This is the HOTV Brewsletter
March 2006

PRESIDENT: Jerry Malloy
TREASURER: Scott Leonard


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. This month’s meeting will take place at 7:00pm on March 15 at the home of Bobby Richards in Albany.

The address is: 1303 10th AVE SW, Albany If you get lost, call 541-990-0301

From Corvallis or North Albany on Hwy 20, go over the bridge all the way to the stop light at 9th street ( St. Mary's Church) and take a right. Follow 9th street until you hit Takena St (3rd 4way stop sign) and take a left. Then take a right on to 10th Ave (first stop sign).

From Corvallis on Hwy 34, go east about 10 miles. Turn left on North Oakville Road. Oakville Rd will turn into Queen St after about 5 miles. Continue on Queen until you see West Albany High School. Takena Ave will be across from the high school and turn left on to Takena. Go down Takena until you hit 10th St (2nd stop sign) and turn left.

The house is the third on down on the right. It is a white two story house.


Last month’s meeting was held at the home of Royal and Karen Willard in Corvallis on February 15. A big thanks to Royal and Karen for hosting the meeting. Karen and Royal served up some awesome Irish whiskey infused cheese and smoked salmon spread to the hearty souls who made the meeting. Unofficial highlights included Gary Terrell’s Dark Spruce Ale, new potential member Pete Petryszak’s Northwest Pilsener (with Saaz AND Cascade hops), and a taste-off of Frank Spirek’s Bier de Garde and Saison’s entries into the MCAB competition.

The changes to the by-laws that were discussed at the prior meeting were approved unanimously. These are:

  1. Make the Festival Chair an elected office post.
  2. Add coordination of the summer picnic and winter holiday party to the Vice President’s duties.
  3. Change the way that new members pay dues to allow for pro-rated payment for joining late in the year.

The next Highway 20 Trash Pickup will be March 18, according to Pickup Czar Kristen Vogel. We need 7-8 volunteers for this, who will be guaranteed the "luck of the Irish" for doing this the morning after St. Patrick’s Day. Please email Kristen or any of us if you are interested.

The next AHA Club Only Competition will be American Ales in May. We are on a roll here (see Kudos below), and should have a ton of these lying around to taste. Bring these to the April Meeting for tasting.

The AHA Nationals First Round entry deadline is also early April.

This year’s Oregon Homebrew & Microbrew Festival will run 4-10pm on Saturday, May 20, instead of the typical 3-9pm. This is to give the Homebrew competition a little more time to grind through the raffle, Best of Show judging, and awards ceremony.

Bill Baxter is willing and able to host another BJCP training session and exam if there is sufficient interest. See or Email Bill.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for more home brewer support and education at the meetings, in the newsletter, and in an internet forum. Jerry Malloy agreed to help set-up a Yahoo Group to answer member’s brewing questions.

by Jerry Malloy

This month's meeting will include a demonstration of yeast culturing on slants by Charley Renn. We've got a Beer Gun demo planned for a future meeting. If you've got something you'd like to plan for a future meeting (either demo yourself, or have someone else educate you) let me know at the meeting. Thanks to Joel for pulling off another fabulous HOTV Pub crawl. We need to be sure to do this more frequently as it seemed some of us were in better form in terms of pacing ourselves than others. Along those lines, it's important to let our guests know these are not amateur events. Enough said. As festival time approaches, be ready to volunteer to help with the various needs that will be brought up. I'm sure Scott will be looking for more helpers as we get closer to the big show.


Scott Leonard will be giving a demonstration on all-grain brewing this Sunday (3/7) athis house to 2 new brewers. If you are interested in learning, stop by. Or, if you just want to come by for a beer, stop in. Theaddress is 2430 NW Hayes (near Grant & 23rd) in Corvallis. We will be out front from ~9:00 to ~4:00pm.


Huge congratulations to Frank Spirek for a 2nd place finish in the January AHA Club Only "Big Beautiful Belgian" competition. Frank’s incredible Tripel placed 2nd out of 50 club entries, and earns our club 8 points in the AHA’s Club of the Year Competition. One of these years we need to get serious as a club about loading up the AHA National Competition and Club-Only competitions to see if we can join Strange Brew and (I think) Capital Brewers at this elite level.

Also, a hearty toast to Joel Rea, Derek Whiteside, Ron Hall, Dave Benson, Royal Willard, and John Sterner as HOTV members who won Gold and Silver Medals for their 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon at the Newport Wine and Seafood Festival. Joel and Derek have shown us wine newbies that they really know their stuff!

Submitted by Scott Breslund

The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Brewing Scholarships are two full-tuition scholarships for the 2006 World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology held at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago.

The Concise Course in Brewing Technology is a two-week intensive program that covers every topic critical to successful brewery operations. The program is designed for brewers pursuing a wider knowledge of professional brewing standards and techniques in order to advance their brewing careers as well as individuals planning to enter the brewing industry.

The Scholarships are open to professional brewers as well as home brewers from the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Northern California regions (San Francisco Bay/Monterey Bay areas and north). Each Scholarship includes a $500 stipend to help offset travel and lodging expenses.

The selection committee is comprised of professional craft brewers and brewing industry experts. The full application must be received no later than April 20, 2006. For information on how to apply, visit the Siebel Institute scholarship information page at registration/scholarship.html

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Hoo boy! What happens on the pub crawl, stays on the pub crawl. You had to be there. But in case you weren’t, we will give you the basic facts. On Sunday, February 19, the pub crawl’s Magic Bus crawled up I-5 loaded with Bill Baxter’s Vienna Lager, Oregon Trail’s IPA, and a nice Root Beer on tap that I should have had much more of. After a few essential pit stops, the bus converged on the Roots Brewery, a few blocks west of the Lucky Labrador on the east side of the Willamette in Portland. The Roots Brewery is a wonderful funky new brewery specializing in organic brews by Craig Nicholls, the former brewer at Alameda Brewing who developed many fascinating beers involving roses, juniper, and heather. Craig gave us a nice personalized tour of this great home-grown brewery. The next stop involved getting lost around the Rose Garden area, and then eventually finding the Amnesia Brewery in the North Mississippi Avenue area of Portland, just up the hill from Widmer and the hospital in Northeast Portland. Amnesia is another great neighborhood brewery with fine beers, burgers, and German sausage plates. The final stop was the Rogue Alehouse and Distillery at 14th and Flanders in the Pearl of Portland. The folks at Rogue were nice enough to give us a tour of the distillery, and to tolerate a rowdy bunch of home brewers. Thanks to Joel for pulling all of this together, and to our bus driver for putting up with us.

Gary Terrell and President Jerry show a little "Still Envy" at the Rogue Alehouse and Distillery in the Pearl District of Portland.

Too Much --The Magic Bus. The name says it all!

Joel and Scott are best buddies with Roots head brewer Craig Nicholls after buying magnums of Roots Oak aged IPA.

Kristen Vogel charms her way into sacred territory behind the bar at Amnesia Brewery.


by Ron Hall

Many of you who have been kegging for a while probably already have taken the plunge into counter-pressure bottle filling, but many of our newer brewers are pondering this next big step. If you are currently naturally conditioning your bottled beer with corn sugar, the bottling process is fairly easy, but you really must hate washing 50 bottles every time you finish a 5 gallon batch. The beauty of kegging your beer and counter-pressure filling is that you get to enjoy perfectly carbonated beer every time and only need to bottle as much as you want. The downside is that filling can be much more tedious with a counter-pressure (CP) filler, but this is really the only good way to bottle competition quality beer.

The late great Lee Smith gave me the directions to building a CP filler, and it has served me fairly well. I have recently rebuilt it with better valves and clean lines, so the time seemed right to share the knowledge. If you don’t enjoy the process of scrounging your beer gear, you are probably better off buying a finished CP filler from your local homebrew shop for $40-$50. If you are more adventurous, here are the basic ingredients, and the simple steps to assembling it.

  • THREE 1/4 turn stainless steel ball valves with hose barb fittings
  • TWO 1/4" Female NPT Tees
  • TWO 1/4" tube by 1/4" male NPT compression fittings
  • ONE 3/8" tube by 1/4" male NPT compression fitting
  • ONE 18" piece of 1/4" OD stainless tubing
  • ONE 2" piece of 3/8" OD thin walled stainless or copper tubing
  • ONE #2 Rubber Stopper that fits tightly over 3/8 tubing and inside your typical bottle
  • SOME Teflon tape
  • SOME Vinyl gas and beer tubing, hose clamps, and tube tees as shown below

You can get most of these fittings at a good homebrew or hardware store, and the stainless tubing at a welding shop or industrial plumbing store. You can make this out of stainless or brass, although some people will debate the dangers of brass in beer (it contains small amounts of lead). I think the contact time of the beer with the fittings is probably so small that it is probably insignificant, but you should do your own research if you are worried.

The entire assembly can be built with a hacksaw, a couple of crescent wrenches, Teflon tape, and a good drill. The only tricky part is drilling the lower compression fitting out so that the 1/4" tubing will pass through like a thermocouple. Use a 1/4" drill bit to carefully drill the middle out of this fitting so that the tube will pass through cleanly.

The process of filling is simple, but I have beer stains on my ceiling to prove it is not idiot-proof. Understanding the concept is essential, and once you do, filling is easy, but requires time and patience. The concept is:

  1. Pressurize the bottle with CO2 to the same pressure as the keg (8-10 psi)
  2. Close the CO2 line and open the beer line
  3. Vent the bottle very slowly to let beer move toward the lower pressure bottle. You should capture and drink the inevitable foam that will be vented as well. It may take you 30-90 seconds to fill each bottle.

That’s about it. You might need an extra step of venting a tiny bit of pressure before opening the beer line to prevent backflow of beer. ALWAYS vent the bottle to atmosphere before pulling the filler out unless you like beer stained ceilings.

Next Month (maybe): CP Filling Tips and Tricks

by Joel Rea

Our club has brew gear that is available for members to use. All of the items reside at Corvallis Brewing Supply. There is a one week check out limit unless pre-arranged with the equipment dude...that would be me.
  • RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) Due to the tenacity of this piece of equipment I would strongly suggest that you have a training brew session with someone who has experience in using it. Scott Caul has in the past been gracious to hold open house brewing sessions with this fine piece (of equipment) usually several times of the year.
  • Motorized Grain Mill
  • CO2 kit - Includes CO2 bottle, regulator and tool box full of draft parts
  • Oxygen Bottle and Infusion Stone
  • Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
  • Low-Pressure Burner with tank
  • 12 gallon Stainless Steel Liquor Tank
  • 15 gallon Stainless Steel Mashtun / Lautertun
  • Bench Capper
  • 10 gallon Cornelious Keg
  • AHA Style Guidelines Books 1-8

If you have a piece of equipment that is collecting dust and you would like to donate it to the club please let me know.


3/15/06   HOTV March Meeting
3/17/06   Slurp N Burp ENTRY DEADLINE
3/25/06   Strange Brew’s Slurp n Burp Competition (Entry deadline 3/17/06)
5/20/06   24th Annual Oregon Homebrew and Microbrew Festival, Corvallis
7/14-16/06   Portland International Beer Festival
7/27-30/06   Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland
8/27/06   HOTV Summer Picnic
9/28-30/06   Great American Beer Festival, Denver