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August 2002

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Scott Leonard
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Derek Whiteside
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Lee Smith
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Joel Rea
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The HOTV summer picnic is Saturday, August 24 from 12:00-6:00 at Thompson Shelter in Avery Park in Corvallis.

Family (including children) and friends/guests are welcome; please let Lee know how many will be attending if you plan to come. Also, please remember that the picnic is a potluck. The club will provide turkey, corn, bread, and a few other snacks, but side dishes, appetizers, salads, and desserts are up to the membership. Please email Helen and let her know what you plan to bring. Lee and Helen can also be reached via phone at 541-926-2286.

Directions: Take 99W south through downtown Corvallis toward Eugene. Go under the overpass and watch for Avery Avenue on the right. Turn right and proceed into the park. Thompson Shelter is straight ahead on the right. There is plenty of parking space available. (There is a map available at as well).


The July Meeting was held at the home of Scott, Karen, and Tela Caul. The weather was perfect, and our hosts took advantage of that fact by setting things up in the back yard. There was a good turnout of many of the usual suspects, and Scott and Karen had provided various snacks (including spring rolls, yum!) for the assembled rabble. A good time was had by all, until... WE RAN OUT OF BEER! Cursing, fisticuffs, and looting began within minutes; our hosts took refuge inside the (locked) house, waiting for the rioting to end-- it was a grim scene.

Luckily, the wise, calm, and thirsty Kendall Staggs came to the rescue; armed with a few donations, Kendall went beer hunting. Before too long, he returned with a passel of beers that only Kendall could conjure: obscure American beers, Belgians, English bitters, barleywines, and more. Peace and order were restored, and Scott and Karen soon emerged from their refuge. :)

In terms of club business, the main points of discussion were:

1 the picnic, which is less than two weeks away, at the Thompson Shelter of Avery Park in Corvallis. We arranged some details, including deciding to repeat last year's beer giveaway (replete with "steal" and "robin hood" cards), arranging activities for children, and asking people to consider bringing some homebrew to share. Please see the "PICNIC" section of the brewsletter for more information.

2 Next year's festival. There has been much discussion around next year's (21st) Annual HOTV homebrew festival and competition. Joel, our esteemed Festival Chairperson, has long suggested that we make the 21st Festival one to remember; more of a bash than in years past. Royal, our President, asked the club whether they supported the notion of a bigger, more party-like festival next year, and the general consensus was "yes". HOWEVER, a bigger festival means a much bigger job in terms of planning, promotion, and execution; the festival committee of years past will not be able to pull off a festival of the magnitude imagined. The festival will be a prime topic of discussion at the September meeting; please attend and contribute. If you want to share your ideas in the meantime, please contact Joel ( and tell him what you're thinking.

(submitted by Joel Rea)

The Suds and Surf Newport Micro brew Festival will be Oct 11-13 at the Rogue Brewery in Newport. Along with a commercial beer competition, there will also be an amateur event. Drop off point is Corvallis Brewing Supply where there are also entry forms. Other drop off points include Rad's, Home Fermenter Center, FH Steinbarts and Strange Brew. Deadline for entries is September 27th. If you are interested in judging contact Colleen Cockrell at 1.800.262.7844 or

This is not a BJCP event, but all 26 categories are open. The commercial event is Friday 2-9 pm, sat 10-5pm and sun 10-3pm


As most of you know, our previous newsletter editor and all-around beer geek, Kendall Staggs, has moved to Utah, and hence has vacated the position of newsletter editor (see a letter that he sent to Lee, reporting his condition, later in the brewsletter). I (Derek Whiteside) agreed to produce a brewsletter for this month; please forgive any evidence of poor grammar, poor taste, or poor judgement in volunteering for this job. Beginning next month, Kendall's vacated position will be competently filled by the talented, beautiful, charming, and disarming Mare Goeger, who has volunteered for the job. Please email Mare ( if you have suggestions or content for the brewsletter.

by Lee Smith

Saturday, July 20, was the date we chose to brew up what will become our traditional holiday ale. Many of you will recall that the name was coined by long-time member Dave Wolf; It was his entry in the name-the-beer contest at the holiday party last December. For his creativity, Dave was rewarded with two double-magnums of Hair of the Dog's Adam and an assortment of beer from the Netherlands (any left, Dave?).

We cranked up the RIM system at my house about 11:00 AM and finished up about 5:00 PM. Our goal was to replicate the original recipe as best we could and we came very close, even hitting the original gravity of 1.072 right on the button! There was a small substitution of aroma hops in the boil and one additional pound of two row in the mash, neither of which will have much impact. As sometimes happens, we had a brief boil-over which 26 eyeballs were unable to prevent. No harm done, though. Jerry Malloy was Johnny-on-the-spot and quickly turned off the heat and everything returned to normal.

Along about two o'clock, good and faithful Helen served up three huge homemade pizzas and potato salad, plus jalapenos for the brave. There was more than enough for everyone and lots of beer on tap. After the wort was cooked, chilled, and in the fermenters, we pitched a substantial amount of White Labs #001 (California Ale Yeast) in starters. Fermentation started in about five hours. On July 27, I racked the beer into corny kegs as secondaries, each keg containing a quantity of oak chips, and all are now resting comfortably at 50 degrees F. Eventually, it will be racked to a ten gallon keg by which time we should have the final gravity. Then comes the party!

We had a high ol' time on brew day (no pun intended) and sharing in the event were beer composers Scott Leonard, Mike Bennett, Doug and Mare Goeger, Paul Jorgensen, Kendall Staggs, Gene Gregg, Jerry Malloy, Derek and Sarah Whiteside, Scott Malvitch, John Sterner and Lee Smith.


Lee Smith received a magazine from OSU Food Sciences called Connection recently. There was an article about, and photo of, the OSU pilot brewery, which is part of the Fermentation Sciences facility at OSU. Some of the club members have seen the pilot brewery but few, I would guess, have seen it since it was revamped:


-reprinted with permission-

"Pilot Plant Gets "Floor Lift"
by Jeff Clawson

The pilot plant has seen some drastic changes in the past year. It has a new epoxy floor that was put down in December, 2001. You may noticed that the "Old Green Monster" tunnel dryer is no longer with us - it could not be moved as it was showing deterioration (dry rot) due to its advanced age.

Equipment is being modified to make it portable so the pilot plant floor space can stay open and clean. Equipment is brought out when needed then cleaned and stored when the project is completed.

This is an exciting time as those who are involved with the pilot plant work toward the modernization of the facility to meet today's food processing and research needs."

Perhaps our President (or a worthy volunteer) could arrange a tour/demonstration over there? To have a university brewery in our very own town is a rare and special treat that we should try to take advantage of.

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(submitted by Lee Smith)

-note Kendall's new email address-

From: Kendall Staggs <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 07:42:42 -0700
To: Lee Smith <>
Subject: New Email Address


I hope this finds you well. Are you enjoying the last few weeks of summer?

This is my new email address, which I will be using for all my personal messages.

I am adjusting to life in Utah. Almost all of the boxes are unpacked, and both my apartment and my office are nearly the way I want them. Classes don't start until August 26, so I still have some time to prepare. My syllabuses, lectures, assignments, and exams are all written, printed, and filed.

My friend Casey Harison, who teaches European history at the University of Southern Indiana, was in town last week and I did some hiking and camping with him, first just outside of town in Logan Canyon, and last weekend in the High Uintas Wilderness Area about four hours away. The alpine scenery was spectacular, and it was a lot of fun, even when I was chased by a moose and even when I was awakened at six in the morning by a herd of sheep that passed within a few yards of my tent.

The beer scene here is not as bad as I feared. It's not Oregon, of course, but there are some good brews available. Locally brewed, 4.0 alcohol by volume beers are in the grocery store, and there are some good ones like St. Provo Girl Pilsner, Bristlecone Brown Ale, and Polygamy Porter. I visited the Wasatch Brewpub in Park City and had some good ones while having lunch with the brewer. The state-run liquor store in Logan has some of the larger microbrewed beers such as Sierra Nevada and Pyramid, and even a few Belgian and Czech imports that I could not get in Oregon. The bottom line is that I will not die for lack of good beer. Besides, I brought enough with me from Oregon to last for at least a month or two, thanks in large part to my HOTV friends.

There is plenty of evidence of the dominant Mormon culture around town, including the tabernacle, the temple, and the many Mormon churches, but almost everyone I've met, in the History Department and elsewhere, is a beer drinker, not a Mormon. The only obviously Mormon people I've met are store clerks, male and female, who say they are 21-years-old, going to Utah State, and married with kids.

I'm excited about the coming school year. I hope you have a great one. Please let me know how things are going. I'll write more when I have more news. Take care,


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