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December 2003

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Scott Leonard
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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. However, our next meeting/ HOTV Christmas Party will be Saturday, December 13, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Sam Holmes, 1875 NE Noble, Corvallis, OR 97330 (758-3563, 715-7635-W).

Please bring a potluck dish to share (see the President's Corner below for alphabetical assignments). There will be all the traditional games, including Ring Toss, Beer and Chocolate and the ever-popular Name That Beer. Beers (both homebrewed or purchased) or brewing equipment are always welcomed items to be included as Ring Toss prizes. Some of Lee Smith's most coveted possessions from his beer-related collection will be prizes also.

To get there: From Albany, follow Hwy 20 toward Corvallis. Turn right on Seavy Avenue, right again on Seavy Circle, then left on Noble. Follow Noble all the way to the end (it makes a 90 degree turn half way there). 1875 Noble is the last house on the left. From Corvallis, well, to say the least it's tricky. According to Sam, he usually takes Hwy 99 (the northern continuation of 3rd Street). Turn right on Walnut, left at Conser, an immediate right on Seavy Avenue, then left on Seavy Circle and a right on Noble. Follow Noble all the way to the end (it makes a 90 degree turn half way there). 1875 Noble is the last house on the left. This round-about route allows you to avoid the problem of "no left turn" from Hwy 20 onto Seavy Avenue when you're heading away from Corvallis.


The November HOTV meeting was held at the home of Dave and Stine Benson. Wonderful hors d'oeuvres accompanied lots of homebrew. There was a special tasting of IPA's provided by folks participating in Dave Wills' September Brew Day at the Oregon Trail Brewery. Anyone who took a carboy of wort home that day added their own special twist (different yeast, additional hopping, etc.). Some very yummy brews were born. President Caul brought a selection from Lee Smith's mug and T-shirt collection for club members to take home a memory of their choosing. There was further discussion on what form the May festival is to take. No decision has been arrived at yet, but Derek, Joel and Laurel Hoffman are toying with the possibility of heading up another microbrew fest in conjunction with the traditional homebrew competition. A group trip to the Holiday Ale Festival in Portland was planned for December 6 (see article below).

Elections for the 2004 HOTV officers were held. And the lucky winners are:

President: Scott Caul
Vice Pres: Matt Arsenault
Treasurer: Scott Leonard
Fest Chair: Derek Whiteside
Newsletter: Mare Goeger


The quarterly litter pick-up is scheduled for December 20. It may be nasty. It may be nice. But don't you want to get into that holiday spirit? You may just find that elusive gift for that very special someone out there on the roadside. Refreshments will be served following the ordeal. Don't wait to sign up, spaces are filling fast.

By Scott Caul

Ahhh...Christmas. Hectic schedule, shopping, decorating, cooking, family, friends. When does one find time to brew? Well, the holidays will soon pass and it will still be winter. What better time to brew? Lets all crank out some killer brews for the competitions coming up in spring. The cold temperatures are perfect for fermenting lagers and its nice to huddle up around a nice warm mash on a cold winter day. I plan on brewing like mad over the next couple months and hope to set up some group sessions for us all. I'm sure some of you would like to hone your skills or share some knowledge with others, if anyone has any special requests or ideas, I'd love to hear them. We have some new equipment to compliment the RIMS system, hopefully making it easier for us all to use. If you've never used the RIMS and would like to learn more about it or all-grain brewing, let me know and we'll set up a day to demonstrate this wonderful piece of equipment. Last Saturday a handful of club members took Amtrak to Portland for the 8th annual Holiday Ale festival. Oh Man, what a blast we had! The weather was perfect, getting there and back couldn't have been easier, and the beers were fantastic. If you missed it, shame on you! We were so impressed with the ease of riding the train, our next pub crawl will be on the train to Seattle for a weekend. We discussed some of the logistics and can't come up with a reason not to do it. You can figure it will be sometime in February or March and any input from interested parties would be appreciated. Finally, we have come full circle back to Christmas. Our Christmas party is Saturday the 13th at Sam Holmes' house. It is a pot luck dinner and all are welcome. See the list below of what you should bring. The name that beer contest promises to be a tasty challenge and the ring toss will be a cornucopia of wonderful prizes. Joel will be pairing a variety of beers with chocolates that will make your mouth water and I can't wait to tap into this year's Snow Plow, expertly brewed by Scott Leonard. I hope to see you all there, if you can't make it, have a Merry Christmas and we'll see you next year!

Pot Luck

These are intended as a guideline, if you have a special dish you want to bring instead of where you fall on the list, by all means, go for it! As always, please bring your own plates, flatware and drinking vessels. Thanks!

Last name A-D; Snacks or appetizers
E-J; Main Entree
K-P; Side dish (hot or cold)
Q-U; Salad or bread
V-Z; Dessert

by Mare Goeger

After days of rain and gloom, Saturday, December 6 dawned bright and sunny as Ron Hall & Jenny Miller and their friend Murray Slayer, Scott & Karen Caul, Doug & Mare Goeger, Jerry Malloy and John Sterner hopped the morning Amtrak bound for Portland. Two hours and how many million jokes later we arrived at Union Station. A 10 minute walk brought us to Pioneer Square where seasonal brews from 24 different Northwest breweries were offered for tasting in a giant, warm tent. Dave and Stine Benson, Jazmin Sanchez and Travis Nye joined us, having driven in lieu of taking the train. The later in the afternoon it got, the longer the lines to the beer taps became, so on we went to Higgins, a bar within walking distance that served up some mighty fancy beers. After that, a switcheroo from white tablecloths to black darkness at Shanghai Tunnel, an underground establishment serving Spaten. Then on to Kell's for dinner, more beer and entertainment. We caught the train at 9pm, arriving back in Albany about 10:45. I, for one, can't wait till next year.


HOTV membership dues paid before December 31, 2003 are only $12. If you wait longer, the price goes up to $15. And if that doesn't scare you into paying up, what will?

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