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Harvest Edition
September, 1997

PRESIDENT: Jerry Marshall (541) 757-3551

EDITOR: Mark Taratoot

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California or Bust

by Lee Smith

It doesn't seem logical to take a vacation from retirement, but I did. I visited my daughter in San returning some of her personal stuff and fulfilling a life-long ambition --driving the entire length of the fabled California Highway 1 and taking in the beauty and grandeur of the Pacific Coast-- at the same time. Well, it's all that I had heard and read about. Spectacular is a word that fits. What I didn't know was now narrow, twisting, and steep most of it is. So, having accomplished my goal, my latest ambition is to never see that miserable road again!

What sustained me, I think, was that my route would take me through Boonville, home to the Anderson Valley Brewery. My plan was to relax with a Boont Amber, but alas, it was Sunday, and a CLOSED sign was in the window. I pushed on to Hopland, where I found Mendocino's Brewpub in full swing. Fate was smiling on me now. ON tap was their FROLICK SHIPWRECK ALE, a sort of brown Scottish ale of no mean dimension! It was so good, in fact, that I took one of their huge bottles back to my room to help me watch TV.

The next day found me in San Simeon, lining up to tour the Hearst Castle. What a fabulous place to see; it's hard for me to conceive that one man could amass enough wealth to surround himself and his guests with such opulence. The castle and grounds are too overwhelming to describe, but if you find yourself in that area, put a tour on your "must do" list. I spent that night in Santa Barbara. Since Ron and Nancy hadn't invited me out to the ranch, I had to settle for a motel which was no Hearst Castle by any means!

Finally arriving in San Diego, I spent a wonderful week with my BD (beautiful daughter, of which I have two). The high points were an evening game between the Padres and the Cincinnati Reds, who won. On Saturday we took in the 50th and final air show ant the Miramar Naval Air Station, always an awesome demonstration of the latest in aviation equipment and piloting skill. Due to base closings, the Navy is relocating, and the Marines will move in; hence the final show.

Only one brew pub was visited, but it was a good one. Try Coronada Brewing Company at 170 Orange Avenue over the bridge on Coronada Island. Four really good brews on tap (I wish I'd made notes) plus good food.

My return trip was I-5 and uneventful all the way. It's nice to be back.

This Month

Heart of the Valley Homebrewers hold regular meetings the third Wednesday of each month at seven p.m. This month we will be hosted by our own Ron Hall and Jenny Miller.

From Corvallis, 6 miles north on 99W past Adair Village. About 1/4 mile past Adair, turn left on Tampico Rd. Go west 3 miles and turn right on Trillium Lane. House is first driveway on the right. 38945 Trillium Lane. 745-7062

Last Month

Our gracious Vice President, Bill Baxter, hosted our August meeting, and it was an august meeting indeed! There was quite a bit of business to attend to, but attendance was down. Many members agreed to help out with needed tasks. Lee thanked our membership for sending him and Helen out for a weekend on the vineyard. See last months newsletter for Lee's report of the trip.

The family picnic is coming up, and volunteers were recruited to referee the adult and children's' games, register guests as they arrive, and for the beginnings of a clean-up crew. We also assembled a rag-tag team for some of the "events." Even some of our membership who were absent from our meeting were signed up to help our team regain the prized "Handy Capper" trophy. There was also a final call for people to make up more beer to help this family picnic float.

The other serious item was the next festival. Yes, the Sixteenth Annual Oregon Homebrewers Festival is really just around the corner, so we need to get planning. We tried to assemble a site-selection committee, but everyone was pretty committed, and we had a small turnout. More of our membership can take an active role in planning next years great event.

After the serious business, we held a practice session on the "Brew-Skis." I think the other teams have little to fear in this event. Jerry, in case nobody else told you, you are on the team. We hope you show up anyway! Luckily, there was only one injury during practice, and the team didn't seem phased. Perhaps they will go on to win the event, and just keep skiing on down the field into the sunset. Who were those masked strangers?

Club Equipment

Heart of the Valley maintains a CO2 beer distribution system for the use of any paid member. See Lee if you would like to check this system out. In the past twelve months, only six people have checked it out. It's ours, let's use it. It really is a nice, small set up. Obviously, I am one of those six people!

Full Sail Oktoberfest To Be Available September 1st

Hood River, OR. - Full Sail Brewing Company's Munich-style Oktoberfest will make its way onto the market next week. True to style, the beer is brewed using a 28 day cold fermentation process, premium two-row Pale and imported roasted Munich malts, and is hopped with imported Czech Saaz and Styrian Goldings. "You're going to have to take a long jet flight to find a more authentic, fresh Oktoberfest beer," said Jamie Emmerson, Full Sail's executive brewmaster.

...Well Then, Who Did Shoot The Deputy?

Kingston, Jamaica - According to the Associated Press, the Bob Marley Foundation is thinking seriously about suing Cervecceria Nacional in Panama, because the brewing company added its logo to the top of a mural of Marley in Panama City. Cervecceria Nacional produces "De Primera," a standard Central American pilsner. Apparently Marley's family is particularly upset because his image is being used to promote beer. Drinking alcohol in any form is contrary to Rastafarian beliefs, the religious group Marley belonged to when he died in 1981.