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January 2003

Scott Caul
(541) 752-8900
Scott Leonard
(541) 752-0780
Mare Goeger
(541) 928-5023
Lee Smith
(541) 926-2286
Ron Hall
(541) 745-7062 FESTIVAL DIRECTOR:
Joel Rea
(541) 758-1674


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on January 15 at the Oregon Trader Brewery. One of the many good reasons to attend this month is that our meeting falls on a "Once Again Wednesday", meaning Gene's great brews, usually priced at $3 are only $2. And his super special offerings such as RIOS and Thor's Hammer are $1 off!

The Oregon Trader Brewery is located at 140 Hill Street, in Albany, at the corner of Hill and Water Streets. From Corvallis via Highway 20, cross the bridge into Albany and turn left on 2nd Street. Proceed until you cross a set of railroad tracks. Go to the second cross street (Hill) and turn left. Go two blocks and you will see the brewery on your left. Park on the street or diagonally across from the brewery in an open lot. DO NOT park across the street from the brewery as this is private parking and the owner is hostile. From Albany, head toward the bridge on Lyons, turn right on 2nd Street and proceed as above.


The December meeting was disguised as a Holiday Blowout at Sam Holmes' party pad. There was a premium selection of beers to celebrate with. Many thanks to club member Gene Gregg who generously provided 5 gallons of Stout. Eric Wager from Widmer Brewery in Portland donated quarter barrels of Widmer Alt and IPA, and the 2002 kegging of SnowPlow, our club's own creation, was unveiled and enjoyed by party revelers. There was a ton of delicious potluck food, and games such as "Beer and Chocolate" to keep us warm and happy.

You've just gotta love the ring-toss game. Everybody wins. I mean, if you don't, you've really been tapping into those great beers a little too frequently. Michael Villiardos once again did a fantastic job of organizing the game and keeping things moving. There was an outstanding pool of prizes, so everybody should have gone home with an armload of loot.

Those tricksters who planned the "Name that Beer" contest were just a little too tricky this time. They just happened to omit the name of the first beer from the score sheet. But that benefited everyone's score since they were awarded points for the ommission. Everyone who participated sampled the following 5 beers and got points when they were able to identify 1) the correct beer style and 2) particular brand.

1) Kindel Weisse
2) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
3) Pranqster Golden Ale (North Coast)
4) Traquair House Scotch Ale
5) 8 Ball Stout (Lost Coast)

For best scores on "Name that Beer", the golden tastebud awards were distributed as follows:
First place: Gene Gregg
Second place: Matt Arsenault
Third place: Joel Rea


The Journal of the American Medical Society has announced a major medical break-through! All club members whose annual physical includes a blood test will find that, if they have paid their 2003 dues, the report will state cholesterol levels, hemoglobin count, and the fact that your have tested "HOTV Positive!" To assure receiving this favorable report, send your $15 check (payable to HOTV, naturally) to:

Lee $mith
2190 Maier Lane, NW
Albany, OR 97321


Elections of officers for 2003 were held (briefly) during the December meeting. After a careful count of votes, no recounts being necessary, the following members were elected:

President: Scott Caul
Vice President: Scott Leonard
Treasurer: Lee $mith
Festival Chair (Judging Division): Ron Hall
Festival Chair (Public & Vendor Division): Joel Rea
Newsletter Editor: Mare Goeger


There are three very important dates coming up that should be transferred to all member's calendars immediately. Mill Creek Classic, February 7 at the Southside Speakeasy in Salem Slurp 'N Burp, March 29 at the Ram's Brewery in Salem Oregon Homebrew Festival, May 16 & 17 at the Benton County Fairgrounds

Everyone is probably aware that HOTV has had a poor showing at festivals the last few years. Not only are we not winning medals, but we're just plain not entering many beers. If our club hopes to have other clubs make lots of entries in our own festival, we have to reciprocate. To this note, we have been offered a challenge by Cliff Rice of Strange Brew. If HOTV has more than 50 entries to their Slurp 'N Burp Festival in March, Cliff will donate a stainless steel converted keg to our Oregon Homebrew Festival's raffle. That gives us 2 1/2 months to brew or dust off those bottles that were stuck away for a rainy day. I know some of our folks are already working on beers to enter. It's not just entering to win; many times beers are entered for critiques so that the brewer can improve. Let's have lots of participation. (And smart shopping for all of you who were on the ball and took advantage of Joel's discount on December 21 for HOTV members brewing festival entries).


As of the end of December, 32 of our 60 members have paid their 2003 dues. This equates to 53 percent, which is higher than usual. Each of the 32 saved three bucks by paying before the first of the year. The $15 amount kicked in on January 1. As you know, we have two major expenditures in the first half of each year. Our $500 insurance premium is due and payable in January, followed by $550 in May for the festival site rental. In between we usually have a pub crawl which can cost as much as $300, even with crawlers' participation.

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