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February 2003

Scott Caul
(541) 752-8900
Scott Leonard
(541) 752-0780
Mare Goeger
(541) 928-5023
Lee Smith
(541) 926-2286
Ron Hall
(541) 745-7062 FESTIVAL DIRECTOR:
Joel Rea
(541) 758-1674


The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on February 19 at Scott and Karen Caul's home; 2930 NW Mulkey, Corvallis. Their phone number is 757-1190. Here are directions:

From Highway 99W:
* Take Highway 99W to Circle Boulevard.
* Go west on Circle to 29th.
* Go south (left) on 29th to Mulkey.
* Turn right on Mulkey. Scott's house is on the left.

From Highway 34:
* After you get to Corvallis, Highway 34 becomes Harrison. Take it until you get to 29th.
* Turn right on 29th. Continue north past the Dari-Mart at Grant and 29th. Mulkey is the second left past Grant.
* Turn left on Mulkey. Scott's house is on the left.


There was a good turnout at the January meeting held at Oregon Trader in Albany. Our incoming president, Scott Caul, called the meeting to order and rapidly ran through his agenda. Topics discussed were: 1) Pub crawl. There are feelers out to gauge support for a crawl to Seattle which would involve an overnight stay, and possible transportation via Amtrak. Points discussed included how crawlers would get around once in Seattle, would Amtrak allow a keg, what to do with said keg in Seattle and a biggy; expense and time. 2) American Society of Brewers meeting in Portland on Feb. 9 (see article below). 3) President Caul will host a big brew in his driveway soon. Details to follow. 4) Challenge from Cliff Rice of Strange Brew. If HOTV has 50+ entries in their Slurp 'n Burp Festival, Cliff will donate a converted keg to our festival, as well as encourage his club to beef up the number of their entries to our competition. 5) Announcement of upcoming festivals. 6) Gearing up for the HOTV Oregon Homebrew Festival.

By Scott Caul

At the last meeting, guest Scott Bruslind mentioned the ASBC (American Society of Brewer Chemists) is having a "get to know us" type of meeting on February 9th. This would be a great chance for anyone who is interested in the scientific aspect of brewing to hob nob with others with the same interest. The meeting will be at the Bridgeport brewery in Portland from 1 to 4pm. Food and drink will be served. Scott has been kind enough to cover the 5 buck charge for HOTV members. I plan on attending and I have room if anyone wants to come with, just let me know by e-mail. tela94@comcast.net

By Scott Caul

Let me start off by saying PAY YOUR DUES!! Oops, sorry, that belongs in the treasurers corner. Its sounding like a bunch of members have taken the initiative to brew for competitions, to that I say HOORAY! Myself, I still haven't brewed recently, BOO! I would like to host a brewing day soon though, with relative ease, we could make a few different brews all at once and then divide up the proceeds. I'm thinking Saturday, February 15, early start. Let me know soon if you are interested.

Now for the stern lecture...
As a club of over 55 members, we have a fairly small percentage of "active" members. In the five years I've been a member (I'm also guilty of being inactive), it seems like the same group of folks is always there to work. Some new faces have shown up over the past couple years, but more would be nice. This years Festival is going to take A LOT more work than years past and we all can enjoy it more if the work is spread out. I could drone on and on, but I shan't because Joel will pick up where I left off when he starts asking for help. Suffice it to say, thank you to all who help out, organize, host meetings, pick up litter, keep the books, write and contribute to the newsletter, and love doing it. To the rest, please consider giving a little time for the club, everyone benefits. Sorry 'bout the gripe session, I'm done, I won't do it again...unless...

by Lee Smith

For only the second time in over seven years, we had to cancel a pick-up date. Due to the holiday rush, the usual December pick-up was postponed until January 4th. While it wasn't actually raining on the 4th, it had rained so hard during the night that our stretch of Highway 20 looked like prime wetland. Litter was soaked and almost impossible to lift with our tongs......so we held off until the following weekend.

On the 11th the area looked good and there was just a light, occasional drizzle in the air. We headed out (we being DOUG AND MARE GOEGER, DAVE BENSON, SCOTT LEONARD, FRANK SPIREK, JOHN STERNER AND LEE SMITH) and, naturally, it began to rain harder. After about an hour and a half, when I was satisfied that everyone was thoroughly drenched, we called it quits. We then retired to Hyak Park, where we stood around in the rain enjoying some Oregon Trader Highland Scotch Ale and Mare's hot (both ways) bean dip. All of which proves that it may rain too hard to pick up litter but never too hard to drink beer! And, in spite of it all, we still picked up 27 bags of trash.


All the following festivals are encouraging HOTV members to enter their homebrews and, if interested, to join in judging.

Mill Creek Classic, (THIS SATURDAY) February 8, 9:30am at the Southside Speakeasy in Salem Slurp 'N Burp, March 29 at the Ram's Brewery in Salem Oregon Homebrew Festival, May 16 & 17 at the Benton County Fairgrounds

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