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November 2002

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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 20, at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Gary Terrell, 1024 8th Ave SW, in Albany (917-0183).

The address is 1024 8th Ave SW. It's just 3 houses west of Elm on the left. It's an old green 2-story house. If you know where Albany General Hospital is you are almost there. The hospital sits between 6th & 7th just west of Elm so we are just one block south of the hospital. You can park anywhere on the street and if the street gets too full there is parking at some of the medical buildings on 7th, just make sure they are closed for the evening. If you get lost the phone number is 917-0183.

From Hwy 20 cross over the bridge into Albany, take a right on 5th Ave, just past the courthouse. Follow 5th about 8 blocks to Elm. Take a left on Elm (if you run into a dead end you went 1 block too far down 5th) go 3 blocks to 8th Ave then right on 8th we are the 3rd house on the left.

From Hwy 34 you can take Oakville road to either Broadway or Elm and turn left and follow them to 8th. Or take hwy 99 to Queen, go left on Queen then right on Elm (there is a stoplight at Elm). Then follow Elm to 8th, about 10 blocks.

by Mare Goeger

The September HOTV meeting was held at the home of Barry Schwartz. There were some interesting homebrews to try at this meeting, as well as some wicked (in the wicked-good sense of the word) backyard garden appetizers. Matters of discussion included setting a date for the annual Christmas party (see article below), 2003 dues are due, club participation in last month's Newport beer festival sponsored by Rogue, and the next HOTV festival, now in its planning stages (please also see article below).

As one of the first to arrive, I was able to taste some of the brown ale brewed by a poor homeless man that lives under the bridge. He asked Lee to bring it to the club meeting for our critique. It was pretty darn good! Seems like Lee should ask this guy to join our club. Lee could drive him to each meeting and subsidize his dues since the guy apparently only has money to buy brewing equipment and ingredients.


Sam Holmes has again offered his home for the fantabulous HOTV Christmas Party. Mark your calendars for the evening of Saturday, December 14.

Since this event is a potluck supper, Helen Smith will be coordinating who brings what. She'll be contacting everyone as party time grows near. You can also look forward to trying out the second kegging of Snow Plow, HOTV's very own Xmas ale that Lee Smith has been nurturing (and monitoring for quality control) ever since club members brewed it in July.

Back by popular demand are "Beer Ring-Toss", "Name That Beer" and "Beer & Chocolate". The ring-toss game gets exponentially more fun as the number of beers to win increases. In this light, please be generous with your donations of fun beers, whether purchased or homebrewed. Remember, this is the season of giving. And if you practice your ring-toss throwing, you might just wind up bringing home an armload of holiday cheer.

by Joel Rea

After several meetings, discussions and a viewing of an alternative location it appears that the 21st OHF has a solidified vision! Earlier this week Lee Smith, Ron Hall, John Sterner, Derek Whiteside, Mare Goeger and Joel Rea met with Mike McGee of Belle Vallee Winery to make a site evaluation. We believe that the winery facility would be a great location, but not this year. There is a lot of construction that still needs to be done before it can be opened to a large public event.

Over some of the finest NW seasonals several of us met to discuss the festival and to come to some solid vision, which we did. It was decided that the Oregon Homebrew Festival needs to be separated from a more public beer drinking festival. There seems to be an energy moving toward holding a September Oktoberfest that would be sponsored by the club as well as other local businesses (ooompa, ooompa ya dis bier es goodt vit her krout!). OK, that is another day, another festival director and a whole other event. But, how that relates to the 21st OHF is that this years festival will more-or-less be business as usual.

But, wait! There is more! Many of us agreed that the festival needs to be expanded. More open to the public, more of a draw for people to want to come and more of an educational event to motivate people into home brewing and consuming beer. So, the 21st OHF will be very similar in years past, but we are going to make it more public and entertaining with legalized commercial beer consumption (yes, that means homebrewed beer may not be allowed... unless you're a judge!), home brewing demonstrations, local vendor sales of beerware, food vendors and appropriate music.

So, what does that all mean? Invite all of your friends because it is going to be a hoot and a holler!

  • Festival Director and Promotions, Joel Rea
  • Judge Coordinator and Beer Registrar, Ron Hall (with Dave Benson?)
  • Raffle, Joel Rea
  • Gofers, The Honorable Lee Smith with Royal Willard
  • Web site, graphics and mailings, The Wonderful Beto Zuniga
  • Floor Security, The Talented and Beautiful Chris Zelazak
We are in need of: (please contact Joel if you are interested or capable)
  • Judge Training and Addressor to the judges
  • Head Steward
  • Stewards
  • Clean up crew


On December 21st Corvallis Brewing Supply will offer a 25% discount to HOTV club members who will be brewing for home brewing festivals. So, brew now because May is not all that far away!

requested by Lee Smith

Hey all you members out there! It's that time again. HOTV membership dues paid before December 31, 2002 are only $12. Those of you wishing to contribute more, by waiting until 2003 rolls around will have to fork over $15. That's just the way it is.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the meaty, beefy, big and bouncy content in this issue, I have not included some articles submitted by members. Please don't think I don't appreciate your efforts. You'll be seeing your news in future issues. Thanks, and keep 'em comin'.

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