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February 2004

VICE-PRESIDENT: Matt Arsenault
TREASURER: Scott Leonard


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, February 18, at 7:00 p.m., hosted by  Paul Jensen.

Directions to Paul's house: From anywhere except Lebanon and points East: Take Hwy 20 Eastbound, over I-5 to the traffic light at the Coastal Farm store. Make a Left turn at this light onto Goldfish Farm Road. Travel 4/10 mile. You will pass Christopher Road. Paul's house is the last one on the right. If you go too far, all you'll see is ryegrass fields. Address: 715 Goldfish Farm Road. Phone: 928-4477.

Meeting preview: Decisions/discussions to include Seattle pub crawl (see Prez Corner below) and OHF homebrew/microbrew (see Derek's update below). If you would like to enter a mead in AHA's Club Only Competition, please bring it to this February meeting. Our superior judges will choose the best to send on.


Thanks to Laurel Hoffman for hosting the January HOTV meeting at Corvallis Brewing Supply/Whiteside's Beer and Wine (and thanks guys for opening your shop after hours). Dave Benson, our brew education guru, familiarized us with off  flavors and aromas by spiking a neutral beer with compounds producing characteristics to avoid in your homebrew. Dave had just attended a seminar at OSU on the subject sponsored by the Oregon Brew Crew. If our membership is interested, OSU's brewing instructor Jeff Clawson could present a similar workshop for HOTV. Scott Caul and Dave Benson are organizing the long-awaited Seattle pub crawl train excursion. An additional pub crawl, to more traditional destinations (Eugene, coast or Western Valley?), will be later in the year. OHF planning will get underway shortly. Derek Whiteside (Fest Chair) called the first OHF meeting for Jan 28. Scott Bruslind's offer to run IBU's on member's beers still stands. It was suggested that those interested group their beers in a batch around mid-March so that results are back in time for OHF decisions. Any proceeds would go to a charity of Helen Smith's choice. Club equipment is now being housed and lovingly watched over by Joel Rea at the shop. If you need to borrow something please stop by or phone Joel regarding availability.

By Scott Caul

MMMMMM...BEER! Just poured one, uh oh, keg's feeling light, time to brew...

Another good reason to brew is all the upcoming competitions. Our club did pretty well last year, a lot of ribbons were taken by our members throughout the state. Lets see how we can do this year. I guess I've been a pretty poor example since I haven't entered anything in a couple years. But I think it's time to find out if my brews are as good as I think. I could use some more ribbons to keep my one and only company on the wall. So I'm gonna crank some out and scrub out my old dusty bottles and see what happens. Hope you all do too. The competition season also brings ample opportunity to judge or attend other club's functions. Its a great way to spend a day cavorting with fellow brewers, critiquing other's creations, win raffle stuff, or just hang out and meet some new friends. There's always someone looking to carpool from our club to any number of events, just watch your e-mail or send an inquiry to the membership at large. I'm sure most of us know, but for you newbies, hotv@peak.org  will send a message to everyone in the club. Just keep it beer related.

Did someone say pub crawl? At the last meeting, we decided to make the trek to Seattle for a weekend. Amtrak would get us to and fro, public transportation and feet will get us around up there. Currently we're looking at the weekend of March 13 and 14. Contact me if you want to be counted in. Dave Benson and myself will be ironing out the details very soon so let me know immediately if you want in. What's that you say? How about a pub crawl for those of who can't spare a weekend? Well, that also came up at the last meeting. Although not much was resolved. We certainly can do a local crawl, spring, summer, fall or winter. Whenever, really. Some of us have great ideas for a path to take, but we need someone who would like to spearhead the project. Anyone out there want to set up a local pub crawl? I always seem to get us lost...

Finally, if you have not yet paid your dues, please do so. You can mail a check to Scott Leonard or bring it to the next meeting. Thanks for reading all this, happy brewing!

By Derek Whiteside

Planning is underway for the 22nd Oregon Homebrew Festival. In fact, planning is also underway for the Microbrew festival as well: that's right, the festival committee has decided to put on the microbrew festival for a second year. We held a festival committee meeting on Wednesday, January 28th, and much was decided. Here is a recap of some of the decisions.

  • The main festival will be held on May 15th (Saturday). As in previous years, we will also do some judging the night before, on the 14th.
  • We will re-arrange the floor plan to avoid some of the "traffic jams" of last year.
  • We are in the process of establishing a separate email list for festival planning discussions. Please email me (derek@whitesides.biz) if you'd like to be on the email list.
  • We are hoping to offer some really cool best of show prizes (at minimum), and possibly prizes for each category.
  • We will improve accounting and cash-handling and beer portion control and token stealage and ...
  • We will have a number of "bosses" or "czars" for specific areas of responsibility. Some of those roles are already filled! Here is a list:
Food Czar (vendors, judge lunch): Scott Caul
Door Czar (admission, tokens, shirts, etc): Jazmin Sanchez
Raffle Czar (obtaining donations, etc): Joel Rea and Matt Arsenault
Web Czar (web pages, forms, online entry): Beto Zuniga
Draft Czar (getting beer, setting up beer, tech support): Joel Rea and Matt Arsenault (help from Scott Caul)
Judge Coordinator Czar: Ron Hall!
Registrar Czar: Dave and Stine Benson
Entry Pick-up Czar: Doug Goeger
Music/Sound Czar: Scott Leonard
Copy Czar: Paul Jorgensen
Publicity Czarina: Laurel Hoffman
Other volunteers:
Jesse Muratli
Chris Zelazek
John Sterner
Travis Nye

I really appreciate people stepping forward to participate in the planning and execution of the festival. I think we are building a great team of folks who will put on the best festival ever, anywhere!

We could still use some help! We don't yet have a head steward, which is a very important job... there are also other, smaller jobs that need filling, and there will be more as time marches on. If you are inclined to participate, please let me know and we'll figure something out.

Thanks again to all who have volunteered so far.


Congratulations to Ron Hall. He now hold the lofty National Level BJCP title. Ron qualified for National status by passing the BJCP tasting exam with flying colors.

Great job Ron!!!


HOTV membership dues are now only $15. If you haven't paid up for the new year, please see Scott Leonard, and bring your checkbook. Cash also gladly accepted


Slurp & Burp, April 3. BJCP sanctioned event. Corvallis Brewing Supply is a drop-off location, deadline March 24. Entry forms are available at Joel's and also online. If you've entered before, you should have got one in the mail.

Edmonton Homebrewers Guild 2004 Aurora Brewing Challenge, Edmonton, Alberta, June 3-5. This event is sanctioned by the BJCP and is an MCAB qualifier. The 5 most popular and difficult to judge styles will be split: European Pale Lagers, Bitter and English Pale Ales, American Pale Ales, Brown Ales and Stouts. Expanding these classes from five to ten provides more recognition and more awards to the top placings. This will have no effect on MCAB qualifiers. More information will be available soon from Competition Chair Glen Hannah at www.ehg.ca.

Oregon Homebrew Festival (HOTV sponsored), May 15, BJCP sanctioned event. Brew, brew and brew so that you have some good stuff to enter to support our club.

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Here is the latest list for AHA Club-only competitions. Dave Benson will be coordinating mailings of HOTV's top beer to these categories. There is plenty of lead time for everything listed (except the meadbut maybe you've got one or two stashed in your basement). Bring your entries to the club meeting indicated, and our top-notch judges will choose the best entry for sending in.

April '04 Mead Bring to Feb meeting
May '04 Extract brew for any BJCP category Bring to April meeting
August '04 Wheat beer Bring to July meeting
September Smoked beer
Nov/Dec '04 IPA

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