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September 2003

Scott Caul
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Scott Leonard
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Mare Goeger
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Lee Smith
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Ron Hall
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Joel Rea
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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. However, this September meeting will be held at noon, Saturday, September 20 at the Oregon Trail Brewery, 341 SW 2nd in Corvallis. Important topics to be discussed will include the direction the club will take in the future, pre-planning for the 2004 Oregon Homebrew Festival and initial pre-election discussion of club offices open for next year.

Directly following the meeting, any club member who is interested, is invited to join in brewing a big batch of beer at the Oregon Trail. Bring carboys and some cash for ingredients. One of the fried turkeys leftover from the August picnic will be available for making sandwiches.

Additionally, this month's Club Only Competition is for specialty, experimental, and historical beers. Anyone wanting to enter this competition should bring a bottle of homebrew fitting this category to the meeting. Our BJCP experienced people will be asked to judge the best of our club's to be sent on to the next level. You will need at least 2 other bottles to send off to be judged by the hosting club. Let's try to have a couple of entries!


Nothing like a picnic on a clear, warm August afternoon. Lots of good eats and brew abounded with time to visit with folks that we don't get to see that often. Some drove a fur piece to get there, like Kendall Staggs, Shannon O'Boyle, Ron & Beth Thomas and Dick and Helen Blankenship. Many thanks to the special cooks (too numerous to name individually) who worked on providing fried turkeys, fried green tomatoes, BBQ'd corn on the cob and those yummy BBQ'd oysters. And then there were games. Games for kids and games for big people who'd maybe had a beer, like the egg toss. Two rows of people tossing eggs back and forth to each other, ever so gently. The distance between the rows increased with each round, and those partners not being careful enough with their eggs were eliminated. In the end, Royal Willard and Ron Hall were the winning team. I think they got to keep the egg.


Doesn't time fly? It's time again for litter pick-up on Hwy 20. This quarter, we will meet at Hyak Park on Saturday, October 4 at 11am. Anyone interested in volunteering for this fine community service event can contact Mare Goeger.

should that be Goofing Around?

Competition was stiff as two threesomes took to the prestigious Marysville Golf Course in Corvallis, as a pre-picnic event. The group of 5 men and 1 woman drew accolades from other golfers as they drove down the highly manicured fairways and sunk unbelievable putts on the smooth, fast greens. The tree hazards lining the fairways posed no problem to the amateurs, soon to turn pro. Final scores after nine holes were close, with President Caul and John Sterner tying for first place with Derek Whiteside close behind. The other threesome played by more conventional rules (none of this single digit rule stuff), causing Ron Hall to take 4th place with Mare and Doug Goeger as the dregs. Just wait till next year.

By Dave Benson

Hmmmm... sounds appetizing,
Dave. But read on:

While that might not sound like a good thing to most, this is a great opportunity for people in the club to learn about potential problems in beer and become better judges. Thanks to the efforts or Royal Willard, our previous president, Flavor-Activ gave the club a kit with contaminated flavors in it. I've been sitting on this kit for a while and it's time we brought this out and gave our senses a kick. There are a total of 12 off flavors in the kit, and I have grouped them into 3 different categories, trying to keep like flavors together. Starting next month at the meeting we will sample one of the groups and do the next two at the following meetings. We will put the flavors in a low hopped, low malt beer, to best bring out the off flavor (like a blonde ale, or the like).

Bacteria in Fermentation: Fecal or cooked corn
Insufficient boiling: Cooked corn, nuts
Poor yeast health: Apples, eggs

Bacteria in mash: Vinegar, baby vomit
Acetic acid bacteria: Vinegar
Metal contamination: Tinny, blood like

Wild yeast: Clove, plastic
Old hops: Cheesy, sweatsocks
Papery: Cardboard

After these are done, I will try to do something at each of the meetings that is a learning event for the club. Any suggestions of what you would like to do let me know.

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9/20 HOTV meeting (noon) & brewing opportunity, Oregon Trail, Corvallis

9/20 Deadline for entering Newport Microbrew Festival (CBS is a drop-off)

9/25-27 Great American Beer Festival, Denver, CO

10/4 HOTV Litter Pick-up

10/10-11 Newport Microbrew Festival, Rogue Brewery, Newport, $6

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