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September 2002

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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, September 18, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Doug and Mare Goeger, 4080 NW Alder, in North Albany.

From Corvallis take Hwy 20 toward Albany. From the Garland Nursery sign, go 1.4 miles to Independence Road. Turn Left and go over hill and dale, 3.4 miles. Make a Right turn onto Palestine Road. At the stop sign, continue straight up the hill. Palestine will "T" into Scenic. Turn Left on Scenic. Left at the stop sign by Fir Grove School. Left on Alder (second street after your turn). Blue house on the left, about 1/2 way down the road.

From Albany take the bridge over the Willamette. At the first light, take a Right on Springhill. Begin clocking mileage. At 5 miles, you'll be in a school zone, and see Scenic Drive on your left, then Ridgecrest, then Alder. Turn Left on Alder. Blue house on the left, about 1/2 way down road.

by Mare Goeger

Perfect weather and tons of food and beer helped in making this year's picnic a success. Has it now been established as an HOTV picnic tradition that Lee deep fry those succulent turkeys and Helen whip up crispy fried green tomatoes? These goodies were accompanied by all sorts of wonderful potluck dishes provided by club members and guests. Did everyone try Ron Hall's ceviche? You missed out on something special if you didn't. Many HOTV members and some members of those friendly homebrew clubs to our North brought their offerings, both liquid and "solid?". The vast selection of beer made choosing what to try difficult, unless you came with a designated driver and tried them all.

Entertainment was brought to us by Sara and Karen who kept the kids busy all day with water balloons and red jello (to by eaten without using any hands), and by Derek and Royal who are trying to establish tradition number 3 with their beer raffle. This isn't just your regular, run of the mill raffle. A fine selection of hard-to-find brews from Liquid Solutions and generous donors were distributed when ticket numbers were called. Or, instead of a beer, you might be get a "Steal" card entitling you to steal a raffle beer from another player, or a "Robin Hood" card asking that you steal a raffle beer from someone and then give it to a worthy recipient. Most folks went home happy. Those that didn't will no doubt remember who stole from them and retaliate next year. And speaking of how low you can go, Pat Gregg proved to be the most nimble by winning the sometimes dizzying (depending on consumption) limbo contest.

Prior to the start of the beer raffle, a special commemorative beer, Skull Splitter, was awarded to club member Doug Goeger who, earlier in August, sustained a 9 inch gash in his scalp, peeled the skin on his finger like a banana and broke 2 cervical vertebrae requiring immediate surgery. All in a one-man bike wreck. Who will be able to top that one at the next picnic?

Thanks to all who helped set up and clean up, and to guests from other clubs who joined us and brought great beer and potluck dishes.

by Joel Rea

This just in...Hop Madness is spreading! Look Out! 'cause it is very contagious!! Dave Will's Freshops' Hop Madness event was splendid! Remarkable!! Outstanding!!! And, a whole helluva lotta fun! Since I showed up late Saturday evening there was plenty that I had already missed. I was able to witness the hop pageant with plenty of scantiness underneath drunken hop vine attire (not too much scantiness, though!) Live bluegrass music filled the air meddling very nicely with the pleasant aroma of a dozen brew kettles boiling up a wild assortment of freshop ales. Folks from all over the valley were present with even one fella from Ohio who planned his vacation to come out and check out and Hop Madness. Beer was a plenty with many kegs from homebrewers present (I'm not sure, but I think there were more kegs present than people!) The Brew Crew had a single hop experiment and some of the results were present. Hair of the Dog mashed up a fine wort, which was than dolled out to 5 gallon boils each with their own hop addition. Very interesting, indeed!

Dave led small group tours to a local hop farm where we were privy to see the harvest trucks unload, the hops being mechanically picked and than kilned dried. And yes, it is not just a fairy tale or some brew fable...anyone who wanted to could leap into a humoungous pile of dried hops and swim around! The party continued late into the night as Cliff Rice (Strange Brew Club) and his kids' rock band wailed onto the night with some great cover tunes. A midnight bonfire finished the night off as sleepy little beer drinkers slumped off into Nana Land with glazed-over beer eyes fit for a night's rest and peaceful hop dreams under the expansive night sky.

By all of the enthusiasm present at this year's Freshop's 20th Anniversary Hop Madness gathering, I'm willing to bet that there will be a repeat every year from here on out! If you didn't make this years Hop Madness, than I would plan on attending next years!!


Celis White is expected to return to select markets next month. The Michigan Brewing Co. in Webberville, MI, which earlier this year purchased the Celis equipment, has also acquired the Celis label. Robert Mason, president of Michigan Brewing Co., assured that he would make no changes to the Celis White recipe. He intended to have kegs available in August, followed by bottles in September. Initially, Celis White will be marketed only in Austin and Houston, TX, as well as at Michigan Brewing's taproom. Pierre Celis was scheduled to visit the brewery in September to oversee the operation. His daughter Christine Celis will also be involved in the production and marketing.


Beer Train Takes the Strain Out of Commuting
Jul 25, 10:48 am ET

TOKYO (Reuters) - Summertime commuting in Japan in high heat and humidity and huge crowds can be particularly stressful, but one train company has found a way to help its passengers relax. Customers who book a seat on Kyuko's Friday night beer run can sit back and spend a two-hour trip being served as much locally brewed beer as they can drink. The beer train plies a route near Mount Fuji, some 100 km (60 miles) southwest of Tokyo, normally used by businesspeople and students. "People are enjoying it so much, it is almost completely booked up throughout August," said Naotaka Nishiyama, a spokesman for the company. However, beer-drinking passengers should take advantage of stops at stations along the route because the train has no toilets.

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