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May 2004

VICE-PRESIDENT: Matt Arsenault
TREASURER: Scott Leonard


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. There will be no formal HOTV meeting during the month of May. Taking its place, the 22st Annual Oregon Homebrew Festival will be held Saturday, May 15th at the Benton County Fairgrounds. If you haven't yet signed up for a job at the festival, please do your part to help out.


Ron Hall and Jenny Miller hosted a mostly outdoor evening (NO RAIN). To entice members to find their house in the woods, Ron planted about 20 brews, all but one of high quality, around his property. Most of those hunters finding beers were nice enough to share. For the business meeting, President Caul re-announced his call for responses to a brew day at OSU's Fermentation Science program. Scott only had 2 people respond to his e-mail. Although members showed interest, many thought this activity was a little much to squeeze in before the festival. Others felt this was suited to a rainy winter day. Derek Ęspent the remainder of the meeting updating the group on festival progress. Sign up sheets for specific jobs were available for those willing to help out. Derek advised that helpers would be rewarded, but that the free flow of beer tokens, as at last year's fest, would be curtailed.

By Scott Caul

Hello brewers! Its festival time again! Committed volunteers are needed in many areas of the Festival and I'd like to thank those who have already signed up. To the rest of you, c'mon, here's your big chance. This will be our largest gig ever, even bigger than last year. Any time or effort you can muster up will help greatly. Our lovely and talented Festival Chairperson, Derek Whiteside, has been feverishly ironing out the details as have the Festival Czars. We have a large number of brews to serve up, a great line up of music, and some really cool raffle stuff. As you all know the Food Share and SMART program will benefit from our efforts in addition to getting a little dough in our treasury for club fun stuff.

If you are unable to commit, OK, fine, at least play it up to all you know and help us get more folks through the door. Keep your eyes out for club e-mails, last minute requests and other important announcements as we work into the eleventh hour. Soon this will all be over for this year and I can quit nagging for festival workers. Then I'll start nagging for help with the PICNIC!!

By Derek Whiteside

Final steps are being taken in the planning and execution of the festival. The food vendors are on board; the band lineup (now 4 strong) is solidified; the entry deadline is now officially past. I don't have any real sense of our entry numbers yet, but we have almost twice the number of online entries that we've had in any other year; this seems (?) like a good sign. Joel has secured 21 different kegged beers at this point-- I think we'll have at least 24 at the festival. I'm meeting with the OSU Fermentation Science club next week; I hope they'll agree to have a booth at the fest, but if not, they are at least going to give us some help the day of the event. The OSU Fermentation Science Department (not club) is going to provide us with some "aroma standards" to use instead of a "calibration beer" for judge training; this should be great! We hope to have these standards around for others to sample throughout the weekend as well. Thanks to all who have volunteered and contributed thus far; if you still want to get involved, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. Last: Who has a "pile driver" for pounding in metal fence posts? We'll need at least one of these for Friday the 14th for fence installation. Can one of you who has volunteered to be on the fence crew step up and be the "fence boss?" Someone has understand the plan and call the shots, and I'm hoping it won't be me. Also, we need ice chests... probably a dozen of them to keep beer cold for judging; medium-size (playmate) would be ideal. Please bring these to the shop, labeled with your name, if you can spare one for a couple of weeks. Last thing: can anyone commit to make a trip to PDX on Friday the 14th to pick up our glassware? Thanks! I have some 1-page flyers to promote the festival here at the shop. Please stop by if you can think of a good place to display one! Don't forget to tell your friends, coworkers, etc about the festival as well! Thanks to all who have been helping out and making themselves available... let me know (derek@whitesides.biz) if you have any ideas, comments, think we're forgetting something, etc...


HOTV membership dues are now only $15. If you haven't paid up for the 2004, please see Scott Leonard, and bring your checkbook. Cash also gladly accepted.

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Oregon Homebrew Festival (HOTV sponsored), May 15, BJCP sanctioned event. You should know all the details by now.

Edmonton Homebrewers Guild 2004 Aurora Brewing Challenge, Edmonton, Alberta, June 3-5. This event is sanctioned by the BJCP and is an MCAB qualifier. The 5 most popular and difficult to judge styles will be split: European Pale Lagers, Bitter and English Pale Ales, American Pale Ales, Brown Ales and Stouts. Expanding these classes from five to ten provides more recognition and more awards to the top placings. This will have no effect on MCAB qualifiers. More information will be available soon from Competition Chair Glen Hannah at www.ehg.ca.

The Beerfest, 13th Annual, Santa Rosa, CA, June 5. More than 35 Northern California microbrews and lots of food. Tickets include all tastings, $28 in advance/$32 day of event. For more info: www.monitor.net/beerfest

Portland International Beer Festival, Northpark Blocks in the Pearl District, July 9-11, $20 includes 10 beer tix or 15 beer tix at Happy Hour, additional tix $1, for more info: www.portland-beerfest.com

Seattle Beerfest, Seattle Center Mural Ampitheater, July 30-Aug 1, more than 120 beers from 20 countries. $20 includes 10 beer tix or 15 beer tix at Happy Hour, additional tix $1, for more info: www.seattlebeerfest.com

Great Canadian Beer Festival, Victoria, BC, September 11, 40 breweries from Canada and the PNW. $20 admission, 4oz samples $1, for more info: www.gcbf.com


Here is the latest list for AHA Club-only competitions. Dave Benson will be coordinating mailings of HOTV's top beer to these categories. There is plenty of lead time for everything listed (except the mead but maybe you've got one or two stashed in your basement). Bring your entries to the club meeting indicated, and our top-notch judges will choose the best entry for sending in.

August '04 Wheat beer Bring to July meeting
September Smoked beer
Nov/Dec '04 IPA

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