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March 2002

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The Heart of the Valley Homebrew Club meets on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between Corvallis and Albany. Our next meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on March 20 at the home of Dave and Stine Benson. (541) 715-6335

Directions: From Highway 34, take a left onto Columbus (about 1/4 to 1/2 mile before I-5, there is a sign for South Albany High School). Head straight for a couple miles (you will pass the Mennonite Home on the right). At the first stoplight take a right on Grand Prairie. Take the first left, which is Lexington (if you go over I-5 you have gone too far). Go down Lexington for 5 or 6 blocks and you'll come to a cul-de-sac (Quail Court, first left after stop sign). Our house is 3075 Quail Court SE.

From Highway 20, head into Albany over the bridge and continue straight through downtown and follow the road as it curves to the left near the train station. Take a left at the light and the road merges onto Santiam Highway. Follow Santiam and take a right after Fred Meyers on Waverly. Take Waverly to 21st (first stop light after it changes from two to one lane of traffic) and take a left. Take a right on Lexington. Go down Lexington for 4 or 5 blocks and you'll come to a cul-de-sac (Quail Court), take a right. Our house is 3075 Quail Court SE.

by Mare Goeger (on Nyquil)

Last month we had a great time at the home of Scott Leonard in Corvallis. Thanks to Scott, Holly, and Alexander.

The business part of the meeting centered on the Pub Crawl (March 23) and the Oregon Brew Festival (May 17-18). Royal outlined the stops we will be making on the Pub Crawl, while Lee gave a cost per person estimate (one that has since been lowered thanks to increased enrollment. Most of the discussion concerned the itinerary, and a preliminary one was determined.

On the festival front, Joel informed the membership of the progress the festival committee has made in its preparations. A discussion ensued on whether or to what extent the club should invest in creating T-shirts. This issue was not resolved, and will require a future vote.

The Mill Creek Classic (March 3) and Slurp & Burp (April 6) competitions were announced. It was hoped that our club would enter some beers and participate in judging at these competitions so their clubs would reciprocate for our festival.

Royal encouraged our members to join the American Homebrewers Association.

from John Sterner

Here are some partial results featuring HOTV entries at the Mill Creek Classic Homebrew Competition, March 3, in Salem. Joel Rea won a second place for his cider and a first place for his Black Cherry Stout. Doug and Mare Goeger won a second place for their Porter and a first for their Spice Beer. John Sterner won a second place for his Bock, a second place for his Strong Belgian Ale, and a first place in the Lambic and Belgian Sour category with his Flanders Red. This beer was named Best of Show.

Here is a description of John's Flanders Red, which he has been working on for a number of years:

Basic Flanders Red base:
13 Gallon Batch (based on filling Oak Barrel fermenter with slight excess to manage spillage)

Pilsner Malt      13 lb
Corn meal          5 lb
Wheat malt         3 lb
Munich malt        2 lb
Vienna malt        5 lb.
Caramunich malt  1.5 lb
Special B malt   0.5 lb

Gelatinize corn meal with 1 lb of malt and 3 gallons water

Main mash: 122F - >145 F with infusion of boiling, gelatinized corn meal step 145 - >162 - >168 F for mashoff.

Bitter hops 90 minutes with 4 hands full of 5-year old Willamette hops. At end of boil add 2 hands full of 5-year old Mt. Hood hops. Ferment in Oak barrel with Alt yeast / Lactobacillus Delbruki.

The oak barrel was originally Ted Manahan's, and it has had a variety of cultures acquired through years of fermenting Lambics and other sour beers.

The beer that won Best of Show was approximately a 50 percent blend of two batches of this recipe brewed 5/27/01 and 12/21/00 as well as small amounts from earlier ferments.

The Best of Show prize was a Cylindro-Conical Fermenter from Hobby Beverage Equipment Company. John says, "My thanks to the Capitol Brewers for this great prize. I'm planning on sending on its maiden ferment tomorrow."

from Lee Smith

The March Litter Pick-Up is scheduled for Saturday, March 16. Volunteers will meet at 11:00 a.m. at Hyak Park along Highway 20 between Corvallis and Albany. Please contact Lee Smith if you are interested in participating.

from Joel Rea

KLCC is sponsoring the annual Spring Microbrew Festival in Eugene. It will be at the Performance Hall, Lane County Fairgrounds, March 29 and 30, 4:00 to 11:00 p.m. The cost is $5 at the door, plus $ for tickets for beer samples. More than 20 regional brewers will be represented, and there will be live music. Jamie Floyd of the Steelhead Brewery is the overseer for the event and says that the Friday Homebrew event will be better than in year's past. I will be going down to judge the late afternoon / early evening event. It is not a BJCP/AHA sanctioned event, but the goal is to get enough entries to have categories. Historically they have had categories such as "Best Light," Best Dark," "Best to mow a lawn by" and "Best of Show." For more information see

from Lee Smith

For those of you who are not aware, the Annual HOTV Pub Crawl is scheduled for Saturday, March 23. The theme this year is "The Journey South." This means Eugene and Springfield will be on our itinerary. A 40-seat school bus will leave Laidlaw Transit (945 NW Hayes, corner 9th in Corvallis) at 10:00 a.m. Vehicles may be left in their parking lot. The first stop will be the now vacant Thrifty Store at Highway 20 and Springhill Road, where beer and Albanians will be taken aboard. The departure time from Albany will be 10:30 a.m. From there it's on to Eugene. A few seats may still available; contact Lee Smith for more information.

from Dianna Fisher
(Reuters) London, March 8, 2002

You'd like a drink, but don't know where to turn? A pair of beer-loving entrepreneurs have just the solution-a computer that straps onto the wrist and directs the wearer to the nearest pub, Britain's Sun newspaper reported.

The hi-tech device uses satellite-positioning systems to determine the wearer's location, then prints the addresses of the four nearest pubs on a screen, the paper said Friday.

The contraption, called eSleeve, also recognizes the wearer's voice and can even help drunken revelers find their way home, according to Bristol University inventors Cliff Randell and Henk Muller. Randell was quoted as saying, "It works perfectly, but might have trouble recognizing your voice after one too many pints."

by Kendall Staggs

Here are some brief reviews of some of exceptional imported brews available at Belmont Station in Portland.

Young's Special London Ale (Millennium Edition)
[500 ml, 6.4 percent abv]
Light amber color, modest head. Sweet, fruity aroma. Sweet and caramelly on the palate. Just enough hop bitterness at the end for balance. The bottle says there are a "phenomenal amount of hops" but many HOTVers will find this not hoppy enough. I thought it was delicious-an exceptional British beer.

Kapuziner Hefe-Weizen
[500 ml, 5.4 percent abv]
Pale straw color, dense rocky head. Authentic German Hefeweizen, with more of the clove than the banana esters in the aroma and flavor. Some hop bitterness is evident-about average for the style. Its appealing flavor is accentuated by a very creamy mouthfeel. This is one of the tastiest Weizenbiers I've ever had, from the famous Mönchshof (monk's hood) Brewery in Kulmbach, Bavaria.

Crystal Diplomat Dark Czech Lager
[500 ml, 5.0 abv]
Dark chestnut brown color, modest cream head. A dark lager from the second most famous brewery in Ceskè Budejovice (the most famous makes beer known in the United States as Czechvar). This lovely beer has fine, subtle aromatics and a delicious malt flavor. It is very satisfying; better than any Munich Dunkles I have had. When in the Czech Republic, remember to say "tmavè" if you want a dark version of a beer brand.

St. Amand French Country Ale
[750 ml, 5.9 abv]
Pale amber color with a big, foamy, white head. A great Bière de Garde, more reminiscent of wine than beer. Earthy yeast aromatics dominate. Slightly sweet malt. Easy to drink for such an exotic beer. Very satisfying. Brewed by the Castelain Brewery in Bènifontaine, France, one of the few remaining Bière de Garde brewers, it uses barley malt from the Champagne region and hops from Alsace.

Boskeun Special Belgian Ale
[333 ml, 8.0 abv]
Murky brown color with a thick beige head. The name of this seasonal beer from the Mad Brewers means "Easter Bunny." It is spicy, somewhat tart, and very fruity. Lots of fruity flavor and very potent. Like all the products from this brewery in Esen, Belgium, this beer takes drinkers on a wild ride.

Remember these words of wisdom: "More and more of our imports come from overseas." -George W. Bush, Beaverton, Oregon, September 25, 2000

from the Real Beer Page

Officials in Scotland are investigating an idea to add vitamin Thiamin-also known as Vitamin B1-to beer because it might reduce alcohol-related health problems. A spokeswoman for the Scottish Executive said ministers were in the early stages of looking into the possibility of asking brewers to add thiamin to prevent some forms of alcohol-related brain damage. She also said the ministers backed moves to put extra information on the drinks labels outlining how many units were contained in the products. "We have asked advisers to look at scientific evidence of putting the vitamin into alcohol and to see what, if any, benefits it would bring," she said.

from Dianna Fisher by Kevin Smith (Reuters), Dublin, February 25, 2002

Plans by British drinks giant Diageo to cut the time needed to pour the perfect pint of Guinness stout were met with cries of "blasphemy" in the beer's homeland on Saturday. In a bid to revive declining sales, the makers of Ireland's national tipple are testing a new pouring system which they say will slash the waiting time on a pint to 15 to 25 seconds from the traditional two minutes.

News of the move came after Diageo's half-year results this week showed a one percent dip in overall Guinness volumes, with a four percent fall in the Irish republic. "A two-minute pour is not relevant to our customers today," the company's chief executive Paul Walsh said.

For more than two centuries-since Arthur Guinness founded his famous brewery at Dublin's St. James' Gate-drinkers have been accustomed to waiting for their Stout. The new technique, which uses ultrasound to release bubbles in the Stout to form the characteristic white head instantly, will all but eliminate waiting time.

Emmet Bunting, barman at The Brazen Head in Dublin-reputedly Ireland's oldest pub, dating back to the 12th century-said the move would be stoutly resisted. "Our customers will certainly not go for that. Guinness is a traditional drink and I don't think people will sacrifice that for a little extra speed and efficiency," he said.

Richard Donovan, manager of Doheny & Nesbitt's bar in central Dublin, concurred. "You pull a pint (of Guinness) for an Irishman and he expects to wait. If you pull one in less than a minute he'll say ‘where the hell did you drag that from,'" he said.

Saturday afternoon customers at O'Dwyers bar were skeptical. Declan McCauley, a student, doubted whether the move would make any difference even if it were accepted by Ireland's notoriously conservative drinking community.

"Most young people drink cider and lager not because it's quicker but because they don't like Guinness. If anything this could alienate the core Stout drinkers," he said. Guinness sales may be declining-volumes have been slipping for the past two years, according to a Guinness Ireland spokeswoman-but the drink and its iconography are inextricably linked with the image of Ireland.

Attempts to tamper with such a cherished touchstone could well bring matters to a head.

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