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Dog Days Edition
August, 1997

PRESIDENT: Jerry Marshall (541) 757-3551

EDITOR: Mark Taratoot

club home page:

Meeting Schedule for August

Our club holds regularly scheduled meetings on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings traditionally start moments before 7:00 in the evening. This month our meeting will be held on August 20 and will be hosted by our current Vice President. Yes, Bill Baxter has once again graciously opened his home to us for our important business.

Bill lives at 1985 SE Crystal Circle. Directions are:

From Albany:

Highway 20 to Highway 34 (turn right)
Highway 34 (Harrison Blvd) to 4th Street (turn left)
4th Street (Highway 99) to Crystal Lake Blvd (turn left at light -- the Harley Davidson shop will be on your right).
Follow Crystal Lake Blvd. To Crystal Circle (turn right -- the Cemetery will be on your left).
Crystal Circle is in the shape of a "U." At the bottom of the "U" is Bill's Driveway. Bill's house is at the end of the driveway on the right. Bill will post a sign at the end of the driveway.

From Corvallis:

Find 4th Street. Follow directions from Albany.

From Philomath:

Philomath Blvd. To 15th Street (turn right -- go through Avery Park)
Then, turn left on Avery Ave.
Avery Ave turns into Crystal Lake Blvd at Highway 99 (where the Harley Davidson shop is on your left).
Follow the directions from Albany

NOTE: Parking is VERY limited, so look for parking on the right hand side of the driveway or on the main road. There are other families that share the same driveway. Better yet, CARPOOL! Call Bill at 753-5228(h) or 715-7561(o) if you need more information.

The Edgefield Report

July 19th finally arrived, and Helen and I were on our way to McMenamins Edgefield Manor. The weather was perfect, and as soon as we were settled into our room, we began touring the grounds. The hotel corridors are an attraction with murals and individual paintings covering the walls from end to end. I'm no art buff, but I can tell good from bad, and there is plenty of both. After checking out the herb garden, the brewery, and other points of interest, it was time for a beer.

In the course of the evening, I tried a Rye, the Lazy Day IPA, the Polar Hair Lager, the Crystal, and a Hammerhead. Helen discovered Rubinator, a mix of Ruby Ale and Terminator Stout, and stayed with it. My favorite was the IPA. Not being a "hop-head," I liked it because the bittering hops were not over-emphasized as in many American and Northwest IPAs. Unfortunately, after my first pint, the keg blew, and it wasn't replaced during the evening.

At one point we found our way into the Winery. Helen was elated to discover a trio playing early music, which, of course, is her first love (next to me, that is!). While she listened, I dawdled over a 1995 pino noir in which I detected scents of black pepper, herbs, and cassis. This is a full bodied wine with spicy tannins and a nice oak. (Okay, I confess. I just read that from the wine menu. In fact, I wouldn't know a vintage amontillado from Gallo's by-the-gallon burgundy.)

One week-end was over all too soon, but it was memorable and sincerely appreciated by Helen and me. It was kind and thoughtful of the membership to do this for us and will leave me with a lasting memory of fondness for you all.

September is Busy round here!

September means HOTV will have three, yes, that's right, THREE events! In addition to our regularly scheduled meeting, HOTV is co-sponsoring the THIRD ANNUAL WILLAMETTE VALLEY HOMEBREWERS' FAMILY PICNIC. This is, in fact, a family event complete with fine food, healthy "competitions," and beverages. A flier describing the event in more detail is included in this month's newsletter, so have a look!

September also means that HOTV will once again hit the streets. Can you help us out as we provide a community service? SURE! I knew you could! Meet us on September 13 (Saturday) at 11:00 am at Hyak Park to help clean up trash along the side of Highway 20. Wear long pants and bring a pair of gloves. RSVP to Lee Smith (926-2286).

Guide To Oregon Microbreweries Available

Portland, OR. - The Oregon Brewers Guild has published a great guide to their member breweries. It will be distributed free to over 125,000 folks through Oregon state visitor bureaus, hotels, and the 38 participating brewers. Did you know over 400 different beers are brewed in Oregon by microbreweries and brewpubs every year? The Oregon Brewers Guild is an organization that represents 39 of the 57 craft brewers in Oregon. Member microbreweries and brewpubs produced 500,000 barrels of craft beer in Oregon during 1996, and have over 1,500 employees on their payrolls. The 40 page "booklet" version of the brochure is available for $2, and contains brewery information, descriptions of the beers, tour information, photos, a map to the breweries and a World Wide Web address and phone number if you need real-time answers, or assistance. "This directory is an excellent tour map to the Oregon craft breweries and their beers," said Kurt Widmer, founder of Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. "It is proving to be a valuable tool for local beer enthusiasts, as well as out-of-state and international visitors in their quest to locate the best beers in Oregon." To get your copy -- and I recommend that you do -- call 800-440-ALES, or e-mail:

Tickets For The GABF On Sale.

Boulder, CO. - The Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the largest and longest running beer festival in the United States, will be held at Denver's Currigan Exhibition Hall October 2 - 4. According to Festival Director Nancy Johnson there will be 400 breweries sampling over 1,700 different beers. "We've expanded every aspect of the festival," says Johnson, "more breweries, more space, more exhibits, more food, more displays and most importantly, more beers to sample than ever before. Make no mistake, this is the beer industry's big one!" The Association of Brewers -- who produce the GABF through their affiliate "Brewing Matters" -- estimates there will be over 30,000 attending the three day event. The public sessions are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights from 5:30 - 10:00 p.m., and one on Saturday afternoon from 12:30 - 4:30 p.m. Tickets are $28 in advance, and will net you a commemorative tasting glass, Festival Program and unlimited one ounce samples of more than 1,700 of America's finest beers. Call the "24-Hour Ticket Hotline" at (303) 447-0126, or dial up: for more info.