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October 2003

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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 15, 7:00 p.m., at the home of Derek and Sarah Whiteside, 1510 SW Takena Street in Albany.

Directions: From Corvallis, take Hwy 20 east and follow it through downtown Albany. Take a right on 9th Street. Takena is about 8 blocks down; turn left, and continue 4 to 6 blocks. Their house is on the corner of 15th and Takena. Alternate directions: From Corvallis, take Hwy 34 east until Oakville Road north (about 5 miles); there is a flashing yellow light at the intersection. Turn left, and drive about 5 miles into Albany. Oakville Road magically turns into Queen Avenue. Turn left on Takena (in front of the West Albany High School sign), and their house is one block down on the left hand side. Nominations will be taken for the coming year's club officers. AHA Club-Only Competition beers (see below) will be judged and the winner sent on. Just one member contributed to this event last month. If you have a Koelsch or Altbier, bring it to the meeting for a critique and it just might be chosen to compete at the next level. And don't miss the first of Dave Benson's Off-flavor instructional sessions.

Dave Benson & Frank Spirek

Entries for the November competition, Koelsch and Altbier, are due in Culver City, CA by November 14. That means we should hold our club's taste-off during our next meeting. Barleywine is December. A couple bottles from the whiskey barrel baeleywine would represent our club very well!


Thanks to Dave Wills, of Oregon Trail Brewery fame, who invited our club to learn first-hand what brewing is like on a microbrewery scale. All members who attended and helped brew a giant batch of IPA, which included picking & picking & picking fresh hops, was offered 5 gallons to take home. President Caul managed to call a short meeting to order during which the 2004 Oregon Homebrew Festival, upcoming club nominations and the direction the club should be taking were discussed. Beer to drink, appetizers and lunch rounded out this full day.

Scott Caul

The second annual Hop Madness Festival was held at the Willamette Mission State park just outside of Salem surrounded by some of the state's finest hop farms. Members and friends of all the Homebrew clubs in the valley came out for a fun filled weekend. Several varieties of fresh hops were available to all for brewing, sniffing, wearing, and throwing at each other. About ten or twelve batches of brew were made in the great outdoors as some brought out their entire all-grain brewing systems while others kept it simple with extract. I can't wait to get mine kegged and ready! As the day rolled on, tours of the hop fields and farms were held and many of us went along to witness the process and get in a little HOP SWIMMING! When the sun went down the fire was stoked, the beer was flowing and "Los Mex Pistols" cranked out some super fun music. Joel Rea and Derek Whiteside were the last to brew around the campfire, but they weren't done yet. At midnight, they broke out the grill and served up a ton of chili dogs to the hungry crowd! The fun went on into the wee hours of the night and coffee was a valuable commodity on Sunday morning. Somehow, one of the hop farmer's harvest trucks was "stolen" and left by the campground overnight causing some confusion. No damage was done and the farmer was finally calmed down and all ended well. Hopefully there will be another "Hop Madness" next year, if there is, it shouldn't be missed!

By Mare Goeger

Six thirsty litter-picker-uppers took to Highway 20 on Saturday, October 4. Our section of the road this quarter was exceptionally trashy. Frank Spirek, Ron Sharman, John Sterner, Dave Benson and Doug & Mare Goeger collected 28 VERY full bags of litter along with 4 additional piles of stuff that wouldn't even fit in the bags. However, as a surprise treat, that little beer elf Dave Benson hid some extra special bottles of microbrews along the stretch. The eagle eyes of these litter collectors spotted every single one and got to take home (or drink as they trudged) their bounty. When we all made it back to Hyak Park, there were more refreshments in the form of a party pig full of Oregon Trail Brown Ale, complements of Dave Wills at Oregon Trail Brewery.

Scott Caul

Autumn is upon us again. Another summer has passed leaving memories and a lot of empty bottles and kegs. Now is the time to start cranking out the winter brews! The seasonal offerings of the big breweries will hit the shelves any day now, but we can do better. We'll be brewing up our "Snow Plow" soon for the Christmas party. Keep your eyes open for the brew day announcement. This year we will have a small competition to bring in a new recipe for "Snow Plow", so start brewing, you could be the next "Plow King"! We will be nominating people for club positions at the upcoming meeting. This will be important, especially the Festival Chairperson(s). If we want to pull off another Fest like this year, we will need dedicated members to step up and make it happen. There seems to be a general consensus that we want to do it again, however it may prove impossible if we don't have the committee firmly in place soon. If you are interested in taking a leading role in our club, please come to the meeting, or ask someone who will be there to nominate you. Some time during the next couple months, all members will receive a survey. We'll be trying to figure out exactly what you think of the club, it's functions, and it's future. I'm currently putting together some questions that will hopefully cover all the bases. If you have any thoughts or ideas of things to include in the survey, please let me know. As for last month's meeting, a big THANKS is in order for Dave Wills. We all cranked out a big and potentially tasty "Hop Harvest IPA" at the Oregon Trail Brewery. We all had a good time picking hops and helping out with the process. In return for our labors, those in attendance are now sitting on a carboy full of the hoppy brew. If yours is ready by the next meeting, bring some to sample and compare. Some of us used our own yeast, while others used the house yeast pitched at the brewery. I'm sure some of us are dry hopping as well. It'll be interesting to compare the differences. Thanks again, Dave! Let's do it again next year! That's all I have for now. Please consider taking a position in the upcoming election, we need members to keep active in order to keep things moving and keep it fun. See you all at the meeting!


Thirty (30) beers were entered in this year's event.

Best of Show
Frank J. Spirek of Corvallis, OR (HOTV) received Best of Show for his "Leipziger Gose" Beer. This is a German style beer made from coriander, salt and wheat. It was first made in the 1700's. The recipe was lost during WWII and recently resurfaced to claim this special recognition as the Best of Show in the Newport Microbrew Festival Homebrew Competition.

For all homebrew festival results visit: http://www.newportchamber.org/microbrew/

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  • 10/10-11 Newport Microbrew Festival, Rogue Brewery, Newport, $6
  • 10/15 HOTV October meeting, home of Derek & Sarah Whiteside, Albany
  • 10/18 Deep Valley Brew Festival, California
  • 10/25 WA Cask Beer Festival, Seattle
  • 11/19 HOTV November meeting, location TBA
  • 12/5-7 Holiday Ale Festival, Portland, celebrates release of the region's
    25 craft-brewed winter ales, $3 for empty mug then $3/12oz or $1/3oz.
  • 12/? HOTV Holiday Party
  • 12/? HOTV Winter Litter Pick-up

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