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March 2003

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Scott Leonard
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Mare Goeger
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Lee Smith
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Ron Hall
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Joel Rea
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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on March 19 at the home of Paul Jensen. This is the first time Paul has hosted, so you will probably need to pay attention to the following directions.

From anywhere except Lebanon and points East: Take Hwy 20 Eastbound, over I-5 to the traffic light at the new Coastal Farm store (store is on the right). Make a Left turn at this light onto Goldfish Farm Road. Travel 4/10 mile. You will pass Christopher Road. Paul's house is the last one on the right. If you go too far, all you'll see is ryegrass fields. Address: 715 Goldfish Farm Road. Phone: 928-4477.


Many thanks to President Scott Caul for hosting the February meeting. For those of you who attended the meeting at Scott's last summer and remember having to make a beer run, there was more than enough beer to go around this time. Those arriving in time had the opportunity to sample the Mill Creek Classic's Best of Show, brewed by HOTV member Ingeborg Reed. Outstanding job, Ingeborg! Our president had a tough time dragging folks away from the table to lend an ear to the formal meeting. Announcements included the official cancellation of a proposed Seattle pub crawl, lackluster interest in a Portland pub crawl (don't have a panic attack; see article below) and the usual request for dues to be current. All Mill Creek winners were congratulated. Mention was made that HOTV alone made up the panel judging Best of Show. The club's holiday ale, SnowPlow, didn't fare too well, scoring an average of 26.5 points from 2 judges (both apprentice/novice). Ingeborg had the highest HOTV score at Mill Creek, thereby winning a $35 gift certificate from Joel for future purchases at Corvallis Brewing Supply. President Caul would like to hold another Big Brew. Nobody showed up at his last one, so he now has 25 gallons all to himself. Scott's next Big Brew would be a good opportunity for extract brewers to learn 'all grain' techniques. The date for this event is yet to be determined. The remainder of the meeting focused on our upcoming festival (article below).

excerpted from www.beertown.org

American Beer Month

Discover the Flavors of Independence tm

A core committee of volunteers from the brewing community poured over hundreds of suggestions for a new American Beer Month campaign slogan before cultivating one of their own. Core committee members are: Sebbie Buhler-Rogue Ales, Ed Canty-Florida Brewers Guild, Tomme Arthur-Pizza Port - Solana Beach Brewery, Paul Gatza-Association of Brewers - Institute for Brewing Studies.

"We put a lot of effort into this decision as did all those folks who submitted suggestions. We're very excited about the slogan and the fresh launch of a new message and energy for American Beer Month's 2003 campaign, " comments Sebbie Buhler, American Beer Month committee member and Sales Strategist for Rogue Ales.

Cindy Jones, Sales and Marketing Director for the Association of Brewers breaks down the slogan: Discover was chosen because it implies a journey or exploration; Flavors was selected because it represents the concept of the diversity of American brewing and reminds people that beer is a beverage with taste; Independence ties in the month of July and that American brewers are entrepreneurs.

New poster and sticker designs will be created to reflect the new campaign. Promotional materials will first be available at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America¨ in New Orleans, May 7-10, 2003. For the second year in a row, a silent auction will be held at the conference, benefiting American Beer Month. Donations are now being accepted and will be listed on the www.beertown.org and www.americanbeermonth.com in early April.

We will again be offering ways to participate, artwork that can be downloaded, press release for festivals, breweries and others to use in the promotion of their events and listing events around the country that are celebrating American Beer Month and much more.

Requests for promotional materials and to get events listed should be directed to Monica Tall (monica@aob.org) at the Association of Brewers.


The last communiqué that I have received indicated that the HOTV pub crawl will be held on Sunday, March 16. The bus (big/small/in-between?) will head toward Portland on a route yet to be determined. Cost could be $20-25, depending on attendance etc. etc. Anyone interested in joining the group, who hasn't already contacted Scott Caul, should do so ASAP to reserve a space. Friends, relatives and hangers-on are most welcome.

By Joel Rea

The 21st Annual Oregon Homebrew Festival and Coming of Age Blow out Birthday Bash planning is well underway! As a recap, recall that there are two distinct operations here: The competition and the party. Ron Hall is our fearless leader for the competition aspect. We have (had?) a meeting on Wednesday the 5th to get all of our ducks lined up. The big push immediately facing us will be the first mailing and distributing entry forms. If you are not judging at the competition but would like to assist that weekend in making things happen please contact one of the following people: Ingeborg Reed is head steward and could use lots of peeps for help! Kendall Staggs will be present to lead judge training and to keep us all in stitches with his newly found Utahan wit. Beto Zuniga has been graciously working the website and editing our mailout. Ron Hall is Festival Director and is looking for a few good judges!

As far as the Birthday Bash is concerned, well, where to begin. Currently we are lacking a major sponsor. Times are tough and nobody is stepping forward with financial assistance. It'll be an interesting road we travel down but one none too muddy. Widmer Brothers are supporting us with glassware at cost, a keg or two for the beer garden and a few raffle items. We also have Rogue Ales, Oregon Trail and Steelhead brewery. Club member Charlie Gilson will also be present with his Pheasant Court winery to supply folks who don't want beer with some great wine. There is lots more peeps out there I have yet to contact and the party gifts shall be quite diverse and ample.

The timeline. This is how I envision the weeks leading up to the festival and the day of the festival:

May 3rd: Deadline for dropping off entries May 6 and 7: Pick up entries, donated goods and raffle items. Also catalog entries May 9, 10 and 11: Early judging. The early start of the birthday bash on the 17th means that as a club we will need to have the bulk of the judging done long before the 17th May 16th: Judge training and first big judging session. Start promptly at 7 pm May 17th: Judging begins at 9:30 and if all goes to plan we are done by lunch at noon. Best of Show judging at 1 pm. Also at 1 pm the first raffle begins and shortly afterward awards. By 3 pm the doors officially open for the beer garden. 3 pm - 9 pm there will be the beer garden, music by 4 bands (yet signed in ink, but Scott Leonard is working on the lineup,) food venders, more raffles, homebrewing demonstrations and vender booths. Cake? After 9 pm the massive cleanup begins. Must be gone by midnight or else we will all turn into pumpkin beer!

By Scott Caul

The president is around. He doesn't have a corner this month.


All the following festivals are encouraging HOTV members to enter their homebrews and, if interested, to join in judging.

Slurp 'N Burp, March 29 at the Ram's Brewery in Salem Entry drop-off deadline is 3/24. Corvallis Brewing Supply is a drop-off.

KLCC Springfest Beer Garden and Homebrew Competition, March 28 & 29 If you're interested in going, Joel is headed that way to judge and sample some beers. Entry drop-off deadline is March 25. Corvallis Brewing Supply is a drop-off.

Oregon Homebrew Festival, May 16 & 17 at the Benton County Fairgrounds Entry drop-off deadline is 5/3. Corvallis Brewing Supply is a drop-off.


Attention all you makers of meads. A Michigan competition exclusively for meads will be judged on April 12, 2003. Entries are due by March 28. For entry information, forms etc. explore the website at www.mazercup.org.


To be held March 28 & 29 from 4-11pm at the Lane Events Center, 796 W 13th in Eugene. Admission is $10 which gets you a souvenir glass and 1 drink. Joel plans to go, so you might catch a ride with him.

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