Heart Of The Valley Homebrewers
Volume XXVIII, Issue 2
February 2008

This is the HOTV Brewsletter
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PRESIDENT: Eric ‘Howie’ Howard
TREASURER: John Sterner
LITTER CZAR: Pete Petryszak


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. This month's meeting will take place at 7:00pm on February 20 at the home of Jerry Malloy in North Albany. Thanks Jerry for hosting. Jerry's address and directions will be distributed using the HOTV listserv (hotv.org.)


Howdy all, It has been an exciting start to my presidency. HOTV had a great and busy January and start of February. Thanks to Dan Crall for hosting the last meeting, and Jerry Malloy deciding to host this months meeting at the last minute.

The barrel project started the year off right. We have a wonderful 70 gallons of Belgium Triple fermenting at John Sterners right now. We should be racking that into the wine barrel that Joel is letting us use in the near future. Thanks for everyone who joined in. We could not have done it without the assistance of Jeff Clawson and the OSU pilot brewery.

The state of the festival has been a hot topic the last couple of weeks. There will be a vote at the upcoming meeting to decide its future. The homebrew competition will happen as it has the last 25 years.

Has anyone brewed that special porter for the Feb. meeting? If we come up with a good one we just might send it off to AHA! If you haven't brewed one, please bring your favorite for comparison.

With spring just around the corner, it might be time to start thinking of planting hops. I am going to try three new hills and modify my hop yard. This should be a nice addition to my garden since I am not too much of a green thumb. My drunk thumb usually takes over!

Good brewing to everyone. Howie

OR BARREL PROJECT By Peter Petryszak

As you all probably know by now, the Oregon Barrel Project is well underway, with brew clubs from around the state preparing special beers for barrel-aging, to be shared at some inter-club gathering in the future. President Howie, Treasurer Sterner and Joel from CBS have led the preparation of the HOTV entry, a Belgian Trippel that's probably ready now to go into a wine barrel donated by Joel from his personal collection.

That left the HOTV bourbon barrel from Vasilli at BJ's brewery in Portland unclaimed. After some discussion a few of us have decided to go in on a second entry into the barrel project - an Imperial Stout which we hope will pick up some nice oak and bourbon flavors in the course of 6 months in the barrel. I picked the barrel up from Vasilli on Friday, the 8th. Now all that remains is to brew up 60 gallons of beer to put in it. So far Bill Baxter, Frank Spirek, Jerry Malloy and I have shown some interest in either brewing up a portion of the total needed to fill the barrel, donating ingredients, moral support, or something in between. We could always use more help. If you have a hankering to brew up a big Imperial Stout (shooting for 10% alcohol), or you have ingredients you'd like to barter for a share of the finished product, or anything else you could offer to help this project along, please get in touch with me right away. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

LAST MONTH'S MEETING by Scott Bruslind

The last meeting initiated the Barrel Project with Joel reporting that he could commit a wine barrel for aging and that he had contacted Jeff Clawson and we could make use of the Pilot Plant. Howie would follow up on dates. The Festival discussion turned on getting information about the feasibility of having outside help in planning/marketing. Scott Bruslind volunteered to contact Ingalls & Associates based on a recommendation he got from the Linn County Fair and Expo manager. Charlie Wren showed his insulated fermenter cover and a web harness to hoist the fermenter safely.

From The AHA (http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/schedule.html) Club-Only Competition Schedule: 2007-2008 Schedule

We'll judge any club-only Porters at the February meeting: March/April 2008 Perfect Porter Challenge Entries are due on March 21, 2008 and the judging will be held on March 29, 2008. Entry fee is $7. Hosted by Ron Smith and the Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI) of Indianapolis, IN, this competition covers BJCP Category 12 beer styles.

The March meeting will highlight "Irish beer of any kind" in honor of St. Patrick.

We'll judge club-only Extract Beers in April May 2008 Extract Beers The entry due date and judging date are to be determined. Hosted by Jim Burzynski and the Urban Knaves of Grain of Naperville, IL, this competition covers all BJCP 2004 beer styles (Categories 1-23). Extract must make up more than 50% of the fermentables.

2008 Slurp 'N Burp

Dear Beer Judges & Brewers, It's Slurp & Burp time again and we're hoping you can join us for another great homebrew competition. We’re inviting you to join us as a beer judge at one of the largest homebrew competitions in the NW, the Slurp & Burp Open. Fearless Brewing (www.fearless1.com) of Estacada, OR is hosting the S&B again this year. The event will take place on Saturday April 5th starting at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Awards ceremony and raffle will follow judging at around 4:30 PM. Being a judge at S&B will help to hone your judging skills by exposing you to one of the NW’s largest collections of home brewed beers, meads and ciders. In addition, S&B will help you to prepare for upcoming competitions, like the AHA Regional and National competitions, and earn valuable BJCP points. As always, we will have another huge collection of raffle items, but you must be present for the opportunity to win great beer gear and supplies. Lunch and a pint of one of Ken's great microbrews will be provided for all judges. Judge sign-up will start around 8:30 AM. For additional info on S&B 2008, please log on to the Strange Brew website @ (www.strangebrew.org) or contact me at the phone number or e-mail address below. So I can get an accurate head count, please reply if you plan to attend and judge. Also, let me know if you have interest in pre-judging some flights Friday night before S&B. Please be responsible while attending and departing the event. You must be over 21 to enter or judge at this competition. For over night accommodations in Estacada, check out the Red Fox Motel (503)630-4243. Thanks in advance for your continued support of the Slurp & Burp. Cheers, Paul Johnson 2008 Slurp & Burp Judge Coordinator PJ@strangebrew.org (503)810-7624

2008 Firkin Tastival

Presented by Victory and Steve's Cheese Produced by the Oregon Brewers Guild Sunday February 24th: Two Sessions Noon to 2:30 p.m. 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. VICTORY 3652 SE Division Portland, Oregon 503-236-8755

The 1st Annual Firkin Tastival Produced by the Oregon Brewers Guild will be at Victory, 3652 SE Division in two sessions, one from noon to two thirty p.m. and one from three thirty to six p.m. on Sunday, February 24th. Presented by Victory and Steve's Cheese and Produced by the Oregon Brewers Guild. The Firkin Tastival will feature 9 naturally conditioned, gravity poured beers from Oregon Brewers Guild Members. Admission is $25.00 21 and over only $25 will get you a commemorative glass, 8 drink tickets and two food tickets. Limited to 60 people per session - this will sell out fast. Get your tickets at http://www.oregonbeer.org/FT08.html Beers will be supplied by from BJ’s, BridgePort, Double Mountain, Full Sail – Riverplace, Hair of the Dog, Hopworks Urban Brewery, Laurelwood, Pelican and Rock Bottom.

KLCC Microbrew Festival wrap up

by Dan Crall, Judges from our club included myself, John Sterner, Joe Richardson and Scott Bruslind on that TUES (02/05.) I went down again on FRI and judged meads.

People can get to the list of winners from the Microbrew Festival page: http://www.klcc.org/News.asp?NewsID=31

or from the Homebrew Competition page: http://www.klcc.org/News.asp?NewsID=31

And here is the direct link: http://www.klcc.org/files/HomebrewWinners2008.pdf

To the FESTIVAL and BEYOND By Scott Bruslind

Joel Rea, fermentation visionary, started this fire- a Craftbrew party to celebrate 21 years of HOTV homebrew competitions. Scott Caul fanned the flames, running the Festival like an Italian train under Mussolini (only time they were ever on time.) Now, we have the chance throw a little gasoline on the smoldering pyre, put our sunglasses on and revel in the immolation. It is certainly a stretch and a risk for the club to hire Ingalls & Associates to oversee the Festival, but not a huge one. First the facts- 1) No money up front for any I&A services, except for actual expenses (printing and mailing.) 2) Most of the fees will come from a 25% commission on new sponsorships. 3) HOTV will approve a list of conditions/exclusions for the sponsorship packages. 4) Bob Saathoff has volunteered to spearhead the contract negotiations with I&A, something he is quite able to do. Once complete, Bob should be able to focus on the competition. 5) The more we do like we've always done, the less we use I&A and the less they charge. Getting professional help in no way discourages anyone from doing the things they like at the Festival. Now, the spin- I&A is well positioned to run festivals. Scott and Jill Ingalls are connected in the local community of festival producers and come highly recommended. They are committed to making our Festival exactly what we tell them we want it to be. We'll have to come to agreement what that is and how much of it we're willing/able to do ourselves.

Beyond the Festival, Jill Ingalls has experience developing non-profit expertise and good governance. She has crafted a list of questions that every volunteer organization should answer- "Do you want to become an officially recognized non profit organization? (I strongly suggest this to increase protection of your board / volunteers - among other benefits....) Do you have members? Describe how to be a member if so. Dues? Do you keep minutes of your meetings currently? Do you have any written policies - programs, etc? Do you now have officers - i.e. president, secretary, etc.? Treasurer? Who and how many sign checks for the group? If you have officers, are the people holding those positions planning to stay there for at least a year? Do you have seed money now - to get filing fees paid, etc."

HOTV is well along in the process of good governance, some work is left to do, although we can answer most of the questions above. Jill mentioned that we can file an organization application with the IRS and they will make a determination as to the 501(c)(x) designation. We can accept or appeal the decision. Regardless of the Festival outcome, I&A has helped identify HOTV organizational questions that are important to get resolved.

The February meeting will have a motion to start negotiations with I&A to help plan/market/execute the 2008 HOTV Festival on the 3rd Saturday of May, following the completion of the Homebrew Competition. Please attend and come prepared to discuss/vote on this important decision.

Oregon Trail new release-
Please announce that Oregon Trail has released its limited edition Bourbon Porter. Available at the brewery, both coops and Corvallis Brewing Supply. Thanks --
Dave Wills
Oregon Trail Brewery

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An ongoing list can be found at http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/calendar/events.aspx

by Joel Rea

Our club has brew gear that is available for members to use. All of the items reside at Corvallis Brewing Supply. There is a one week check out limit unless pre-arranged with the equipment dude...that would be me.
  • RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System)  Due to the tenacity of this piece of equipment I would strongly suggest that you have a training brew session with someone who has experience in using it. Scott Caul has in the past been gracious to hold open house brewing sessions with this fine piece (of equipment) usually several times of the year.
  • Motorized Grain Mill
  • CO2 kit - Includes CO2 bottle, regulator and tool box full of draft parts
  • Oxygen Bottle and Infusion Stone
  • Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
  • Low-Pressure Burner with tank
  • 12 gallon Stainless Steel Liquor Tank
  • 15 gallon Stainless Steel Mashtun / Lautertun
  • Bench Capper
  • 10 gallon Cornelious Keg
  • AHA Style Guidelines Books 1-8

If you have  a piece of equipment that is collecting dust and you would like to donate it to the club please let me know. --Joel


Find the up-to-date list at http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/schedule.html