This is the HOTV Brewsletter
December 2007

PRESIDENT: Bill Baxter
TREASURER: Mike Gallagher
LITTER CZAR: Pete Petryszak

A warm Holiday greeting to all in this last edition of 2007 HOTV Newsletters. Here's to wishing a great Christmas for all who are celebrating it, or any Holiday for that matter. It's been a great year for the Club in terms of our festival, our meetings, our get-togethers; 2008 is a year to anticipate more good times with one another and great moments for the Club, starting with next month's meeting.

The question is, where the hell will that be? Last I heard, it's possible that it will be in Independence at the home of Bill Baxter's partner, Christiane. If not, it's likely that Corvallis will be our meeting spot, where I've been asked to host; once I know what is happening at work, I will let everyone know. Watch for an email or next month's letter.

In the meantime, Newsletter duties are being turned over to Club member Scott Bruslind. Scott has a number of ideas to try out and in these past few months, others have made suggestions for the Newsletter in terms of regular features, more Club involvement with submitting materials, etc. This all can happen and I trust that Scott will put together great Newsletters in the coming year. Remember, it has to be with YOUR help. It's great that we have an email listserv where events, questions, etc. can go out to the entire Club, but keep in mind the monthly Newsletter, kind of as a monthly digest of all this and more. Share what you know- keep the Newsletter and the HOTV site a significant source of Club information! Thank you to all who have contributed this year, in any capacity, and thank you for reading the Club's Newsletter. I have enjoyed being your editor and partial writer this year, and really appreciate the feedback I have received. I hope it's been a treat for you as well.

Portland, OR

Oregon Brew Crew Education Chair Vasilios Gletsos proposes a bourbon barrel project amongst the various brewing clubs. A planning meeting is scheduled for 6pm, 12/27/07 at BJ's Brewhouse in Jantzen Beach. If HOTV is interested contact Scott Bruslind and we'll make arrangements to get on the listserve and to the meeting.

Scott's email:

Vasilios' contact info:

Vasilios Gletsos
Head Brewer
BJ's Brewery
Portland, OR

HOTV Officers, 2008

President-- Eric "Howie" Howard
Vice President-- Mare Goeger
Treasurer-- John Sterner
Newsletter Editor -- Scott Bruslind
Recycling Czar-- Dan Crall
Litter Czar-- Pete Petryszak


A final goodbye from your Newsletter editor. This has been a busy month and I apologize for the late arrival of this Newsletter. Nonetheless, I wish everyone a great Holiday and New Year, and hope to see everyone at our next meeting in January. Either the meeting host or our new Editor Scott Bruslind will be in touch with the pertinent information to the location, etc. Cheers to all!

Dan Crall - 2007 HOTV Newsletter Editor


On December 8, the Club held it's first annual Holiday Hoopla competition, which received a total of 15 entries. This competition was organized by Bob Saathoff and called for Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beers consistent with the BJCP beer style, 21B.

Many of the entries came from within the Club. We also received 2 entries from Washington, as well as a few from Portland. What was left over became part of that evening's festivities as we celebrated our Holiday party.

Our fine judges were able to judge their flights and select 2 finalists from each table, making a total of 6 runner-ups for the compeition's prizes.


Table 1 - Michael Hoppe, Doug and Mare Goeger, Bob Saathoff

Table 2 - Ron Hall, Christiane, Bill Baxter, Pete Petryszak

Table 3 - Jerry Malloy, Tom Parker, John Sterner

After tasting, contemplating, scoring, rethinking, etc., the finalists were in. Back to the elite tasting room they went, doors closed. Here are the final results:

Name: Michael Harper
Beer: Heather Heavy BC
Prize: Brewer for a Day
Town: Portland
Homebrew Club: Oregon Brew Crew

Name: Jonathan Haynes
Beer: Snow Day
Prize: Gift certificate
Town: Portland
Club: Oregon Brew Crew

Name: Eric Howard
Beer: No Help for Frosty
Prize: Gift Certificate
Town: Albany
Club: HOTV

Name: Eric Howard
Beer: Olde Fuzzy Britches
Prize: Gift Certificate
Town: Albany
Club: HOTV

Honorable mentions:

Name: Bob Saathoff
Beer: Snow Mizer
Town: Philomath
Club: HOTV

Name: Chad Davis
Beer: Noel, No-Ale
Town: Corvallis
Club: none

Congratulations to all our winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated! This was a great kick-off to the Club's celebration and illustrated the diversity and richness of the kinds of homebrew that come from the Northwest. Once again, the submissions of our Club members were great works of craft-brew as many who attended the Holiday party found out. Thanks to Michael Hoppe for graciously hosting the Holiday celebration a 2nd year in a row.

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by Joel Rea

Our club has brew gear that is available for members to use. All of the items reside at Corvallis Brewing Supply. There is a one week check out limit unless pre-arranged with the equipment dude...that would be me.
  • RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System)  Due to the tenacity of this piece of equipment I would strongly suggest that you have a training brew session with someone who has experience in using it. Scott Caul has in the past been gracious to hold open house brewing sessions with this fine piece (of equipment) usually several times of the year.
  • Motorized Grain Mill
  • CO2 kit - Includes CO2 bottle, regulator and tool box full of draft parts
  • Oxygen Bottle and Infusion Stone
  • Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
  • Low-Pressure Burner with tank
  • 12 gallon Stainless Steel Liquor Tank
  • 15 gallon Stainless Steel Mashtun / Lautertun
  • Bench Capper
  • 10 gallon Cornelious Keg
  • AHA Style Guidelines Books 1-8

If you have  a piece of equipment that is collecting dust and you would like to donate it to the club please let me know. --Joel


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