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June 2003

Scott Caul
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Scott Leonard
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Mare Goeger
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Lee Smith
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Ron Hall
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Joel Rea
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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, June 18, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Lee and Helen Smith. Their address is 2190 Maier Lane in North Albany. Their phone number is 926-2286. Meeting highlight: 21st OHF beer entries for which all 3 bottles weren't used will be up for grabs. Be there on time for best selection.

Here are directions to Lee's house: From Corvallis: Take Highway 20 to Scenic Drive. Go left to Gibson Hill Road (stop sign). Go right to Skyline Drive. Go right to Maier Lane. Go left to the address sign on the tree (2190). Go right to last house. The parking lot attendant will direct you where to park.

From Albany: Take Highway 20 to North Albany Road. Turn right. North Albany Road curves left and becomes Gibson Hill Road. Go to Skyline Drive and turn left. Turn left at Maier Lane. Go right at the sign on the tree (2190). See above.


Wasn't the 21st Annual Festival enough? Who needed a meeting?

By Scott Caul

WOW! What a Festival! We packed in over 1000 people and had a blast. One ejection and a few complaints. All in all it was a success. Big thank-yous go out to all who stepped up and helped out, especially those who organized the whole thing; Joel Rea, and Ron Hall. Without their tireless efforts, we would have been up the creek. Joel is a bit burned out, so lets be extra nice to him...for a little while anyway, we don't want him to get too cocky or anything. Lee, as usual, has done a beautiful job with the books. We will discuss what to do with the funds at the next meeting. Both the Bob McCracken and Glen Falconer Foundations received nice donations from us this year. So with the festival out of the way, its time to start thinking about the picnic. We will be returning to Avery Park this year Saturday, August 16th. Lets get some ideas flowing, we need to make it special this year. I'm thinking GOLF! Since the park is adjacent to Marysville Golf Course, a pre-picnic tournament may be in order. I know not many of us are golfers, but who cares, we can go make fools of ourselves and give prizes for the worst and the best. We have time to get it together, so get me your ideas and mark your calendars. Finally, we need to follow up on the club brew we made a while back. Some time this month we should do it again, this time brewing more for the picnic. Those who were part of the first brew should contact me by e-mail so we can try to set up the next time, I'm pretty open. See you at the next meeting!


Our next clean-up outing will be on Saturday, June 21, at 11:00 AM. We'll meet at Hyak Park on Highway 20. We should all be back at the park by 1:30, ready for some refreshments. A plan has been devised with new start and stop points for each of the four segments. It should result in less maneuvering of the truck in and out of traffic as members are dropped off at the start points. If you would like to help out, e-mail Lee at leebrews@comcast.net, call 926-2286, or let me know at the June meeting.

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by Joel Rea

The 21st Annual Oregon Homebrew Festival and Microbrew Festival was a bigger and better hit than any of us imagined! We done good folks! Not only did we come out on the moneymaking end of things, but also we proved to the good folks of Corvallis that they are ready for bigger, better, beerier events! I'd like to set to the records that the Heart of the Valley Homebrewers have set a standard that will be most difficult to out-do! Congratulations! To all of you that pitched in and made things happen give yourself a big slap on the back! Special Thanks to Derek because without his side-by-side brainstorming and assistance my job would not have been quite as fun!!

The 21st Annual Oregon Homebrew Festival and Microbrew Festival did come out on top with more money than any other OHF ever. We are still paying off expenses and only Caribbean Lee really knows.

The success of the festival is to be followed up with the obvious question, "will we do it again next year?" I think that the obvious answer is "yes". There are a few aspects of this answer that first need to be evaluated.

  1. Role of the homebrew festival. The backbone of our existence is at stake in that I believe homebrew competitions, as a trend, are headed into a decline and lull in importance. If we decide to have an on-going competition with no microbrew festival then I believe that we need to re-evaluate how we hold such an event. The fairground rental is our biggest expense and we almost did not cover it this year. 240 entries seem like a lot and at $6.00 an entry it isn't enough to cover our hides! If you look at where the entries came from, less than 10% were derived from homebrew shops with the brewer having no affiliation to a homebrewing club. If you evaluate where the homebrewing club entries originated you will see that not only are the numbers as a whole down, but the club supporting its event is most likely to enter more beers than to any other club's event. So, HOTV entered more beers in its own event than it did to the Mill Creek Classic and vice-versa. The difficult task of the 22nd OHF Director will be to insure 300+ entries to our event. Bottom line, either we manage a really big 300+ event or a smaller 75-150 event. The middle ground has the potential to kill us.
  2. The future of a Corvallis Microbrew Festival: We were very popular May 17th! The only complaint we have been hearing is that there were too many people!! Not a bad problem considering the early stages of planning targeted 300-500 people. We lost tabs of heads, but it looks as if 1,000 - 1,100 people walked into the fairgrounds for a pint of beer! At this point I have no clear vision of what the next microbrew festival should be like. Two years ago I promised to be festival director through the 21st OHF and as of right now my hat is on the hook and I'm sitting in my Lazy Boy drinking a beer and waiting for the next volunteer to step up! I would volunteer again to be microbrew festival director, in a heartbeat, under this one strict circumstance. I will not be head of any committee. As a club, there needs to be more pre-fest involvement from more club members. It might be that it is not suited for HOTV to take on such a festival, but rather to perform a supporting roll. Perhaps the City of Corvallis/Chamber of Commerce/DCA/CIBA should organize it and take up the entire Riverfront Park and 5,000 people show up!

Time will tell and the heart of the Heart of the Valley Homebrewers will decide.

What are the committees, Joel? For future reference, before you dedicate yourself to leading a committee, remember that I recommend that you either be available at work to spend time on the phone/email, or that you burn up some vacation time because most people you will be contacting have similar day-time working schedules.

Homebrew Festival Co-Director
Head Steward
Head Judge
Raffle Acquisitioner
Homebrew club/retail store liaison
Lunch server
Microbrew Festival Co-Director
Brewery Co-coordinator / draft system set-up
Raffle Acquisitioner (may be same for Homebrew Festival)
Floor manager
Thank you letter writer
Media and promotions
Entertainment & soundserver

On a final note, Derek and I made our way down to the Wild Duck on May 31st for the Glen Fest Brewers dinner. During the night there was much praise for Glen and expressed sorrow for his passing. On behalf of HOTV we presented the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation with a check for $200. The Foundation is being set up to support brewers whose aim it is to obtain more education. The Eugene area breweries have always been very supportive of our event with their donation of beer and I believe our reciprocity of giving to the foundation was well received.

And, on a second final note, thanks HOTV for my massage!

Cheers, Joel

by Ron Hall

I am not sure I agree with all the opinions and facts presented in Joel's article. From the financial side, the homebrew competition gets saddled with all the rental and insurance costs of the joint festival, although it is true that it would struggle to make it on its own.

My strong opinion is that if we lose the homebrew aspect of the festival, there is little point in having it or our club involved. We are homebrewers first, and beer drinkers second. I don't know what we need to do to boost entries; maybe direct mailings to homebrewers would have helped, but I was afraid of the expense and the work involved. I think having the fest in the middle of April might help too, before everyone gets burned out on entering other contests.

courtesy of Dave Benson

Here is how HOTV stacked up against the other stiff competition at the 21st OHF Homebrew Competition:

By club, the number of 1st place ribbons won (and percentage of 1st place ribbons): HOTV, 10 (38.5%); Strange Brew, 5 (19.2%); Oregon Brew Crew, 2 (7.7%); Capitol Brewers, 2 (7.7%); Other clubs or no club, 7 (26.9%)

By club, the number of 2nd place ribbons won (and percentage of 2nd place ribbons): HOTV, 10 (40.0%); Strange Brew, 0 (0.0%); Oregon Brew Crew, 3 (12.0%); Capitol Brewers, 5 (20.0%); Other clubs or no club, 7 (28.0%)

By club, the number of 3rd place ribbons won (and percentage of 3rd place ribbons): HOTV, 7 (29.2%); Strange Brew, 6 (25.0%); Oregon Brew Crew, 0 (0.0%); Capitol Brewers, 2 (8.3%); Other clubs or no club, 9 (37.5%)

Great job to all who entered. It's not only winning a ribbon that counts. Quality feedback on your homebrew from festival judges may help in perfecting an award winning recipe for the next competition.

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