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April 2004

VICE-PRESIDENT: Matt Arsenault
TREASURER: Scott Leonard


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 21, at 7:00 p.m., at the home of Ron Hall and Jenny Miller, 38945 Trillium Lane. To spark the interest of those who may not attend meetings as often as others, there will be an Easter Beer Hunt (just like an Easter Egg Hunt) starting at 7:15pm. At least a dozen beers will be placed in the 2.5 acres of woods around Ron's house for your good hunting. There will also be a "golden" beer of special interest. There will be a 15-20 minute time limit. Business meeting preview: OHF; this will be our last monthly meeting before the 2004 OHF/Microbrew Fest. Derek will lead the discussion and fill us in on last minute details.

Directions: From Corvallis or Albany, make your way to Adair Village. On 99W about 0.3 mile north of Adair Village, turn left on Tampico Road. Go 3 miles west on Tampico and turn right on Trillium Lane, just before Tampico turns to gravel. Ron Hall and Jenny Miller's is 38945 Trillium Lane, the first driveway on the right. Lost souls may call 745-7062.

Meeting preview: OHF; this will be our last monthly meeting before the 2004 OHF/Microbrew Fest. Details will be discussed. Slurp & Burp outcomes.


Gene Gregg hosted the March 17 meeting with a fun evening of food, music and all around good times. It was a "Once Again Wednesday, so Oregon Trader beers were just $2. Gene provided a quiet space in his warehouse for us to hold the business part of the meeting. Derek updated us on OHF/Microbrew Fest happenings. Everyone was urged to cast their ballot for a charity to which some of our proceeds will be donated.


For those of you not making it to Seattle this year, mark your calendars for next year. Everyone attending agrees it is a must-do annual event. Twelve club members (President Scott Caul, Paul Jensen, Jerry Malloy, John Sterner, Dave & Stine Bensen, Jazmin Sanchez, Travis Nye, Sam Holmes, Scott Leonard and Doug & Mare Goeger) made the trek, some by train, others by car. We rendezvoused at the La Quinta Inn where the majority of us were staying. Those arriving on Friday hit a few places that evening; Gordon Biersch and Kell's. On Saturday, we jumped on the city bus and started in at Hale's Ales where we ate lunch and tasted a wide selection of brews. Their Belgian Trippel was quite good. Webmaster and longtime member Beto Zuniga, who lives in Seattle (at least till the summer) met us at Hales. Dave calculated, albeit a little late since everyone had already ordered pints, that it was cheapest to get their taster beers.

Next we moved on by foot to Maritime, a small hole-in-the-wall type place that had a fantastic set up. We were treated to a tour by lead brewer Chris Hemminger. Some of their production practices were a little questionable, such as storing beer outside in big container boxes, but it apparently worked for them since they couldn't brew batches fast enough to keep up with demand. They were marketing a lot of their beers through the local Fred Meyer stores. We caught another bus, taking us back into downtown Seattle where we had a pint at the very cramped Gordon Biersch (pretty much the same styles at every Gordon Biersch we've visited) and then walked uphill to Elysian. You can look it up in the dictionary if you want to know how to pronounce it. They had a long list of very tasty beers and a good dinner menu. Try their sampler of 6 tastes to get an idea of what you might want more of. Jerry, John, Paul and Scott took off before the rest of the group. They had tickets for Dr. John at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, right near the motel. The rest of us stayed a while longer at the Elysian, and were joined by Beto's wife, Ann.

The walk back to the motel was downhill, so we managed that ok. The next morning we met at the Pike Pub for a wake-up, and trudged on to Fado', an Irish pub for Guinness and Smithwick's Ale. This place was crammed with post-race runners and walkers who had taken part in a Henry Weinhard's St. Patrick's Day race. The crawl wound up at Pyramid for lunch and brew before train time to head back to the Valley.

By Scott Caul

Happy spring! The skies are clearing, the flowers are blooming, the allergic are sneezing and wheezing! The garage is cluttered with garden tools and winter stuff that needs to be put away. Man, all this stuff is in the way for brewing. I guess that's why we need spring cleaning, to get all the crap out of the way so we can brew! Plenty of summer lawn mowin' beers ahead. Speaking of brewing, as I mentioned at the last meeting, Jeff Clawson has invited us to OSU to brew a batch in their pilot plant. He will augment our brew session with a full diagnostic of what's happening with the brew throughout the process. It will be well worth it for those of us who wish to dive ever deeper into beer geekdom. Not only that, we will all take home a carboy of our own to enjoy. I have pinpointed a couple dates with Jeff that could work out well. Sunday, April 18th (I know, short notice) or Sunday, May 2nd. Otherwise it would be best to wait until after the festival weekend. Not that there's any hurry. Please let me know if you're interested and, if so, which of these dates work. Once we get the date nailed down, we can figure out what to brew. Details, details... So clear all that junk out of the way and get ready for springtime brewing. Lets get some new knowledge and get ourselves stocked up for summer, we're going to get thirsty... Looks like the festival preparations are coming along nicely. Our "czars" are making progress and Derek is probably wondering what he was thinking when he took the festival chair! Just kidding, he's doing a bang up job getting all the ducks in a row. Lets not forget there are still a lot of things that need to be done. As always, we will have need for stewards, judges, door people, clean up crew, etc. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to help out, there will be requests from our various czars and I hope we can all pitch in to make this a Festival to remember. That's all I have this month, hope to see you at the next meeting, sounds like it'll be fun!

By Derek Whiteside

Festival planning is rolling along... lots of details to be attended to, but things are going along pretty well. Some recent developments: Karen Caul has volunteered to be our Head Steward, so we have a capable, dedicated, and willing member to fill this important role. We need lots of assistant stewards, so please consider volunteering for a shift! Contact Karen if you can help (tela92@comcast.net). At the Festival Committee meeting on the 31st, the assembled group approved a proposal that Joel and I advanced: Corvallis Brewing Supply and Whiteside's Beer and Wine will pay 2/3 of the cost of the festival glassware, allowing us to place our logos on one side of the glass, where Widmer had its logo last year. This sponsorship will save the club close to 1500.00, and (hopefully) will benefit Joel and me as well!

As I mentioned in an email to the club, the 2004 festival website is live; thanks so much to Beto for putting it all together. You can find information, packets, forms, and online tools to make it easier to submit your entries, sign up to be a judge, and much more! You _are_ planning on entering beer this year, right? The entry deadline is May 1, so get busy... www.hotv.org/fest2004

If you are wondering what you can do to help with the festival, let me know by sending me an email. There will be lots to do the week of the festival, and I'll keep a list of folks who want to help out to be used later.

Questions? Comments? Think we're forgetting something? Let me know... derek@whitesides.biz. Cheers!


Thanks to everyone who helped with litter pick-up on Highway 20 in March. And that means Paul Jensen, Jim Cantey, Jerry Malloy, John Sterner, Frank Spirek, Doug & Mare Goeger and long-time club member but new to litter patrol Mike Connors. Also included in the BIG THANK YOU is Dave Wills and the Oregon Trail Brewery who graciously donated a party pig of Ginsing Porter to the cause. We picked up 29 bags of trash and other assorted items too large to fit in the bags. If you drove Hwy 20 on March 20th, you probably saw us out there. So why were you zooming by and not joining in? Our next pick-up is scheduled for June. How about giving us a hand.


HOTV membership dues are now only $15. If you haven't paid up for the new year, please see Scott Leonard, and bring your checkbook. Cash also gladly accepted.

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Spring Beer and Wine Fest, Portland's Oregon Convention Center, April 9 & 10, noon-11p, $5 admission, $3 souvenir mug, $6 glass, $1 taste tokens, for more info: www.springbeerfest.com

Oregon Homebrew Festival (HOTV sponsored), May 15, BJCP sanctioned event. If you haven't yet started that award-winning brew, get busy. Times-a-wasting.

Edmonton Homebrewers Guild 2004 Aurora Brewing Challenge, Edmonton, Alberta, June 3-5. This event is sanctioned by the BJCP and is an MCAB qualifier. The 5 most popular and difficult to judge styles will be split: European Pale Lagers, Bitter and English Pale Ales, American Pale Ales, Brown Ales and Stouts. Expanding these classes from five to ten provides more recognition and more awards to the top placings. This will have no effect on MCAB qualifiers. More information will be available soon from Competition Chair Glen Hannah at www.ehg.ca.

Portland International Beer Festival, Northpark Blocks in the Pearl District, July 9-11, $20 includes 10 beer tix or 15 beer tix at Happy Hour, additional tix $1, for more info: www.portland-beerfest.com


Here is the latest list for AHA Club-only competitions. Dave Benson will be coordinating mailings of HOTV's top beer to these categories. There is plenty of lead time for everything listed (except the meadbut maybe you've got one or two stashed in your basement). Bring your entries to the club meeting indicated, and our top-notch judges will choose the best entry for sending in.

May '04 Extract brew for any BJCP category Bring to April meeting August '04 Wheat beer Bring to July meeting September Smoked beer

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