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April 2003

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Mare Goeger
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Lee Smith
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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on April 16 at Whiteside's Beer & Wine/ Corvallis Brewing Supply, and hosted by none other than Derek Whiteside and Joel Rea. Derek and Joel promise to have a good time and some great beverages to sample!

Check out the following:
* Merlot Barrel tasting
* IIPA Barrel tasting
* Fresh cheese tasting
* 30 minute mozzarella cheese making demonstration
* Jonathan Richman serenades
* Festival tee-shirt design decisions
* Lee Smith table top dancing

Whiteside's / Corvallis Brewing Supply is located at 119 SW 4th Street in downtown Corvallis. Please check your beer and wine openers at the door.


Paul Jensen hosted the March meeting at his home in Albany. Thanks, Paul! There were lots of appetizers and a massive variety of beer, although some may have gone a little bit on the easy side with tasting, after pub crawling through Portland only 3 days prior. There were some new faces among the group and even some folks we'd seen before, but not very often. Business included the ever looming HOTV festival with discussion on logistics, funding and call for volunteers; the litter pickup scheduled for the following Saturday and reminder to both enter and help judge at Strange Brew's Slurp 'n Burp on March 29.

By Joel Rea

BJCP test offered in July: The BJCP test will be offered in Eugene on July 20th. Cost will be $50.00 which is set by the BJCP organization. Chris Studach will be proctoring the test and will be issuing a cut off date very soon for peeps who want to take it. There will also be a non-refundable deposit required. If you are interested in taking the test please contact Chris Studach Even if you don't ever plan on judging, but you want to become a beer know-it-all, this is a good opportunity. If you are interested in taking it contact Chris...even if you have already given me your name and I've passed it along.

BJCP test study group: Unless one of our club's ranked judges does not step forward for the job Joel will be putting together a study group which will start up after the festival in June. In previous study groups the club has paid for part of the test if you participated in the study group. Since I have not taken the test myself, the study group may have to become somewhat progressive in how it goes about its learnin'. If you are interested in the study group and/or you want to be the guiding light please contact joel

By Mare Goeger

What a day Saturday, March 29 turned out to be! Strange Brew hosted the annual Slurp 'n Burp Open homebrew competition at the Ram Brewery in Salem. According to competition organizer Cliff Rice, of approximately 360 entries overall, HOTV members chalked up the largest number of entries of any club with a total of 48 beers. We also sent a contingent to help out with judging. Matched with terrific weather for hanging out on the Ram's deck overlooking Mill Creek, HOTV scooped up a whopping six 1st place medals, five 2nd place and 4 3rd place. We also took the prestigious People's Choice award, which was a 50 pound sack of malt.

Here's how we fared:
American Lager: 1st place to John Sterner
American Pale Ale: 2nd place to Doug and Mare Goeger
India Pale Ale: 3rd place to Lee Smith
Brown Ale: 1st place to Ron Hall
European Dark Lager: 2nd place to Jerry Malloy
Bock: 1st place to Gary Terrell
Stout: 2nd place to Doug and Mare Goeger
Strong Belgian Ale: 2nd place to Frank Spirek
Belgian and French Ale: 1st place to Frank Spirek and 3rd place to Ron Hall
Lambic and Belgian Sour: 2nd place to John Sterner
Fruit Beer: 3rd place to Doug and Mare Goeger
Specialty, Experimental, Historical: 3rd place to Dave Bensen, Joel Rea, Derek Whiteside, Matt Arsenault and Chris Chickadel
Mead: 1st place to Gary Terrell
Cider: 1st place to Ron Hall
People's Choice: Dry Stout by Doug and Mare Goeger

By Joel Rea

Winners in recent homebrew competitions: Joel Rea, Jerry Malloy, Jon Boles and Mike Conners entered the KLCC microbrew and homebrew festival. The brewing tag team of Jon and Mike once again scored the highest point for an entry and so they will be awarded, yes once again, the Corvallis Brewing Supply "$35.00 way-to-go for a brew well made" gift certificate. They averaged 41 points with an oak aged IIPA. Another beer of theirs, which I had the fine opportunity to judge, was a very yummy chile beer. Good job Jon and Mike!

By Scott Caul

A lot has been going on lately, the pub crawl, the upcoming festival, RIMS demo, and, before we know it ,it will be time for our annual picnic in August. First we all owe Lee Smith a debt of gratitude. Noticing how messy our adopted stretch of Hwy.20 had become, Lee set up a highway clean-up. Frightful weather caused it to be cancelled last minute. But Lee, determined to do the job, spent the better part of two days picking it up himself. Thanks Lee, but if you ever do that again, we'll take away your orange vest and tongs!! The 21st annual Homebrew and Microbrew festival is shaping up nicely thanks to the hard work of Joel Rea and Ron Hall. Keep an eye out for volunteer requests, we'll need all the help we can get. Don't forget to get the word out too, we need to get as many enthusiasts and beer lovers as we can to make it successful. So that's it this time, keep brewing. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

By Scott Caul

If you missed the pub crawl this year, you missed a good one! Twenty-two crawlers loaded on the bus St.Paddy's Day eve for a day we won't easily forget (or is that remember?). After I got us lost right off the bat, we found John's Market. Several of us took advantage of the huge selection of bottled beers present. Widmer Brothers was next. After enjoying a couple glasses of Widmer's finest, as well as the Collaborator beers, Eric Wager took us on a very thorough tour of the brewery. What a fancy joint! After the tour (over an hour long) we all enjoyed lunch at the Widmer Gasthaus.

We had to cancel our stop at the Rock Bottom because of time, so we headed off to Old Lompoc. We were met with a pitcher of everything they brew (except the barleywine) and our own space on the patio out back. Tours of the brewing area proved you don't need a 25 million dollar facility to make great beer. The patio out back, although getting some repairs, shows great potential for a summertime hangout.

Our last stop, Tuck's brewery, proved to be hard to find as I got us lost again. Eventually we found it with new head brewer Max Teiger waiting. We all enjoyed his hospitality, free tasters, and a quick tour of the brewery.

Back to the mid-valley we went. Through the day, we gave away a bunch of goodies in the on-board raffle, laughed ourselves silly at the Limerick contest, and consumed a lot of beer. Matt Arsenault was the big winner of the day with his limerick about "A man named Lee...", and also the lucky winner of the Nitro-tap system we used to serve the Mt. Hood cask-conditioned oatmeal stout. Thanks to all who so bravely went out drinkin' on a Sunday, it was a blast. Next year we will do it on a Saturday...

By Joel Rea

21st Annual Oregon Homebrew and Microbrew Festival: Events and hoppenings for the big event are coming together! If you have not visited our club's website www.hotv.org, anytime soon I would suggest that you do so! Beto has done a great job in getting information posted in an easy to read format and quite sparky to boot as well! Good job Beto! Our next festival meeting will be April 7th (get some blank tapes to record the basketball game) at Scott Caul's house. One of the big issues we will be talking about is comp tickets...who gets em and who does not. I believe that we will come to a conclusion that those peeps who put some SERIOUS effort into the event will be compt. Just because you're club member won't mean free entrance. But, than again it is only $5.00 to get in!

By Ron Hall

We have formally kicked off our Festival competition campaign to homebrewers, as the on-line entry and judge registration pages of our website have been activated by webmaster extraordinaire, Beto Zuniga. Email invitations have been sent out to past entrants and homebrew club members, and entry packets have been mailed out to our 13 official drop-off point homebrew shops. Judge registrations and entries are already starting to trickle in.

The next Festival organization meeting will take place this Monday, April 7, at Scott Caul's house at 7pm. We need all our members to start stepping up to volunteer for various Festival assignments. Please come to the next organizational meeting or regular meeting ready to volunteer!

By Joel Rea

Big Brew: The AHA's Big Brew day is May 3rd. If you register your site CBS will give you a 15% discount on ingredients for the brew. I will also be brewing up a batch down at the shop if you want to hang out and maybe make a hop addition or two. For more information visit www.beertown.org

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