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June 2005

VICE-PRESIDENT: Matt Arsenault
TREASURER: Scott Leonard


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, June 15, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Doug and Mare Goeger, 4080 NW Alder, in North Albany, 928-5023. Come grab yourself a few 6-packs of leftover festival entries. Open a few and see if you agree with the judges' scores. A light supper of pinto beans, cornbread and vegetarian chili will be served. Business to be discussed will include the OHF and Microbrew Festival wrap-up and August picnic talk.

From Corvallis take Hwy 20 toward Albany. From the Garland Nursery sign, go 1.4 miles to Independence Road. Turn Left and go over hill and dale, 3.4 miles. Make a Right turn onto Palestine Road. At the stop sign, continue straight up the hill. Palestine will "T" into Scenic. Turn Left on Scenic. Left at the stop sign by Fir Grove School. Left on Alder (second street after your turn). Blue house on the left, about 1/2 way down the road.

From Albany take the bridge over the Willamette. At the first light, take a Right on Springhill. Begin clocking mileage. At 5 miles, you'll be in a school zone, and see Scenic Drive on your left, then Ridgecrest, then Alder. Turn Left on Alder. Blue house on the left, about 1/2 way down road.


Take a vacation. Draw the blinds. Crawl into a hole. Yes indeed, the HOTV quarterly litter pick-up is just around the corner. Here is fair warning if you need to schedule some sort of pre-occupation. Litter pick-up will be held Saturday, June25. Mare will be drumming up business at the June meeting. Don't let that keep you from attending. Or, if you'd like to sign up ahead of time, drop mare an e-mail.

By Scott Caul

He must be relaxing at his ranch. I'm sure he'll have something to say at the meeting.


Here's the list of OHF winners from HOTV. The entire list of all category winners can be found at www.hotv.org. Congratulations to everyone!

 1. Light Lager: 3rd place to Ron Hall

 2. Pilsner: 3rd place to Mike Basinger

 5. Bock: 1st place to John Sterner

10. American Ale: 1st AND 2nd place to Doug and Mare Goeger

14. IPA: 3rd place to Joel Rea

15. German Wheat & Rye Beer: 3rd place to Doug and Mare Goeger

16. Belgian & French Ale: 1st AND 3rd place to Frank Spirek

17. Sour Ale: 2nd place to Joel Rea

18. Belgian Strong Ale: 1st AND 3rd place to Frank Spirek

22. Smoke Flavored & Wood Aged: 2nd place to Jerry Malloy

23. Specialty Beer: 2nd place to Joel Rea

24. Traditional Mead: 1st place to Gary Terrell

25. Melomel: 1st place to Gary Terrell

27. Standard Cider & Perry: 1st place to Joel Rea, and 3rd place to Gary Terrell

28. Specialty Cider & Perry: 1st place to Ron Hall

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by Joel Rea

From the organizers point of view the 23rd Annual Oregon Homebrew Competition and 3rd Annual Microbrew Festival was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Once again we pulled off a very successful event where over 300 homebrew entries were critically and sensitively evaluated. The last time we had over 300 entries was during the 21st "coming of age" festival and for the past few years we have played second fiddle to the Slurp n' Burp folks. Once again we have proved that we are the most respected homebrewing competition in the Pacific Northwest! That is really something to be proud of! We also had over 1,000 people attend the microbrew festival with a record 42 beers a flowin'. The music was great and the crowd well managed, well behaved and not a single disgruntled comment (as we were privy to in years prior.) While all of the figures have not been tallied and the final amount discussed it looks as if we will be able to put several thousand dollars into the club bank account and still produce a check somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 for Linn-Benton Food Share.

It was also the worst of times. As the person who initially moved the idea forward for a combined competition/festival event for our 21st party, I will also be the person to step forward and say, "no more!" unless we re-design the organization / structure of the event and maybe even pass the organization roll onto a paid professional organizer. This is not an easy decision for me to project because there are certain aspects of the challenge of festival organizer that I enjoy. Because of my leading role I have the background knowledge of what has to happen and why we have bonked our heads on the next ceiling. The homebrewing competition is something that we will always do....this is our biggest mission for the club and it is a major focus for why we exist; it is also relative easy to organize. For the microbrew festival to happen there are too many hours of volunteering that core club members taxed themselves over. Personally, this event dominated my working life, and my night time subconscious life, from mid March until the first part of June. It also increased my stress level to the point of my being unable to manage my anger (I damaged to the point of necessary replacement two doors on my neighbors duplex because his tenants partied to excess and caused unnecessary strife in mine and Liz's life...an "eye for an eye" is not the solution. Lesson learned, call the cops.) Also, many of you know that I took an out of state vacation for a few days. I am glad this was planned because I was literally at the end of my rope with managing the festival and mental overload from the festival. Another issue of mine that shined its merry face from time to time is my inability to appropriately delegate. There are perhaps too many items to list, but every day there were bumps in the road down the organization of this festival; some were small and some were painfully large...more so than in years past, and I had the tendency to try and take too many of these problems on as opposed to passing them on. All this to say that I am no longer the person to take the reigns of this saddle ride. Maybe time will change with some professional development and training I may have the skills needed to organize such an event.

Our club members need to assess the festival and plan a road map for where it is going in the next few years. And, if we want to continue with where we have gone over the last few. Before we write that check to Food Share we need to decide if a microbrew festival organizer is a position that we will be paying next year, or if there is a club member who wants to spill his/her blood.

I would like to thank all of you club members who put hours into this festival and helped to make it happen. We have just over 50 dues paying members. Not all showed up for the event and only about half did chip in to help with the production of the event. There are some who really made the wheels spin and dug in for the long hoe. In particular I would like to thank Scott Caul for taking on a good deal of crap and sharing a monumental jump in blood pressure with me. Thanks!

Also, big thanks to Karen Caul for working diligently on the beer guide and stewarding (Good beer wife she is!). DW for pulling teeth out and wrangling some great beers! Doug and Mare for driving all over the state. Billy for picking up loose ends along the way and taking on Homebrew Competition Organizer. Scott Leonard for arranging music and keeping good relations with the fairgrounds. Ron Hall for letting every one know the event was happening. Paul Jorgensen for keeping track of 305 entries. Gene Gregg for once again letting us be a pain in his side and putting up with entry storage and keg storage. Kristen for never having ever been to an event like ours yet still pulling off an outstanding job of Head Stewarding. Dave Wills for sponsoring advertising time. Scott B. for keeping HP operating with all of the ink donated for the beer guides. Matt A. for getting raffle donations and keeping me in line, Matt Brown for "midnight" large format printing, Mike for arranging the shirts and pre-orders. Beto for doing that long distance club member thing and updating the festival pages and club website. John Sterner for getting judges down here. Ron and Jerry for taking on the flowing of beers. Brian, Louis, Frank, Gary and Bobby for being at the right spot at the right time.       Regards, Joel

by Joel Rea

Our club has brew gear that is available for members to use. All of the items reside at Corvallis Brewing Supply. There is a one week check out limit unless pre-arranged with the equipment dude...that would be me.
  • RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System)  Due to the tenacity of this piece of equipment I would strongly suggest that you have a training brew session with someone who has experience in using it. Scott Caul has in the past been gracious to hold open house brewing sessions with this fine piece (of equipment) usually several times of the year.
  • Motorized Grain Mill
  • CO2 kit - Includes CO2 bottle, regulator and tool box full of draft parts
  • Oxygen Bottle and Infusion Stone
  • Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
  • Low-Pressure Burner with tank
  • 12 gallon Stainless Steel Liquor Tank
  • 15 gallon Stainless Steel Mashtun / Lautertun
  • Bench Capper
  • 10 gallon Cornelious Keg
  • AHA Style Guidelines Books 1-8
If you have  a piece of equipment that is collecting dust and you would like to donate it to the club please let me know.


May 10 & 11: Registration for OHF homebrew entries, Oregon Trader, Albany
May 20: Judge training and judging for OHF, Fairgrounds, Corvallis
May 21: Oregon Homebrew Festival and Microbrew Festival, hosted by HOTV at the Benton County Fairgrounds
June 16-18: National Homebrewers Conference, Baltimore, MD
July '05: National Beer Month
Aug 21: HOTV Annual Picnic, Avery Park, Corvallis


Here is the latest list for AHA Club-only competitions. Dave Benson will be coordinating mailings of HOTV's top beer to these categories. Bring your entries to the club meeting indicated, and our top-notch judges will choose the best entry for sending in. We've done pretty well in the past, let's try and out-do Strange Brew in number of points scored.

Aug '05 Belgian & French Ale, Entries due August 16, so bring to July mtg
Sep/Oct '05 European Amber Lager No details yet
Nov/Dec "05 Baltic Porter, Entries due Oct 21, so bring to September mtg
Feb '06 Big Beautiful Belgians, Entries due 2/4/06, bring to January mtg

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