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Solstice Edition
Decembeer, 1996

PRESIDENT: Lee Smith (541) 926-2286

EDITOR: Mark Taratoot (541) 754-7570
336 NW 12th St. Corvallis OR 97330-5929

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President's Corner

Congratulations to our newly-elected officers: President Jerry Marshall; Vice President Dave Howell; Secretary/Editor Mark Taratoot; and Treasurer Lee Smith. The members who administer your club need your unqualified support, so please do your part by contributing to the newsletter and by sharing in our many activities.

This is my last letter to you so I want to say that I have enjoyed my club responsibilities and that I appreciate all the help you have given me over the past 27 months. I know Jerry can count on each of you as I did. The annual Holiday Bash is around sixish on Wednesday, December 18 at Jerry and Melanie's new home. It's "pot luck" so be sure to bring along something gooooooood! See you there.


P. S. Please feel free to pay your 1997 dues at any time. Twelve bucks.


The meeting for November was held at Matt Martell's home in Albany. Many of us braved the rising river and forded the flooded roads to attend this important meeting. New officers were elected without much debate. Lucky for us, most of the officers we elected were not present, or else there might have been more debate. Matt shared his Pumpkin Ale and his Belgian Trippel. I brought some cider vinegar and tried to pass it off as a beverage.

After electing Jerry as our new president, we elected to hold the annual solstice party at his house! I contacted Jerry and told him of the rumors, and he responded thus:

The rumors are true. I will be hosting the party. Directions follow:

From Albany: Highway 20 to Circle Blvd. Circle Blvd. West to 99W (turn right) 99W North to Walnut (turn left) Walnut West to Glenridge (turn right) Glenridge North to Ponderosa (turn left) Ponderosa West to Royal Oaks Dr (turn right) Royal Oaks Dr. South to Fair Oaks Dr. (Turn right) Fair Oaks Dr. West to Windsor Pl. (turn left) Go to 2515 Windsor Pl. (1st driveway on the left) From Corvallis: Get to Walnut and follow the Albany directions.

From Philomath: Philomath Blvd. To 53rd. 53rd North to Glenridge (Just after the curve that changes 53rd to Walnut, turn left)

Wow. Pretty complicated!

Those who have not attended one of these gala events may be wondering what to expect. Leave those expectations at home and come have some fun!

In the past, we have held events such as name the commercial beer, ring toss for beer (always a favorite), and a beer trivia "contest." We have also had a feast of beer and chocolate (Anchor Porter is the Universal Solvent) and a potluck. The important thing is we always manage to have a good time!

Heart of the Valley encourages everyone to get together with other members and CARPOOL to the party. Carpooling saves gas, and helps us be more responsible consumers of alcohol! Don't put our club at risk by drinking and driving home from this event!

There is still plenty of work to do in preparation for this important event. Please contact Dave Wolf (752-8402 at home or 715-5333 at work) if you have some free time and want to help us out in a big way. "Volunteers graciously conscripted into voluntary servitude!"

Friendly Reminder

Dues are due! Twelve bucks for twelve months. If you have been meaning to remit, now is a good time to do so. Our little club could use the infusion of funds. The sooner y'all pay up, the sooner I can stop writing these reminders that will get less "friendly" as time goes on.


Your humble newsletter editor has recently been elected to serve Benton County as a director of the Soil and Water Conservation District. Thanks to all who wrote my name in. Seventy seven people wrote my name in the right place, and 44 wrote my name in the wrong place. This was sufficient votes to win BOTH positions. The work of the district may be of interest to local brewers as healthy watersheds mean clean water. And we all know we need clean water to make good beer!

Adopt a Highway

As many of you know, HOTV has adopted a 2.4 mile stretch of US Highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany. We walk this stretch of road at least four times a year and pick up empty cans of cheap beer. Nobody who drinks good beer seems to toss the bottles out of the car... just an observation. Our next cleanup will be December 7. Since you probably won't get this newsletter before then, I don't know why I am including it here. If you DO get this newsletter in time, call Lee Smith at the above number and volunteer to help, or meet us at 11:00 am at Hyak Park! Bring a pair of gloves! This usually takes a couple of hours and is a great way to serve your community!

From the Wire

Your humble newsletter editor formerly lived in Logan, Utah. While the Cache Valley is a beautiful place, it is an abominable beer wasteland. I recently received the following front page article from the November 19, 1996 Logan Herald Journal which I reprint here:

"Microbreweries out in Logan"
Phil Jensen, staff writer

The Logan Municipal Council on Monday agreed not to allow microbreweries, stop all beer sales at drive-up windows, ban pitchers of beer in restaurants, limit the number of beer licenses, and restrict where beer outlets can build.

A second public hearing on what has developed into sweeping changes in city alcohol laws is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. Monday, and the council has scheduled a vote on the new alcoholic beverage ordinances for Dec. 4.

Council members talked about moving Monday's hearing to a larger room to accommodate overflow crowds expected but, in the end, did not decide on a location.

Among regulations proposed during a rambling, five-hour study session Monday are:

No microbreweries allowed in Logan. (A microbrewery manufactures and sells its own beer.) {ed note: these boneheads don't even know the difference between a microbrewery and a brewpub!}

Only two city licenses to sel beer in restaurants by restricting licenses to one for every 20,000 people. Logan's population is 40,000. Current laws allow one for every 8,000 people, or a total of 11 with Logan's current population.

Gay Jamieson, business license administrator for the city, said there is one license out and she has four applications for restaurant beer licenses. Jamieson, who is holding the applications until a new ordinance is adopted, said the licenses will be issued on a first-come basis.

Ban the sale of beer in pitchers, or large containers, in restaurants. The council said beer should be sold only by the glass, but said nothing about restricting the size of glasses.

Councilwoman Janet Borg proposed outlawing pitchers. "There are pitchers on the table and kids drinking their water glasses so they can have some," Borg said.

Raising the required food-to-beer ratio in restaurants to 70 percent food sales from 50 percent food sales.

Ban the sale of beer and cigarettes at drive-up windows at convenience stores or other outlets.

Restrict location of stores selling beer to no closer than 600 feet by vehicle or 200 feet as the crow flies to churches, schools, or parks.

Crack down on stores selling beer to minors by suspending the store's beer license after two convictions within three years. Until now, Logan has only prosecuted clerks, not stores, for selling to minors.

But Police Chief Rich Hendricks questioned going that far, pointing to a store he knew of that lost $30,000 in revenue after its license was suspended for 10 days for selling to a minor. "That's a heavy price to pay for a phony I.D. that looked dang good even to the cops," Hendricks said.

Allow sale and consumption of light beer, or beer containing 3.2 percent alcohol, on Sunday at restaurants holding beer licenses and private clubs holding state liquor licenses.

Conforming with state stature that allows one private club, or state liquor license, for every 4,500 people.

The council already has proposed capping the number of taverns to the current three in Logan. The council did not address taverns Monday night, but that cap will be part of the Dec. 4 vote.

Councilman Steve Thompson also suggested Monday that Logan should crack down on consumption of alcoholic beverages at the city-owned Logan River Golf Course.

Logan River does not have a license to sell alcoholic beverages, but Thompson suggested golfers are bringing their own beer onto the course. "Let's shake em down," Thompson said, noting that technically alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the course.

But, again, Police Chief Hendricks questioned the get-tough move. "You want us to go to golf-carts and open peoples's coolers?" he said. "You can't hire enough police officers."

Council Chairwoman Jan Pearce, saying the council is "on the right track" to restrict alcoholic beverage sales, handed out a three-page memo she said represented results of an international study.

The memo suggested that increased number of outlets for alcoholic beverages has resulted in more consumption, heavy drinking, and violent crime.

The council spent more than an hour trying to determine the format for Monday's public hearing.

Various members discussed dividing the room "for and against," "dueling microphones" requiring people who want to speak to fill out a form before the meeting, pulling names out of a hat and forbidding "shouting or booing."

In the end the council decided only to restrict the hearing to three hours. "You're starting to polarize an issue," Thompson said. "Maybe that's already happened."

And, a related story:
"Council members take on Borg comments"
Phil Jensen, staff writer

Two Logan Municipal Council members took on a third member Monday night for her comments at prior meetings on regulating alcoholic beverage sales.

Council Chairwoman Jan Pearce took exception to a comment by Councilwoman Karen Borg that beer taverns attract vagrants. "That just reflects ignorance," Pearce said of the comment. "That's not true."

Borg made the comment at a council meeting last month, saying taverns are frequented by "seedy characters" and young people. "It's the tavern that deteriorates neighborhoods," Borg said.

At another point during Monday's five-hour study session on the issue, Councilman John Harder accused Borg of confusion during an earlier meeting, suggesting that the council is "not equipped" to deal with the alcohol issue.

"Your confusion at the end of the night is a prime example of that," Harder said. "You didn't even remember what you had said."

Borg, at a Nov. 13 council meeting, proposed allowing Sunday beer sales in most restaurants. But she reneged at the end of that meeting, saying she hadn't understood what she was proposing.

Monday night, Borg, in response to Harder, said, "Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers."

Answered Harder: "I was here."

Be thankful that you live in a much more open community than Logan. Be very thankful. Our hearts go out to those in Logan who choose to responsibly consume alcohol and who know that beer is not evil. We will raise our glass to you and hope that you can overcome the repressive local government that is trying to protect you from yourself.

A Plea

Please please please please please please PUH-LEEEEZ submit articles for publication in this worthy rag. I would like to have articles by the first of each month, but will probably accept them up until the fourth or fifth. This newsletter is bound to get shorter or start having recycled articles if no submissions are made, and I KNOW you don't want that!