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This is the HOTV Brewsletter
July 2003

Scott Caul
(541) 57-1190
Scott Leonard
(541) 752-0780
Mare Goeger
(541) 928-5023
Lee Smith
(541) 926-2286
Ron Hall
(541) 745-7062 FESTIVAL DIRECTOR:
Joel Rea
(541) 758-1674


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 16, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Scott Leonard. His address is 2430 NW Hayes in Corvallis. His phone number is 752-0780. August picnic details will be discussed.

Here are directions to Scott's house:

From Corvallis: Go North on Kings Blvd. (away from campus), past Fred Meyer to Hayes (between Grant & Garfield) and turn left. The address is 2430 NW Hayes; it is a yellow house on the left, 3 houses West of 23rd St.

From Albany: Take Hwy 20 to the Circle Blvd. (HP) intersection, turning right on Circle. Follow Circle Blvd. to the Kings (Albertson's) intersection, turning left onto Kings. Turn right on Hayes (between Grant & Garfield). The address is 2430 NW Hayes; it is a yellow house on the left, 3 houses West of 23rd St.


Upholding an age-old tradition, the annual Leftover Beer Distribution Meeting was held at the home of Lee and Helen Smith. It isn't all that often you can go someplace and have somebody tell you to start grabbing beers and that none better be left in the garage when the last person goes home. With that mind set, folks fortified themselves with a hearty buffet supper graciously provided by Helen, and tackled the ominous task of removing 12 ounce beer bottles from Lee's place. The president attempted to call a short business meeting to order among all the chaos. Volunteer assignments for the annual picnic were filled and the date for an educational brew day was decided on (see below).

By Mare Goeger

Scott Caul held a brewing extravaganza in his driveway on Saturday, June 29. In addition to Prez Caul, Scott Leonard, John Sterner, Joel Rea, Mare Goeger, and cameo appearances by Scott Bruslind, John Campbell and several new wanna-be members brewed up 3 batches. For some of these folks it was a learning experience, for others a fun time to get together. Club members will be sampling the pilsner at the August picnic. Scott Leonard will have his stout on tap at the July meeting (see above). Scott Caul is saving his pale ale all for himself, as participants drained his garage frig dry as it was a warm day and all that brewing activity promoted a big thirst. So three cheers for the Prez for offering to host educational events like this one. May there be many more. Maybe someone else would like to step up and get something together next time.

By Lee Smith

With the weather forecaster unable to make up his mind, the situation seemed dicey, to say the least! But our group, Sarah Whiteside, Doug and Mare Goeger, Scott Caul, Paul Jensen, Paul Jorgensen and Lee Smith, knew best! In spite of showers near 11:00 AM, the skies cleared enough to give us about an hour and a half to scoop up 25 bags of trash and make it back to Hyak Park. Just as we began to gobble up the snacky stuff that Sarah brought, helped along with the pilsener that Prez Scott brewed and brought, the bottom just flat fell out! But does that cause a problem? Nope - just gather under a tree (no lightning, of course) or pile in the back of a covered truck bed and enjoy life. Luckily, the rain went away before our refreshments disappeared and we were able to dry out a little bit. This is what we called a Happy Ending. Can't wait for a dry September!

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By Lee Smith

Some of our newer members (older ones, too) might like to know a little of the history of our ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY program. We first applied to the Highway Department in July, 1994. Since most of our members routinely traveled Highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany, it was our hope to be assigned to a stretch somewhere within the 10 miles or so. This would make it convenient and a bit more personal, too. As no segments were available, we had to wait until late May, 1995 at which time a group demitted and we received their section.

HOTV was officially accepted by ODOT and we were assigned to work the stretch from mile point 5.38 to mile point 7.81, a total of 2.46 miles. Both sides bring our actual walking total to 4.92 miles. There were several requirements but the main one was that we commit to four clean-ups per year. Our turnout is usually in June, September, December and March, with only one weather cancellation in March of last year. Our first time out was June, 1995

Over the years, we have had 222 volunteer efforts from a club having a revolving membership of about 50 homebrewers. Each time out usually has six to eight good citizens present. And our take from the beginning is very close to 1000 bags of trash! Since public habits never change, I guess we have at least another 1000 bags waiting for us. But we have Hyak Park along our route and this is a nice place to prepare for the work. Best of all, itŐs a good place to gather when we are finished and are ready for some refreshments! Everyone is encouraged to share in this rewarding cause.

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