Lys Buck walked away with honors. Lys won two blue ribbons as well as a red and a white! Because HOTV is involved in an inter-club competition for points won during the year, these awards are bestowed on all of us as well as Lys. Make sure to thank Lys for her efforts next time you see her!

Last Month

The mid September days were growing noticeably shorter. It's always a shame when there's less time in the day for important activities, such as enjoying a fine ale. With the increased moisture comes indoor activity, including difficult sessions struggling between the subtle differences between the 1995 and 1996 vintages of Celebration Ale and Bigfoot.

The mid September days also brought us together for our regular meeting. A group of us arrived at Ron's and were treated to house ales, as well as an assortment of beer from Asia. With a schedule to keep, we got down to business.

We were introduced to the new owners of the Homebrew Shop in Albany. Skip said he will offer hours that we as homebrewers will find more convenient. The shop will be open on Mondays, and be open at 10 in the morning on Saturday. Stop by and say hi! Skip even agreed to host the October meeting at the shop. See you there!

Lee reported on the beer making demonstration at the State Fair. He said that even though they did everything that they could wrong, they turned out a fine ale. A review by Matt Martel describes the event in greater detail.

Lee also brought some bad news to the club. Long time member Don Foster has been ill recently. Don had bypass surgery and then encountered kidney failure and is currently on dialysis. Keep Don in your thoughts!

Club members who are not already members of the American Homebrewers' Association (AHA) were pushed to join. The AHA has a current promotion in which club members can join for only $28. Not only that, but AHA will also credit the club's treasury with $5 per new member, and will waive competition entry fees if the club recruits at least ten new members. The club voted to allow anyone who participates in this program to have the $5 credited from AHA apply to their upcoming HOTV membership renewal. Lee will be in touch if he hasn't yet.

Statistics on the picnic were reported. We had a total of 66 adults or so signed up. Lee reported that he had done a voodoo and assured us that the weather would be nice. See Kelly's article for a report on how the picnic went!

One last business item came up. The dreaded nominations. In our true form, we nominated at least one individual for office who was not present. The current nominations are as follows: Lee Smith was nominated for treasurer. Bill Baxter, Ron Hall, and Matt Martel were all nominated for president. Surprisingly, all were at the meeting! Lys Buck and Herky Gottfried were nominated for Vice President. Herky Gottfried and Michael Viliardos were nominated for secretary/newsletter editor. Please submit additional nominations to current lame duck Jerry Marshal. We will select candidates this month and vote in November for appointment in January.


Well, it's autumn again. Time for our annual pledge drive. Oh, excuse me, I mean it's time we start softening all you swill sucking deadbeats up for next years dues. Consider this a friendly reminder that dues are due January first, but early payments are welcome. Dues are currently twelve dollars per year. Buy your renewal now before the rate goes up!

Upcoming Meetings

Heart of the Valley Homebrewers hold regular meetings the third Wednesday of each month at seven in the evening. This month we will hold our meeting on October 15 in Albany at The Homebrew Shop. The address is 130 Hill Street. Call The Homebrew Shop (924-9820) for more information.

Our outgoing president has agreed to let us hold the November meeting at his house. This meeting will be on November 19.

There will be no meeting in December. Instead we will meet at Ted Manahan's for the annual solstice celebration!

It's a Gas!

Don't forget: Heart of the Valley Homebrewers owns a carbon dioxide beer distribution system. This system is available for any member in good standing (i.e., dues paid) to check out for thirty days. It is a nice system, so call Lee to make a reservation!