Heart Of The Valley Homebrewers
Volume XXVIII, Issue 5
May 2008

This is the HOTV Brewsletter
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PRESIDENT: Eric ‘Howie' Howard
TREASURER: John Sterner
LITTER CZAR: Pete Petryszak


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. This month's meeting will be supplanted by the 26th Annual Homebrew Competition May 17, 2008 9am-2pm at Calapooia Brewing Company, Albany, OR. An early round of flights will start at 7:00pm on Friday May 16, 2008. First-time judges are encouraged to attend on Friday.

Thank you Mark Martin and Laura Bryngelson for hosting our competition.


Howdy all! What a great spring for our club. The Competition is just a few days away! We have already had two fun club brew days. Bill Baxter and Bob Saathoff were the brave hosts and have set a good example for the future. I attended both events and got some good ideas for my new 10 gallon brew system. This has been a good way to learn about home brewing. There are many different ways to make a good batch of brew no matter how simple or complicated it is.

I would also like to commend the efforts of everyone involved with the Oregon Homebrew Competition. Your dedication has helped this club continue its great tradition on short notice. We shall have a glorious time on May 17th at Calapooia and show how we can host a top notch competition. I have the feeling that our club is starting a new direction. There is lots of enthusiasm from the new and established members. Events are in the planning and more good times will come. This is a great time to share our brewing knowledge around the community and to have fun with it. On that note I will ask for even more support for the upcoming HOTV Brew Fest, It will be happening on September 27th 2008. I will be needing your help to get our old but new festival up and going. I have set up a Festival Committee format to look at. This is a basic plan so far but I hope it will serve us well now and into the future. We will be having our first meeting on May 29th at 7:00 pm at my house. All committee chairs are open. Good beers for everyone. Thanks, Howie

Litter pickup @ Hyak Park By Peter Petryszak

With all the club activity leading up to the competition I thought this would be a good time to round up some volunteers for litter patrol the following weekend. It looks like the group that works the next stretch over toward Corvallis picked up about half of our route, so this will, hopefully, be a quick one. Please reply and let me know if you can make it (or suggest an alternative day if you can't). We'll head to Calapooia afterward for some burgers and beer.

Pete Petryszak
Litter Czar

LAST MONTH'S MEETING by Scott Bruslind

Howie ran the meeting with dispatch and aplomb. He introduced his concept of a revived Festival, details are forthcoming after the competition. Because I forgot to include the AHA Club-only competition style (Extract Beers)in the April newsletter, Armand and Irene Schoppy didn't bring their entry, leaving Howie the sole entrant-winner. Bill Baxter detailed his 04/26 club brew plans. Bob reported that the competition was shaping up. John Sterner will take over for Bill Baxter a judge coordinator. Bobby Richards reported on the raffle-award solicitation progress. The club Tripel Barrel report was next. Howie said it continues to look good. Scott Bruslind took a quick poll of the 10 best places in Oregon to have a beer to be posted on the Oregon Brew Crew listerve. John Sterner outlined the benefits of purchasing club insurance for about $1000/yr. Liability of meetings at people's houses was a motivating factor. A motion was moved, seconded and passed to have John purchase said insurance. Business was finished in about an hour with 19 people in attendance.

Treasurer's Report by John Sterner

At the April 2008 meeting the club voted to once again carry liability insurance. Heart of the Valley Homebrewers are now insured with Safeco through Corvallis Insurance Services as follows: General Liability Limits:

General Aggregate Limits (Other than Products Completed Operations) 2,000,000, Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit 2,000,000, Personal and Advertising Injury Limit 1,000,000, Each Occurrence Limit 1,000,000, Damage to Premises Rented to You (Any One Premise) 1,000,000, Medical Expense Limit (Any One Person) 10,000

Total Annual Premium: $1007.00.

This is a significant portion of our annual budget, so you scum sucking deadbeats out there please remember to renew your memberships.

From the March 2001 newsletter: "Insurance: Lee Smith held in his hand the policy that provides liability insurance for the HOTV club. The cost to the club for securing this policy was $500. Its main purpose is to enable us to reserve the Benton County Fairgrounds for our homebrew festival in May. But the policy covers the HOTV for the entire year. Lee welcomed anyone who is interested in reading the fine print of the policy to take a look at it. Following his description of the policy and of the insurance provider, the club membership seemed satisfied that we got ourselves a good deal. Thanks to Lee and everyone else who participated in the search for club insurance."

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COMP by Scott Bruslind

Newsletters run special editions around big events. Our big event is the 26th ANNUAL OREGON HOMEBREW COMPETITION this Friday and Saturday at Calapooia Brewing Co. in Albany. This club holds title to the longest running homebrew competition in Oregon; which is no mean feat, in and of itself, as there are plenty of good homebrew clubs who are our friends and neighbors. Dr. Greg Casey, past-President of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, calls it "brewing for home consumption" and he acknowledges the passion and scale of homebrewing. Ours is an intimate art: no marketing or hype other than our own enthusiasm. The HOTV Homebrewers competition is well respected for a commitment to the process of constructive criticism and peer-review. We try to be even-handed, fair and balanced, and give each entry the best venue to shine in its style category. That effort take commitment from every club member. Contact John Sterner and let him know when you can come and help out. Next week, we'll cover other club business; but until then, It's all about the comp.


The inaugural Hops Share List is started. Since this list will be ever-changing, you may request an update by emailing me. Contributors, please do the same as you add/delete vines. New contributors are always welcome.

From The AHA
August 2008
Entries are due 7/25/08 and judging will be held
For more information, contact Al Boyce at
alboyce@bigfoot.com .
September/October 2008
Imperial Anything
The imperialization of the beer (ABV, IBU, etc.) must be
stated on the entry form.
For more information, contact Fred Bonjour at
November/December 2008
Celebration of the Hop (IPA)
This competition covers BJCP Category 14 styles.
For more information, contact Frank Barickman at fbarickm@columbus.rr.com.

Bill Baxter's Club Brew Day (submit your recollections here, next week)

Bob Saathoff's Big Brew Day (submit your recollections here, next week)

Other notes- by Bob Saathoff (with edits by S.Bruslind)

The June meeting will be 06/18/2008, 7pm, at Doug and Mare Goeger's house in N. Albany. This meeting is for members in good standing, only, as competition spoils are doled out like the so many Stimulus Checks ballooning our deficit.

Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition

NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES FOR 2008 SASQUATCH HOMEBREWING COMPEITION Together with the Cascade Brewers Society , the Northwest Legends Foundation is continuing the Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition. The competition is sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association and the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Judging will take place in the days preceding the Sasquatch Brew Fest on June 7, 2007 in Eugene, Oregon. Entries must be received by Ninkasi Brewing by May31. Shipping address is 272 Van Buren Eugene Oregon 97402. Prizes will be awarded at the Sasquatch Brew Fest to the top three finishers in the following BJCP style categories:

  • English Pale Ale: Best Bitter, ESB
  • American Ale: American Pale Ale, American Amber
  • IPA: American IPA, Imperial IPA
  • Strong Ale: Old Ale, American Barleywine

For style guidelines, visit the BJCP website at http://www.bjcp.org/stylecenter.html . The competition is open to homebrewers in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. For entry instructions and additional information, go to www.sasquatchbeerfest.org where entry forms can be located. You can also contact me at jamiefloyd@ninkasibrewing.com and I can answer questions.

We are also awarding prizes for a non-BJCP category as well, called the "Glen Tribute Beer." The idea of the "Glen Tribute Beer" is to brew a beer that Glen might have brewed and most certainly would have enjoyed. The website, Glen's spirit, and the following specifications are meant to guide your special brew:

OG: 1.065-1.080 FG: 1.012+
SRM: 12+ IBU: 40+

AROMA: Aroma may be of moderate to high levels of dark fruitiness. Banana, bubblegum esters not appropriate. Moderate to high hop aroma. Hop aroma may be citrusy, woody, resiny, or spicy. Typically US varieties, although UK varieties may be used. Caramel malt aroma may be low to high, increasing as the strength of the beer increases.

APPEARANCE: Copper to walnut brown. Copper tones may be noted. Brown and/or red colors are appropriate. Clarity low to high.

FLAVOR: Medium to high caramel flavor. Hop bitterness and flavor are apparent and may be moderate to high to unbelievable, but are accented by malt. Dark fruit flavors are appropriate. Citrus flavors from hops may be noted.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium to full body. Medium low to medium carbonation. Stronger versions may have a moderate alcohol warmth.

OVERAL IMPRESSION: These are beers with substantial flavor and body, even the ones at the bottom end of the gravity range. Hops are a main component, but there is always a full malt complement to balance. Drinkability is a critical component of the style. They are beers that you want more than one of, despite their size and strength.

EXAMPLES: Sasquatch Olde Ale, Rogue Mogul

While sponsored by the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation, the Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition is made possible through the generosity and hard work of the Cascade Brewers Society who are organizing and producing the event. Ninkasi Brewing Company will house the beers to stage before the competition. Rogue Ales Eugene City Brewery is hosting the judging venue.

Like many professional brewers, Glen started as a homebrewer. In Eugene, he was a dedicated member of the Cascade Brewers Society. Glen always remained close to his roots as an avid supporter of homebrewers by sharing ideas, recipes, and techniques.

The Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition is a tribute to the huge impact that the homebrewing community had on Glen's life and continues to have on the craft brewing movement.


Suds-N-Suds: On May 22nd this Corvallis drinking institution will be celebrating 25 years. You can better believe that they will be pulling out some stops and putting on some great beers for the occasion.

Joel Rea, Lickspigot
Corvallis Brewing Supply, Inc.
119 SW 4th St.
Corvallis, OR 97333

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by Joel Rea

Our club has brew gear that is available for members to use. All of the items reside at Corvallis Brewing Supply. There is a one week check out limit unless pre-arranged with the equipment dude...that would be me.
  • RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System)  Due to the tenacity of this piece of equipment I would strongly suggest that you have a training brew session with someone who has experience in using it. Scott Caul has in the past been gracious to hold open house brewing sessions with this fine piece (of equipment) usually several times of the year.
  • Motorized Grain Mill
  • CO2 kit - Includes CO2 bottle, regulator and tool box full of draft parts
  • Oxygen Bottle and Infusion Stone
  • Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
  • Low-Pressure Burner with tank
  • 12 gallon Stainless Steel Liquor Tank
  • 15 gallon Stainless Steel Mashtun / Lautertun
  • Bench Capper
  • 10 gallon Cornelious Keg
  • AHA Style Guidelines Books 1-8

If you have  a piece of equipment that is collecting dust and you would like to donate it to the club please let me know. --Joel