THIS is the HOTV

MARCH 1996

PRESIDENT: Lee Smith (541) 926-2286

EDITOR: Mark Taratoot (541) 754-7570
336 NW 12th St.
Corvallis OR 97330-5929

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President's Corner

by Lee Smith

Festival time is fast approaching, and preparation is underway. The flier/mailer has been revised and Mark has compiled the master copy. Printing and distribution will be complete in about the third week in March (HOTV members will receive theirs with this newsletter). All sub-committees have a chair, but they will need help. Bring your talent, skills, and willingness to the next meeting, and get involved! Also, we need vendors to display their wares. No fee is required, but the product should be beer related.

Festival/Club Tee shirts will be a reality in time for the competition. The price will be about $11 for a quality shirt. This is only a little better than break-even; we want to stay out of the $14-$17 range, and will forgo profit to do so. A color print out of the logo will be ready for showing at the March meeting.

Finally, two more clubs have been invited to the second annual picnic on September 21. Strange Brew from Newberg and Cascade Brewers Society from Eugene. Club prezzes Cliff Rice and Scott Weech believe there will bee a good response from their memberships. SEE YOU AT THE MEETING!

Lest We Forget....

At this time we have 40 members, 23 of whom have paid their 1996 club dues. That's only 58%. Not bad, but with the festival expenses coming up, we can use the cash infusion. It's only twelve bucks, so please remit to HOTV, 2190 Maier Lane NW, Albany, OR 97321.

Short Newsletter

This newsletter will be shorter than usual, so that we may include a festival flier and entry form with each copy. Next month we should be back to our usual size.


Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm SHARP. Latecomers will not be tolerated (unless of course they bring beer... Thanks, Sam!)

Last months meeting was held at Art Smoot's home. We discussed the upcoming competition and did our usual tasting of fine ales. Just as everyone was about to leave, Sam showed up with OSU ale. So, of course, we had to help him lighten his load, and we hope we didn't overstay our welcome at Art's.

This months meeting will be at our Fearless Leader's house (Lee Smith, that is). His address is 2190 Maier Lane in North Albany. If you have never been there and need directions, here is a link to a map to Lee's House where the meeting will be held this month.

The April meeting will be held at Michael Viliardos' house. His address is 513 NW Kings Blvd in Corvallis. Michael has promised us more space for this meeting, and we believe him, right?

May's meeting will be at Jeff Tobin's house, IF we can guarantee that it won't rain. Any shamans out there want to offer an insurance policy?

Return of BSoM

This month will mark the return of the Beer Style of the Month. I have decided that I am too busy with other things to keep up with this endeavor, and am looking for anyone to take over, either for one month only or as a regular responsibility. So, if you want to do one or more of these sessions, get in touch with me. Jeff, do you still want to do a Belgian session?

Michael Viliardos has graciously agreed to conduct a beer style for this month. It will be Brown Ale. Brown ale can be separated into Mild (English) Ale, Northern (English) Brown Ale, Southern (English) Brown Ale, and American Brown Ale. There is also Flanders Brown Ale, but it is somewhat of a completely different animal.

Mild Ale is a low alcohol, soft, nutty ale. It is as malty as is possible for a low gravity beer. Southern Brown Ale is sweeter and darker than a Mild. Southern Browns are still fairly low in alcohol, but not as low as Mild. Northern Brown Ale is less sweet, more nutty, and has a slightly higher initial gravity. American Brown Ale is how we have, in our Northwest Tradition, hoppified another style. American Brown Ale is similar to a Northern (English) Brown Ale, but is drier and more bitter. We must like hops around here. I Can't imagine that...can you?

A FAX From The Sacramento Symphony

This is from last year, but I thought folks here might enjoy seeing it...

The Sacramento Symphony will perform what is arguable the world's first-ever "Biotechnology Concert" on April 20, 1995 at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, California. Errant mutations have altered the Symphony's highly successful "Jeans & Beer" series of casual, tongue-in-cheek concerts into a unique "Genes & Beer" event.

Being a quick study in genetics, the Symphony has concluded that DNA mapping shows we all share the same musical roots. Moreover, one in five proteins from yeast have counterparts in the human brain, and many genes from barley and rice are equivalent to genes found in the brain--sufficient proof that the human experience is inextricably tied to music and beer.

A copy of the Symphony's press release is attached. This will be a multi-media event featuring computer graphics, live symphonic music, a piece specifically arranged for the concert, and a theme of genetics, evolution, and Biotechnology.

What follows in the newsletter is the flier and information for our upcoming competition and festival. Since all this information is available here on the web at our festival web site, I will not reproduce all the information here. Check out the web site for complete details!